Banquet Bill Settlement


Hi there,

A silly question to ask...

May I check how much savings should I get ready for banquet dinner settlement for an average min 30 tables in average hotel?

Do people normally get ready the savings for this or they totally rely on credit card payment which will be settled from the ang pao $?



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Hi Blur_crab,

for me and my htb, we add up the total cost of the banquet(eg. 30 X $1088nett = $32640)

then take (eg. we take the lowest $80 per pax X 300 pax = $24000)

after tat take the total of the banquet(eg.$32640-$24000=$8640)then - off your deposit (eg.$3000) which is better for you to save abt $4-5k there.

we abit kiasu la. cos rather have more then less. scare the ang bao not enough so save more is better. but of cos some guest will give more which will cover the less one. so is i take above eg. i will save ard at least $5k. if end of the banquet you did earn you can save the money for future use or honeymoon.

It depends on hotel as some hotel will collect full payment at the end of the banquet. some will wait till the next dae when you check out and settle the depend on the couple whether to pay by ang bao money or credit card.

sorri i abit long winded. haha. hope it help you. =)


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Any advice on how much % loss Brides have made on their AD dinner banquet? (if relatives make up about 40% of guest list)



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Hi Cherry,

by right, all the cost is being by the groom side. so if even banquet got loss, the groom side is paying. but now, alot of couples banquet is pay by both of them so no different.


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Oh, haha I was referring to the overall loss

HTB and I were calculating, but not sure of the amount to set aside, in case to cover the loss.

Any advice?


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Depends on the cost per table isnt it. Typically, the average person gets ~$800-$1200 angbao per table depending on perceived hotel class.

I suppose usually we'll loss ~$100-$200 per table on average. So if you've 30 tables. Probably ~$3k-$6k loss