Bankgkok Scam... Beware !!!


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Hi all...

Remember to spread this message and pass this around. E-mail to everyone you know in order to expose this scam.

Be careful when u travel to Bangkok. In regards to any tourists area especially. If a man approaches u told u about this "Lucky Buddha" which opens once a year ONLY! Don't believe in him. He would be very kind to call TUK-TUK for u to go to temple. In the temple, u would meet someone "a guy" claims he works in Thai Airways or something. He would tell u & teach u how to make money. He will advised u to go "YINDEE" which is at an export centre. He would tell u all sorts as though its real like the jewellery can be sold to POH HENG.(POH HENG in SG does not takes in gemstones all the while). Thereafter, when u returned to the tuk tuk man they would take u to the shop also called "Yindee" which u think its so concidence.

In the shop, the manager would explain to you about all. Then came another man, a Singaporean also (CHEATER) very wealthy dressed. He would tell u he's here to buy the jewellery to SG to sell also to POH HENG.

All along the its a plot which unknowingly, u are in it. You might think its a concidence and rare opportunity to earn some profits. "NO FREE LUNCH IN THE WORLD". So, remember to be careful. Once u got trick... that's it!

I do hope fellow Singaporeans would not be a victim like me or others. I know this thread has been posted also before in here. But lots of you might not read coz the thread was posted in 2 yrs bk. I think this kind of Scam should be keep posting over again so people will sure come across to prevent cheated. Thks!


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Hei adkltg

i experience that before around 2 years back. still same plot har? no creativity


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Hi adkltg

Yes unfortunately...i did
i bought a Blue Sapphire diamond ring which costs abt $300 Singapore dollars. I did bring back to 2 local jewellery shops (not to sell) but to verify if is a real stuff. and the sales person say is real except it not worth 300 but maybe only just around 100plus to 200 only.

when in BK, i actually went back to the shop twice quite dramatic cos after i bought the ring on that day, i went back to the hotel and started reading the tourist information and they were warming hotel guests not to buy jewellery when approach by strangers on street. (TOO LATE RIGHT !!! Haha) it was only that time i knew i was "cheated". So i started to examine the ring under the light and saw a "hole" in the blue stone haha...i called the credit card coompany but they say they cannot do anything unless the seller void then the next day i went back and demand they refund me..but they refused and ask me to go to their office and talk it over ( i say why cannot talk here why must talk inside office hehe). I refused and started to make a fuss by talking loudly (there were other guests in the shop) and it was then that they took out a few new ones for me to choose. I even ask them to use the diamond detector to test if the 2 diamonds are real. they were very pissed off with me..but luckily when i went back the shop was quite packed with tourists lor.

so after back in singapore i quickly bought the ring to jewellery shops and check lor..lugi by a hundred plus
...actually they want to sell me many things like one whole set, they say can make into earrings, bangles etc lah, but i think the lady who severed us was not persisent enough? haha or we not rich in the end my ex-bf bought a ring for me a christmas present.

what angry me is that Singaporeans also help out in this scam. cos the man who told us can sell in poh heng actually show us his Singapore IC telling us he is staying in CCK...and their governments know about it yet they are doing nothing ...

sorry for the long post

how about you? did u bought anything? or u just posting to remind people...


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and oh ya..that time the guy who approaches us is a lawyer who say he works in singapore before and speaks excellent english. after that he call for us a tuk tuk to go to this luckly buddha and inside this temple there is a man who is a teacher and who is also a monk previously and also speaks execellent english and he starts telling us about the jewellery shop and then he ask the tuk tuk who is still waiting for us to drive us there...they have so many people involved in their plots.

and yah we were approach near world trade centre.

sorry for posting so long..just when think of it..memories just flow back, BK is a nice place but still bit angry when think back. so next time go back has to be extreme careful..they might have new plot the next times ...haha :p


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hi hi... i din noe it was a plot. when i was there 3 yrs ago, a man did approach us when we wanna visit "Lucky Buddha". I rem he was very well-dressed.

But my FH din feel good abt him then. Just looked at him very suspiciously. Think the guy felt uneasy, just wished us a good day and left. We just thot he was weird, dat's all.


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wanna share my experience too. i don't remember being invited to see any lucky buddha but there are MANY tuk-tuk drivers that say they'll give you a free ride to wherever you want to go, but on the condition that you have to go with them to some gem factory. i'm guessing it's from there that they will con you to buy stuff. we were pre-warned cos a friend of mine was cheated before.

i think it's safer not to take those tuk-tuks that are parked outside hotels. they're usually there to wait for easy prey (angmoh tourists)


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I remember asking tuk tuk drivers to bring us to MBK but they don't seem to know or said something like its closed on that day. Then a man who claimed that he is Thai policeman with smiles and seem polite approached us. We just walked away and take the train instead.


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I was approached 3 years back on the street. We were asking for directions from this well dressed man. He told us he's a teacher and said something about Lucky Buddha and said it's only open once a year. He even get us a Tut Tut and instructed the driver to drive us there. Nothing really happen at the temple. We saw another well dressed man and he told us about the jewellery centre where he bought jewellery and sell them to a shop in Lucky Plaza in SG. We went there eventually and saw lots of tourists. My bf wanted to buy the ruby set for future use as Si Dian Jin but I rejected. Didn't really know it was a plot.


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Hi brunch,

I was like you quite unlucky in fact even worst than you. I went with my husband and my aunties. Also bought something from there, worst still whole set (my aunties purchased). We got 2 sets from there and my hubby bought a Blue Sapphire ring about SG$1100+. Luckily, I didn't bought anything. I called the credit card to cancel the payment but too late also...they said cannot cancelled payment.

Seems like this type of SCAM has been going on for long time. Strangely not much ppl spread the news ard. Think we should think of something so it bring awareness to others as well prevent cheated.

Me too... an uncle claims he's also Singaporean. Wow...nv expect Singaporean cheating another same ppl in a foreign country. Someone from the temple even gave his contact no. to my husband as though its seems real.

Anyway... hope all this lesson serves as a reminder to all the victims & ppl out there. I'm really angry but found out nothing could be done in fact. Nt only Singaporeans but ppl from America, Hong Kong, Australia etc.

Btw... do u still remember of the shop name you visited? I went to the one called "Yindee Lapidary" Is yours the same?


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Oh yes...This "Yindee" was even a member of Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce. Hmmm.... I really wonder why can they become a member?


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haha..same old scam after all these years. we also got tricked into visiting the lucky buddha..but we didn't buy the story about the jewellery.

there are so many such scams in BKK..when we were on our way to the grand palace...we got stopped along the way by some guy who claimed the grand palace was closed for the king to pray...instead he recommended to bring us to some place that's only opened once in a 100 years!! all crap!

just take everything the touts say with a pitch of salt...


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i was approached by a old man opposite pratunam square during my trip in jan who also said the same thing about lucky buddha but his line was that it is the buddha birthday and its once in a year and he also tell me to take the tuktuk there but he did not personally call the tuktuk for us. as i was going to meet my friend at chatuchak, i declined the offer. lucky i did not take his advice and go there.....


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Hi adkltg

sorry for late reply. did not log in the past few days

ya i think so that is the name of the shop. And the packaging they gave us is blue colour one. I also have certificate when i bought the ring but i think is useless one.

i think the items should be real mah to a certain extent just that it may not cost so much as what we have pay. hmm..just have to take is as a lesson learnt. did u bring yours to be verify?

we also went to the grand palaace the following day and same thing alot of people were standing there and pproach us telling us that the grand plaace is closed and ask us to go to another temple...

what we were amazed is the guards where just standing down the road futher down there and there were signs warning tourists that and they still can be so "open" trying to trick tourists.

just wonder y their government never do anything about it.


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Hi Brunch,

I read some articles on net that even if anyone will to report the local police they might not even bother much. Coz they earn about $200 a mth only, why should they care? Moreover, there's a group of mafia behind it. So nobody would pratically bother much.


there is this once, me and my sis and a girlfriend. we took tuk tuk wanted to go to grand palace. but the driver keep persuading us to go to 'lucky buddha'. and we just insisted to go grand palace. the driver just drove to a ulu coffeeshop kind of place and stop the tuk tuk. he got down and walk to a group of men sitting drinking coffee. after a while another man walk over and try to persuade us to go to 'lucky buddha'. we said no. he walk back to the group and discussed. we got kind of scared, cos over there is a group of men, and we were in strange place. we quickly got down, paid the driver and walk to main road to hail down a taxi. these people can be really persistent!

My next trip to bangkok, happens again!
We wanted to go to golden mountain. after we got down from the river taxi, a man appeared out of nowhere (guess he saw us holding a map). he said that day golden mountain was close, but very lucky for us, 'lucky buddha' is open. saying we can take tuk tuk to go to 3 different temple for just only 30baht on tuk tuk. and a tuk tuk appeared. he talks to the driver and got us in the tuk tuk. we just go along and see how. but on our 1st stop at dunno what temple. we went in to pray. we ask the people in the temple. they said temple dont close at all. then we realise its some scam waiting for us to fall in. we went out paid the driver, took a bus back to golden moutain.

well, its always the 1st time to bangkok you will got cheated somehow. i was cheated on the boat trip. suppose to bring us to see floating market. but see nothing. only 3 boats float around. felt cheated. wanted to go back and confront the ticket seller. but the boat stop in the middle and demand 200 baht more to go back. we refused to pay and he drop us at the 1st jetty he came to! we already paid 750 baht for the boat. the most angry part is, we found out that their public boat cost only 6 to 8 baht.


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I suppose such scams is everywhere. Sometimes, we are alert enough to see through but sometimes, we are unlucky & fall into it. I had same experience in Bangkok but not as bad to the extent of purchasing some useless jewellery. My loss was some lost time following the tuk tuk driver to some gem factory. I was with another guy fren and being guys, we aren't interested in gems, but the tuk tuk guy pleaded us to go cos apparently the gem factory will give them some diesel rebate for ppl that they bring to the factory.

So we went in, enjoyed the air con and slipped out. For that trip, we wasted two hours and din go to where we want to go - which was Grand palace. Come to think of it, they din use the Lucky Bhudda thingy on me.

I guess one shld to do some "homework" before going to places of interest. In this way, if you made up your mind to go Grand Palace and someone suggested Lucky Bhudda, alarm bells will ring cos if Lucky Bhudda is indeed opened once every year, guide books or tourist maps would have mentioned.

Anyways, sometimes these things depend on heng suay too....


Hello everyone... just came back from my trip to pattaya and so far so good. No big scams in me cos i scrutinise every thing they say and promise and i make sure they understand wat we agreed on b4 paying. Went on a F & E trip with y wifey and roam the whole of pattaya without troubles. Main thing is that you have to keep your eyes open and also look confident (not cocky!) there are a lot of foreigners staying in thailand too and if you act like a tourist, they will cheat you. The local foreigners dun get cheated cos they know the ground and act as though you know the ground. When you get on the transport for example, ask how much and when they say 200 baht, say that you always take and cost only 50 for 2 person and proceed to alight. They will give in and give you a ride for 2 for 50 baht. Locals ride for only 10 baht each. See the difference?
If you wan some trusted local to bring you around and get the best deal, let me know. I'll do some ground work for you.


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hi all,
for my case, as i travel to bangkok 2 times since 05 to date so should say i very daring or whatever... when i want to travel by tuk tuk i will ask first... they did indicate that they will bring me to a gem factory... i just say don't want and walk off.. at first will be scare la.. not sure they will follow anot?

also to note that there will be taxi driver who goes out there to cheat you of your money... normally before i board the taxi i will ask if they charge by meter? Some will say 200baht for the trip to xxx place.... which i know it will cost lesser lor... i just slam the door, i don't believe it's right.... to cheat our money... as i know that we will give them tips for the trip...

intending to go for thai language course... upgrade myself so i can speak fluently... plus i also love thai culture.... i just simply love there....


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i suffered the same fate as brunch back in Jan 2004. but i did not get it checked locally. I was conned more money i think. They initially charged me about S$600 for a ruby with 2 small diamonds bu the side. After I read the tourist notice...i went to the tourist police station to make a report and went back to the shop to kick up a big fuss also. I think they can see that I'm very worked up and at the back of my head, I was oredi thinking got the possibility that it will turn violent. haha...then they finally relent and refunded some money and ended up paying about 400 for it. big lesson learnt.

Last nov in bkk 2nd time, board a taxi at MBK to go back to my hotel - First hotel. As usual, I asked if got meter, the driver just say yes yes, so my gf and I board. Then he started driving and he never on meter, so I told him to on, he started asing for 200 baht. I immediately flared up and said no and told him to on meter. he tried to give some crap reasons and said very far (which is rubbish). Then I threatened to get down and attempt to open the door (taxi still not moving very fast). he scared then asked for 150. I still say no and i told him 80. then he ok ok. Guess what, I reached my hotel in less than 10min. When we went from the hotel to MBK, it cost us 60+baht only.


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is true as some of the tourist don't know the rate so there is a high chance they are being overcharged... but not me... i don't mind to give a tips if it's reasonable if they really want to cheat on the small amt then if we found out we will be more careful and there might be chances that we might skip the country if we were given the chance to go next time as it had leave some bad experience...

as long as u behave like in ur own country then i don't think u will be treated as someone who they can just chop us off for that small money...


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I was there wif my ex-colleague a few years back. We boarded the cab and wanted to go Chinatown. The cabby tried to intro us to some Chinese restaurant and to buy "hai wei" which we refused. We kept rejecting his "offer". Think he was not that happy lor.

When we saw we have reached Chinatown, we told him we wanted to alight and paid the cabfare. Instead of giving us the change, he continued to drive. We kept telling him to stop, but he replied "not there yet, not there yet".

Finally, he stopped his cab right behind the rubbish truck! Purposely one! Somemore, k-k dun want to give us the change wor! Said no small change


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Just came back couple days ago from Bangkok. on e 2nd last day of my trip 22 Aug 06, me & my gf met this dark Thai guy (Thai No. 1) outside Isetan, world trade centre, at e 2 shrines. His opening line was talking about how to pray to e elephant god but his accent was quite thick so we din really catch what he was saying.

After that, he asked us where we were going (Pratunam market),he recommended us to go to pray to "Lucky Buddha" before going there. "Lucky Buddha" is opened only once a month to the public, so we thought we were really lucky & he went on to ask what we were working as & he said he been to S'pore a few x & he'll be going there nxt chinese new year as he has lawyer friends there, he's been to lucky plaza, sim lim etc. He even showed us his Thai ID. Thai No. 1 is short, fat, dark & in his 50s, speaks English with a thick accent like has phlegm in his throat.

Then he told us about this jewellery shop also only open once a month to tourists but they only limited to buying one set at discounted price, cause the shop is a wholesaler to big jewellery shops in s'pore like ang chang, poh heng etc & it charges 100% export tax to them. Once again, we thought we were lucky.

He then called for a tuk tuk (told us to hire tuk tuk with only blue uniforms & yellow tags cause they're regulated... can anyone verfiy if it's true?) to take us to "Lucky Buddha" temple ie. Wat Disallongsaram (near Bangkok Palace Hotel), followed by the jewellery shop & finally our destination (Pratunam).

Upon reaching the temple which was like located inside a small road, the tuk tuk driver waited for us while we went in. It was a rather small temple with many stray dogs running around (minimum 30). We couldn’t really locate e door as we saw 2 wooden doors but they were closed. As we went round the corner, a Thai man appeared out of nowhere & we asked him where the entrance was. He said “oh u’re not thais?†& brought us in. My gf had noticed later on he was wearing socks with sandals despite his long sleeved shirt & pants attire.

After praying to the “Lucky Buddha†(come to think of it now, there was only this huge Buddha which looked kinda cramp inside accompanied by a few other statues, it seemed really run down compared to other temples), he told us it was 100 yrs old & only opened once a month to public cause other days of the month are for the monks to pray for the thai people.

Then he asked us how we got to know of this temple & of course we told him about thai man no. 1 (cause not many ppl will know about this place….. yeah right), & where we were going next. He then told us about the same story about how e jewellery shop was giving discounts & only for tourist open once a month etc etc, in between asking us what jobs we held. (seems like checking out if u’re rich enough to buy jewellery)

He then pulled out a receipt from his pouch for a set of sapphire jewellery (like for ear rings, bracelet the lot) which was priced at $96,200 Baht or about US$2,600.00 (which was stated there, probably for potential prey to have an easier convsersion). Told us he was a silk businessman flying to London morrow where he’ll sell it off at Harrods for twice e price or US$5,000. He actually had a loophole at one point but we din realize that time, ie. He mentioned only tourists could buy 1 set at discounted rates so how could he an authentic thai buy it at a discount. Thai No. 2 is slim & in his late 40s, he has got big bug eyes & as he talks u’ll see his eyes open quite big.

After we left the temple, the tuk tuk brought us to the jewellery shop “Yindee Lapidary Co Ltdâ€. The staff welcomed us warmly & spoke not bad English. The shop was empty except for a Caucasian family who were selecting gems. The boss, a thai Chinese in his 50s (with a big nose & long ears) would welcome us warmly & offered us drinks (saying even if you don’t buy, it’s ok as they’re registered with S’pore-Thai chamber of commerce, he’ll show you the book even). They’ll then proceed to educate you on how to select gems & how to tell a real one from a fake one, using a diamond tester (to convince you that your purchase is real).

At this junction, another guy (turned out to be a Singaporean !!!) who’ll come over & show his receipt to the boss (there’s other staff around but why only to the boss?) & they seemed to know each other well, like hi how are you etc? He’s in his 50s, slim, has gold bracelet & rings encrusted with diamonds on his hands, probably to impress you that he made $ through this method, when he talks he looks toothless but has teeth in the upper row.

He then chit chatted with us like asking us where we were from & say oh he’s from there too, later on breaking into our dialects to strengthen the “bond†with you. He’ll tell us the same thing bout him coming here to buy only 1 set with cert & all & selling it back to local gold shops for a profit, been here 3 x but his wife never saw it. He told us to tell the shop that we are buying it for personal use but after that we sell it off later. As he left he din seem to collect anything from the counter.

The staff would proceed to show us all the expensive sets of jewellery & when my gf enquired on individual pieces then did they show us separate pieces. We went down to view the cheaper pieces (so called cheapest sapphire ring was at S$580), but we did not have any intention on buying, so we left the place with just their namecard which they welcomed us back again (my a**).

We were very lucky in that we didn’t purchase any gems or forced to cause the gems you buy are not fake, they’ve certificates to prove & diamond testers but just that the prices have been marked up & are not as good quality as you think they are. We were even considering buying some for investment the next time round till my very good friend told me it was a scam & I looked it up.

There are links on which you can read up on Thailand gem scams. The 1st link is on e blacklisted jewellery shops & how they operate, the 2nd & 3rd links are specific threads on “Yindee Lapidary Co Ltdâ€.

(Yindee is near the bottom of the page)

The Thai government is fully aware of this problem but there’s nothing they can do & credit card companies will not on at your side either, so be warned !


My family and I experienced the same incident too when we went to bangkok 2 years ago.. we did went to the jewellery shop and we were told the same thing.. same plot. but we didn't believe.. singapre jewellery shops won't buy in any jewellery from just anyone who walks in to their shop one.. so just be aware and make sure you dun fall into their traps.


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fish-out-of-water >>>
I just came back from BKK last midight, and our encounter is EXACTLY the same as yours, but the unfortunate thing was - we bought something

We bought 2 rings - one red ruby ring and one blue sapphire ring - total cost us abt

Luckily we didnt buy the whole set - so it could be considered a good thing also.

I never expected hubby n myself to fall trick to such scams... but since it has already happened, we cant do anything about it either.

Just take it as a lesson learnt. But the important thing was - this never soured our hubby-wife relationship.

I still like thailand, and will still go there, but i will switch on to HIGH ALERT this time round.



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I heard from friend that the scamers while talking to you, they "chui mian" at you. (I don't know how to say this chinese word in english.) So is like wat they say, u will feel like wow so good ah then u go and buy. If got such thing ah. very scary leh.


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its like "gong tao"...

i get wad u mean... but it could be it could be not.

After all, (chinese) "yuan zhe shang gou"

Just a bit disappointed... but nontheless, i like the ruby ring very much, and my hubby is very happy with his sapphire also.

So, we decided not to dwell too much on smtg that we can no longer do anything abt it.

Just wanna warn our family n friends and everyone possible~

When u get approached in bangkok, this n that, dont even bother, just say no thanks nicly, and walk away. insist u're NOT KEEN whasoever, then u wont have a chance to get into those "wholesale" centers to get "ROBBED" hahaha...


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Dear Michelle & Lawrence

I can feel exactly how you feel. I'm also one of the victim - I've posted the thread "BEWARE OF BANGKOK SCRAM - YINDEE" under the HONEY MOON AND TRAVEL. It's exactly the same trick - I encounter 2 years ago.

It's really frustrating that the same thing still happen & they didn't even change their trick.
We just have to tell ourselves never to buy any expensive stuff overseas, unless it's a reputable name. E.g Rolex

I still keep the receipts to remind me not to fall for this type of tricks. TAke care n get over it. It's a lesson to learn, but a good lesson that you will be beware when you travel. Now I get very cautious when approach by strangers, anyway, not just Thailand.

Somehow, I believe such tricks are also in
Singapore, just that, the law in Singapore is so strict, it didn't surface so much as in Thailand.


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I feel truly sorry for those who got cheated. Yep, hope it will be a reminder to all to be more wary whenever we are approached by strangers promising attractive deals or earn-quick-money schemes.

Hope I don't offend anyone by saying this... but if you think about it, how do people fall for such tricks in the first place? It really stems from harbouring some greed on their ends. If they aren't greedy, they won't fall for the tricks so easily.

Another thing, it is not easy to hypnotise (or "chiu mian") someone so easily. I'm saying this from a psychological perspective. And if it is so easy to lay "gong tao" on others, can you imagine how this world will be easily ruled by these people? But is it so? Obviously not. Well, then they won't be still peddling cheap jewelleries after so many years!

This kinda reminds me of the Nigeria Scam. The emails are full of loopholes from start to the end. If you are rational, you won't fall for them at all. They are obviously scams and nothing more than junk emails which should go straight to the trash folder. But for people who are so "set" on making quick money and getting rich fast, they will be totally blinded to the loop holes and rational facts. Why? Because the greed in their hearts rule over their logical heads! Hence, sometimes even the intellects get cheated.

Let's hope more people will be warned from the kind sharing of those who had been conned and these cheats will have no more victims.


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this forum is really informative!

my family went to bangkok during the new year. they went to take tuktuk. but the first one charging ridiculous price. then they went on to ask the 2nd tuktuk which actaully charges half price, provided my family promised to go to a jewellery shop.

when reaches there, the people do not allow my family to go in as they wore too sloppy. i think the recep ppl tot my family is not rich enough to buy the jewelleries hence even ask them to go. my uncle in law is super angry. he is actaully my boss. he hates ppl to look down on him. luckily he didnt insist to go in and buy something to prove that he is rich. else he lugi.

in the end they went back to the tuk tuk which brings them there, the driver charges them more exp. he says because my family did not go in, he did not get his commision. so he has to charge them normal rate.

my aunt n uncle in law is super angry... but now i see this post.. i must tell my family they r lucky to escape the scam. else becox of their pride, they may really buy something


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an addition point to note.

The tuk tuk normally wan to take ppl there because YinDee give them free gasoline for every tourist they bring. The tuk tuk i took was honest enough to tell me that so me and my bf agreed to just pop over. At every shelf I just made an uninterested face and the people there gave up asking us to buy anything.

In a way we just helped the tuk tuk drivers get free petrol. he charged us bout THB20 to get from pathuman to the temple and back to mbk. so in a way, both parties benefit.

just remember, DO NOT BUY ANYTHING


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i had first hand experience, n was very lucky got a full refund.
anyway, before buying good to always check out internet first.. luckily i did not scrimp on the gprs charges, i surfed a bit n immed there were so much info on this. i even called poh heng (overseas call) to check. then i made up some excuse went back n screamed for refund.

anyway the big eyed fellas said can sell to poh heng in lucky plaza if dun like or something... we actually believed him. so dumb as a singaporean dont even know lucky plaza no poh heng!!!!!
goodness... these people will get retribution lah.
i have been to Bangkok a lot of times but what all the Tuk-Tuk uncle tells me is, i only need to go in the jewellwry shop and see see look look for at least 15 Min, they they will have a coupon from the shop for them to pump 5 litres free petrol... then instead of paying 100babt for the fee i only need to pay him 30 babt...

guess maybe i was lucky ba..


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Same bad experience here. Me just returned from bangkok yesterday.

First day, my bf and I wanted to go Chinatown, but we were told by the taxi-drier that the shops closed at 5pm. Afterwhich he persuaded us to go to one chinese seafood restaurant. Unfortunately, we were taken in and had to paid SGD 300 plus for a meal in bangkok.
Before us, there was a group of foreigners who said that they were over-charged. I saw them took their bags and left, never see them come back, so did not know if they did pay or not.
Anyway the diver who drove us there said he would drive us back to our hotel after our meal, but he never came back (especially with the huge commission he had gotten) cos we heard fm another driver that these drivers actually rcvd half the amount we spent in the restaurant.

Another day, we were approached by an uncle who claimed he used to be a policeman and told us to go to these places, lucky buddha, jewellery shop etc... told us many things, even show us how to get around on the map. We still tot he was quite helpful. But after reading the posts here, I tot it was lucky that we never go.

However, we did went to two gem stores as the tuk-tuk driver persuaded us to help him get the free 5 ltrs of fuel for each store. He was honest to tell us beforehand and said he would get commission if we did buy somethg. So my bf agreed to help him, but we never buy anythg. Instead, we wasted an hour in these two stores.

Really had to think twice before going bangkok, especially with the bad experience. Nevertheless, we still met some friendly, helpful locals around...


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Wow.... After reading all your experiences, it reminded me of something similar that happened to me and my mom. But I think we were a little luckier.

We were walking on the streets and about to cross the road (where there was no traffic light, only a round-about), when a man stopped us. He said it was dangerous to cross there cos there was a lot of traffic, which was true.

Then he told us about the Lucky Buddha, but he said the temple was only opened once a month and that day was the day. He asked if we wanted to go. At first, I kept saying no, then he said all we had to do was just go and offer prayers, that's all.

So at last we agreed and he put us on a tuk-tuk. My mom and I got there, bought some offerings (not expensive), prayed, and left (in a different tuk-tuk). We went back into town and that was it. No scams, no gem shops, no hard-sell by anyone etc.


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I met this man u ladies mention, luckyily we r buying not into gemstones, we've been to bkk many times, we notice try this stunt times wif us few times b4


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Dear Friends,

Have been to Bangkok and would like to share the experience.
Like in all the highly populated tourist destination there are always some kind of scams operating.
Lets say in Egypt from selling Carpets to Rugs to India Jewellery and antiques and so same goes with Bangkok.
Due to the high complain by fellow tourist. The Government of thailand still cannot stop these scams from happening so please share the sites Bangkok Scams it with friends who are coming to bangkok to please beware of these scams and dont forget to AVOID THE TUK TUKS in Bangkok.
The most famous to get easy money is taking to buy some JEWELLERY OR TAILOR CLOTHES.
Beware that those big jewellery or Tailor shops are Mafia operated and they get overhead charge on it and high comission percentage. So its a rip off on your deal.
For Jewellery Please contact MBK or Siam Paragon for good stuff .
For Tailored clothes Excelsior in Bangkok being the most famous.
For Travel agents or any help go to]Tourism THailand[/URL]
Please tell all your friends to go to Bangkok scams before visiting Bangkok.
Nonetheless everyone learns from Experiencing it.
Hope i have been of some help to my friends.


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Many may know this but as a virgin traveller to Bangkok it will be something you will want to avoid.

If you go near Khoasan Rd, the tourist centre of Bangkok you may be tempted by the smooth talking tuktuk drivers which will offer to take you around the city temples for hours for only 10-20 Baht, and they will outright say that to give you this great price they will need to take you to look at the "export shop" to get a petrol voucher as commission.

Now this is not too bad really as you can go in and out of the shop and still get a cheap tour, however the drivers will try to take you to more than one shop or link you up with an overpriced river cruise and often not to the sights they originally set out for. But if you are tough with them you can get off anywhere and avoid all the "extra" stops. If you say straight away you dont want to go to any shops they will give you a more realistic price for you to bargain with.

However the big scam is that these shops hugely inflate their prices by several times to pay these Tuktuk drivers a 30% cut of your purchases!!!! Yes these guys are smooth and very pushy and are quite offended when you question the price. But if you are there on your first day you will not be aware of a reasonable price. Do not buy from "Top Ten Tailors" they are bullies and try to manipulate you as soon as you walk in the door.

Make sure you walk around for a day checking out prices first for any tailoring, infact for any purchases.


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Want to avoid tourist scams, tuk tuk drivers who bring your around then dress like a Thai. Drop your short shorts, waist pouches etc and no TUk TUk drivers will approach you. Dress like a rich tai tai and seriously no Tuk Tuk drivers will approach you.

I travel to BKK every weekend and learn to wear my office wear during fridays and normal singaporean outfit to Orchard and no Tuk Tuk bother me anymore.