Beauty - Deep Cleansing Mask to recommend.


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Hi goobergrape,

I've seen fantastic recommendations of the beatician by you. However, I stay in the west. Can I go to her instead of her coming to my house? And how much does she charge per session?
Is her extraction skills good?


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NuSkin's Epoch Glacier mask is a good deep cleansing mask.

i like to use Boots Clay mask too..

by the way, i think those sheet masks arent much use in deep cleansing...


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I strongly recommend my beautican too. She is located in the east and her prices are reasonable. Most importantly, her skills are good.


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Hi all, trust me that basic skin care is VERY IMPT esp those who used make-up almost daily. i tried almost all "good" & of coz co$tly products that interests mi but it seems all make my skin condition worse (-_-)".

I Used & Tried ettusais,SK II, NuSkin, Kose, Lancome, Biore (disaster....), Skin doctors, SOSKIN (france), BioEssence (another disaster...), Clarins (not bad), Simple etc (too many to list)... However, do try the following & u will know u need not spend a pile on curing problem skin. any questions feel free to pm mi if i can help (^,^).

i cleared my cysts n acne but not dark eyes circles haiz....any remedies for dark eye circles to share, pls pm mi .thks lots. i dun sell any products thus do not pm mi to buy, there is instructions to buy in the link if u r interested.

try d posted link & see for yourself the results at cheap cheap price. if you n me can spend hundreds n some even thousands on treatments,whats' $28? (^,^) N yet it works. i m an example & seriously i regretted buying SKII prdts (my skin condition worsen after use & very exp$$$ lor,i bought full SKII skin care
range tat time).(^,^) hope your skin problems cleared as fast as mine.


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Tried Dead Sea Mud Mask - with tea tree oil good for cleansing, salon-use black mask - good for face & body cleansing + whitening, Charcoal mask...


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i use the e.excel product Oxyginberry?Intense Firming Essence Mask,it very good
Wake up your skin to a whole new level of radiance! Each concentrated treatment sheet mask contains 20 grams of Oxyginberry Intense Firming Essence to restore youthful suppleness and radiance. Slips on luxuriously and perfectly onto face to bring intensive firming and hydrating benefits to skin. Use it especially after sun exposure or after a tiring day for instant rejuvenation and radiance. Your skin has never looked better.


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I use Nuskin Glacial Marine Mud, very good in deep cleansing, especially for people with blackheads, u can see the result immediately. Me & my mom like it very much!


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I have been using Kiss My face products and this specific one as well for 4 years.
I love this stuff. This mask will leave your skin tingly clean, fresher, with smaller pores and overall more radiant!


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my fave is clarins aromatic purifying mask. i have quite dry sensitive skin, and find i can use this product as much as i want without any problems (ie i've used it 3-4 nights in a row!).
it is gentle, but really helps cleanse and make ur skin fresher and more "glowy"


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I like the Clinique one I am using now. It's called Emergency Deep Cleansing Mask. I use it every week as a deep cleansing mask and my skin feels very smooth and cleansed after that. I dont think dry skins can take this as it could be too drying and harsh but its alright for pretty oily skinned girls! HTHs!
The price i got from Sasa is SGD24 ++ I can't recall exactly.


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Hi BTBs!

I returned from my bridal photoshoot in Taiwan. Bought the face masks but find that its too many.

Am letting go 2 boxes 
My Beauty Diary Face Masks -
1)Hyaluronic Acid Moisturising 
face mask - $12.50 for a box of 10 (cost price)

2) Black Pearl face mask - $12.50 for a box of 10 (cost price)

3) Caviar masks - 2 boxes with 2 sheets each - $5 per box or $8.50 for both boxes

I also have spare ampoules that I bought from my make up artist in Taiwan - these are used by professional makeup artists & made in Switzerland.

Am selling at $23 for per ampoule.

Pm me if interested!