Batam-weekend gateway?


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have anybody gone there? could share with me:
1. what is the nice hotel?
2. any experience for spa and massage?
3. find any reccomended place to eat (seafood, etc)


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Hi Chole,

U can try Harris Resort which is used to be the waterfront city.I have not been there myself yet..will b arranging 1 only in May.

Leave me yr email addy n i fwd the package to u.


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hi all,
Never been to Harris, but been to Waterfront once.
But I prefer Holiday Inn. Been there twice.

Heard good comments abt Turi Beach too. Yet to explore.


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Hi shuin/dolphin/shanice,

U hv got a mail.

Hi missuskoh,

Heard from my fren waterfront has been converted to the current Harris resort.My gf just went n she said the service beri gd.
I m nw waiting for bf's bd to come n bring him there..

hiaz stil gota wait til May.


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Hi Princessjen,
Yup, got it. Thanks! So the review for Harris is good?

Hi Missuskoh,
Does Holiday Inn have spa services? If so, what's the price like?


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butter: $92 excluding seaport taxes $8 (2 way) including land transfer, breakfast & ferry ticket. But when I go that time its not opening ceremony yet so many things are not opened but I get to enjoy the SPA there. Body Scrub, Herbal Wrap, Steam & massage $118 (2hrs) I believe there will be increase of prices bcoz I happen to see the leafet on the room rates. Weekend juz the room itself its abt $180 (if i remember correctly)


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Hi all,
Just came back from tanjung pinang. I took a package from one of the posting in Yahoo classified. Very worth trying..although hotel abit down. Package include cream bath and massage. Many other hair service available too at very cheap price.


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i'll b going 2 batam next weekend

batam n bintan r 2 diff resorts mah...n i would say bintan is more ex lah...

u can find cheap massages...watersports in batam n not 2 mention beer drinking...seafood..


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batam is not really safe either. I had been working there for almost a year. Always riots and robbery happened. I think is because too much ppl came to Batam to find job but in the end could not find one. To survive, they ended up being robbers, pickpockets, etc. Most women ended as pros.
Well i would suggest Tanjung Pinang. Things cheaper and much more safer.
Came across one hotel web provide package comes with massage and hairdo.


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Hi ladies,

I want to go to batam too for spa. Is holiday inn resort tea tree spa a good place for spa?


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hi saw some news reporting on Batam as a weekend getaway for spa etc... Anyone been there care to share their experience? any hotel transport for picking up ? me and friends are considering to go..


Dun mind,can email me the package too? Tks
[email protected]


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Bintan has nicer beach than Batam and the things are more expensive.

I would recommened Turi beach rather than Harris.
The beach at Harris is not clean but the service is good.
Turi has a mini Tanah Lot where u can go for a drink at nite. They use a buggy to bring u to your room upon checking in.

Overall, I prefer my stay at Turi more than Harris.


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Hi Liona,

Was very interested in our info about tanjung pinang being safer and cheaper than batam. Howeverm couldn't seem to get onto the website which you supplied about a package there.

Anyone with any info about tanjung pinang? How to get there, accom, packages, etc?


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Hi people,

The Tea Tree Spa in Holiday Inn Batam is Award Winning Spa - Best Spa in Indonesia.

They are currently running an excellent package that is only S$100 inclusive of ferry tickets. The catch is that it is only applicable for weekday treatments exlcuding eve of and public holidays.


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err...send me a PM...will give you the number to call. Dunno if its right to state the number here openly...would it be a breach of the terms of use??


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Hi Aloha,

U can email Harris Resort SG agent..
The package i have was last yr promo.

[email protected]

I have been to Turi beach oso..hmm beri relaxing plc to hang...feel like tryg gd comments too..


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hi all,

just to share some comments on batam.
i just came back from a 1 day guided which cost only $29. basially, i think there was quite alot of waiting and travelling in the bus. the only good thing was that our tour guide brought us to this place called 'Indo Thai' for massage. Its only S$20 for a full massage. then we also went to harris to check out the rates and the massage for non hotel guest is $33 i think (basic one lah). so i think its reasonable. btw, the masseuse will ask you for tips one hor! but $2 is enough lah..

heard from my tour guide that the chinese pple there will accept S$ and the locals will take Rupiah so actually you may not need to change so much money. and for changing money, please do it only when you are in batam. (there is also a money changer at the ferry terminal when you arrive). Indonesia had changed their currency twice and some local money changers may be expired which you will not be able to use.

also, there is something i didnt know and i felt abit dunnoe what to say. the tour guide was talking and asked if we enjoy the trip blah blah blah. then after that, he suddenly pass an envelope and want pple to put money inside. i was quite taken aback. my FH was like, yah its very common one. so we just gave him the left over rupiah we had. haahhah!

anyway, i think its a place that i dun think its that fun. if i ever wanna go again, its bcos of the massage and thats abt it...