BAT EARS SURGERY- MY experience and some advice


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Hi Ladies,

I saw a post below with the same subject and it's filled with posts from 2003-2009. Thought I might start a new one which is more recent.

I'm here to share my experience with you for those who have 'bat ears' like mine. It sticks out and there is nothing you can do to it except use your hair to cover it. You can't cut short and spunky styles or tie up your hair due to the prominent ears.

I've also had my fair share of teasing in school and this is definitely a sore spot for me.

<u> My first Experience </u>

5 years back, I was so fed up with it, I went ahead to SGH to look for the cosmetic surgery section. It was a 'private' area of the hospital and they charge full rates as per private hospitals. I was just out of school (was really young) and since my parents trusted me to do what I need to do, I went ahead with a doctor there.

I can't really remember his name now but my mum remembered him as Dr Tan. I vaguely remember his first name starting with letter "L".

The point is, he was quite cocky and insisted that he will do a very natural procedure for me. I wanted my ears to be fully tucked back and he said, not to worry.

Since I was so young, I was supposed to be on General Anesthesia. However, the nurse didn't give all the forms for my parents to sign and ended up, I was cold and scared on the operating table and the doctor had to use only local anesthesia. What's worse, he didn't sedate me at all so I was completely alert and I was aware of EVERYTHING that was happening to me.

He made cuts behind my ears and he explained that it was to be like a sliced 'sotong' where it will curl and he will stitch it. I was crying throughout the procedure because I was so scared and I could hear all the cutting and stitching.

<u> Result from the first experience</u>

Right after the op, on the same night, the pain was so SO unbearable. I felt like dying. My head was swelling so badly and tightened under the bandage that I was crying throughout the night. As a young girl, my parents were so worried and angry with the doctor for not giving us enough information. I told myself, the pain was worth it...

However after a week, the nurse at SGH was so rough with removing my stitches and bandage, I felt like she tore something. It was painful. Then my ears looked the same, just slightly pulled back, but worse, scarred and red and burnt-looking.

I thought it'll go away and he even said that if it was pulled back all the way, I would look like I have no ears.

He didn't request for follow up check up and I went on living my life... with my ears intact, the way it was before my surgery- but worse, it looked scarred and horrid. I felt even worse about them now.

When I tie my hair, I use my hair to wrap it around my ears and tie it up.

<u> Now...</u>

However, after 5 years, what prompted me to want to do it again was because I was getting married and I want to have my hair bunned up. I needed to get it down.

So I went to visit a doctor at Gleneagles- recommended by my friend. He took one look at my ears and he was very disappointed. He asked, "didn't the previous doctor spend more time with you? " he sighed, shook his head and said, "this is very risky if I have revise it. The cartilage at the ear is broken. It's going to be very very tough proceedure."

Since I feel that this doctor is much more experienced and I trust him alot, I decided to go with it. It was much more expensive due to the revision. But I felt very comfortable during the proceedure. He gave me some sedation and even though it was done under local anesthesia, I fell asleep and didn't know what happened until I heard him say, "all done!". I didn't feel the extreme pain I did 5 years ago- in which I think was due to the broken soft bone in my ear.

So ladies, please be warned with the doctor in SGH even though they are considered private clinic. I don't wish anyone to go through what I went through especially not the pain and fear and embarrassment after with scarred ears.

Today is my second day after this revision procedure. I will update if anyone is interested to know what happens after a week. PM if any girls here have the same problem/question.


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hey babe.. i am interested to find out more.. tried to PM you but your profile doesn't allow private msg? would really appreciate it if you could get in touch.. tia


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I went to another archive thread (under sgbrides too) on bat ears=otoplasty .. There's more info over there and eventually I went for the surgery! Have been wanting to get rid of my bat ears ever since young. Went last thurs, today is the 4th day post ops. Still having bruises and swollen.. Going back tml for checkup. 5 more weeks for full recovery..
meantime have to bear with the uncomfortable period..


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Gals, I also have the mickey mouse ear -.-|| always being a lauging stock ='( You all went to which doctor? Care to share the cost and the downtime? Is the scar visible? I have long hair. Is it possible to cover? Hmm... can like do it on Sat morning and go back to work on Monday?


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Gal, depends on which doc or clinic u went.. Some downtime longer some shorter. Below is my research:
sloane clinic: $5000 downtime 1day bandage
Harry fok: $5000 no downtime, remove bandage before leaving clinic with use of glue to secure
SGH: $2-4k downtime 1wk or 10 days (with above exp of shaklee I dun think anyone dare to go)
TanTockSeng: $2-4k downtime 1wk or 10days

summarize: if there is downtime, it means u've got to leave clinic with bandage. Since the hair is pin back And still recovering, I can't see the stitches now. Maybe when it fully recover I will flip back and see if got scar ha.


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Rachel, thank for the compact summary list that you provided.

I think Harry Fok is bete cos no downtime =P

Haiz... actually I am reluctant to pin my mickey mouse ear down now -.-|| Cos i talked to my bf recently and he told me that he found my ears quite cute.

Dunno he is real or just worried i spend too much =P


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SHAKLEE (tissueandfan): wow thats a very sad story but im so happy for u cuz everything turned out well in the end
good!! =]


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Hahahha maybe it's because I only been to NeuGlow never really been to other clinics but since they're really good I was thinking no harm in helping them to spread good word of mouth......


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I have a little bat ears too... and did some research on the procedure before but I have never have the courage to do it. I have selected a few preferred doctors... Dr Collin Tham, and Martin Huang from PacHealth, Dr Fong Poh Him from NeuGlow (in terms of pricing and skill).

I did the research prolly a year back... I am not sure not much are their charges now. As I procrastinate and my photoshoot + wedding is round the corner... I think I gonna do it after I gave birth.. Haa..


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Hi all, I saw this thread and I am keen to know anyone went for nay otoplasty here before their wedding shoot? How are the results and any side effects? Anyone heard of incisionless otoplasty in Singapore?
I just went to Dr Harry Fok for consultation and am still considering as the thought of surgery is freaking me out! )=


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suu and fairylicious,

I don't have the courage for the operation ='( scare the pain. I guess we all need someone to encourage us to be brave.


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hi bingqiling, no one can or should talk you into plastic surgery but if you only have fear standing in the way, I would ask you to focus on the outcome. Unless you wholeheartedly honestly accept your ears and not because someone said that your ears are cute or whatever. No one with normal ears can understand the pain of having such ugly ears.

I can be biased but I certainly view ear surgery to be a relative necessity compared to a double eyelid or nose job because bat ears is considered a medical deformity. I wake up every day filled with happiness of being freed to do whatever I want with my hair, no more bad hair day worsened by stickout ears. This happiness is mixed with extreme regret because I simply cannot forgive myself for not doing the surgery earlier.

That being said, plastic surgery is still a choice. I don't know you and perhaps your ears are not as ugly as mine. But if you are extremely troubled by your ears like I was, I would definitely say to you - the journey was worth every cent and every minute.


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Does anybody have any doctor to recommend for otoplasty? As the doctors in the private practice seems expensive and it seems this kind of surgery is not very common in Singapore.


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Hello! Will appreciate if anyone recommend or pm me a good surgeon? I don't think I'll want to go overseas or to any public hospital doctor.. Sorry I don't haven't figured out how to do pm here yet. Thank u!


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I did a otoplasty last year with Dr Harry Fok based in Mount E. He's not bad. He also has an innovative procedure of "supergluing" the ear after the procedure.


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Hi Tiny Pony,

How much does Dr. Harry Fok charge?

I would like to consider doing an otoplasty before my wedding as well.


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leo kah woon is a good choice. i went to him for lipo but i know he also performs other procedures, including otoplasty - just in case anyone else here wants to do the procedure and is looking for a doc.