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Hi Pert and Selsel,
Can you share with me your experience with Baroque and particularly with Robin? Considering to get them as ID.
Thanks in advance!


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Hi morgphanjess

We are also considering Baroque for our renovation. Can you send your quotation to me too? I will PM you my email address.

Many Thanks


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hey there micgelle and twinkie .. i have send you the quotation ;)

My ID is Alvin, but he has leave baroque to be on his own


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hi there!
Greetings fro italy ..honeymooning since 27th dec

Alvin open his own company now .. call OM SPACE. he is very very creative and no complains about him. even after he reno my place .. when thre are some problems --e-g- i accidently drop some oil on my white furniture ..and he came back to touch up for me for FREE!! so he is really a good ID to engage in. he is very detail and he makes sure that NOTHING goes wrong and everything falls within your own bdget! so do consider him ò=


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mine was done up by Baroque. No hidden cost. Its their trademark so dont worry. If they charge hidden cost, u can always refer to their website and complain about them.

ID's after service is good. He is not the "finished and run away" type.

Worksmanship rating abt 7/10. But the overall price is v reasonable.

Overall rating 8/10. Quite satisfied although some can be improved.


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anyone here using or used Mike? is he good? I just got his quote, would like some feedback on him before I decide. Thanks

Baroque D.zign

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