Bed for heavier people?


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hi people. just wanna seek some views and suggestions. would be good if folks can share their experiences.

i am looking for a marital bed soon. just wondering, for folks who tend to be on the heavier side, what do you look out for when you are buying a bed? also, what are some of the brands of bed that you are using and you recommend?

i realise that for some of my heavier friends, they complain that their beds tend to go soft , or have a slight indentation after sleeping in the bed for some time. and since after spending a good sum of money on a bed, i hope that the bed can last me for at least 10 years.

any experiences or views to share? =)


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i think most mattresses will go soft and have slight indentations after you've used them quite a fair bit. just change mattress or invest in a good one.

i need a super big bed cos my kids like to climb and sneak in the middle .. me and the husband have been kicked out of our bed by these monsters, for the lack of space.
mattress should be flipped periodically e.g once a year... or half yearly if on the heavier side... this will make the mattress last longer...


Matteresses got different structural designs, and the price varies a lot.

Go Robinsons Centrepoint to look see.

I am sleeping on a Sealy Posturepedic for.. 12 yrs now.. and it feels the same, and yes, I do flip and rotate the matt 2 times a yr.

My opinion is that good ones tend to be very heavy. My queen matt, 1 adult male cannot carry it alone, at most is drag. Go Robinsons and compare the weight.

I also prefer very firm matteress. Is cooler. Another consider is the edging. Cheap matt got weak edges, so when lying on the side, got this feeling it's going to dump u on the ground. Good ones.. the edges do not sink down.


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Hi. can try memory foam. I'm a heavy guy, and one good reason why memory foam mattress is good is that there's no spring. this is good for heavy people since you will not feel the spring. memory foam is used by NASA


don't be silly about the nasa logo. i doubt nasa endorses mattresses and if they do, why would you care?

memory foam bed will take some getting used to. it molds to your body which means you'll feel the contour every time you move your body. body heat doesn't dissipate as well and the foam loses elasticity over time. all in all, not the most comfortable mattress i have had.


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hi there

any other brands of bed for recommendation? i have seen maxcoil, i tink not bad after tryin it. its cheap also.

how abt others? can giv some suggestions? thanks


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getting a bed that you are really comfortable with is a wonderful investment. Even if its really expensive. If it lasts, the difference is really not that much. Spending a few cents more daily for a wonderful sleep is definitely worth every cent.

I did not get any designer or fancy bedframe but go straight for the most suited mattress. The frames comes with the mattress in a package. Never regret getting the Sealy Crown Jewel. Go check it out.

I think the premium models of most brands are pretty good. Try out the beds for yourself to find the one best for you.


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Mine is sealy Diamond. thumbs up for that... i am above 85kg but still feel that the mattress is a good as 4 yrs ago.


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