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hi squidhead
thanks for yr info. wat other food is a must try?are u gog to bkk soon?

any nice place to recommend for the massage?


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That place you mentioned, always super crowded! No chance to try it.

At Siam (near to the restaurant where squidhead described), there is this foot massage place called Luk or Lek (i cannot remember)... got quite a few massage shops there, but the sign board is quite obvious. Besides foot massages, they do the other usual ones as well. This is recommended by a Thai friend who visits there every week.

Directions: Turn left when coming out of Novotel lobby, the street on the left is where the shop is. (If you are facing the train line, then Novotel is on your left and massage shop on your right.)

At Siam, there is this restaurant in a 2 storey building of its own, right opposite Novotel that serves authentic Thai food (and price is good compared to S'pore, like $15/person for a 4 dish meal). Sorry, cannot remember name of restaurant.

Btw, anyone knows where in Bangkok has places with lots of wedding stuff? (like our tanjong pagar with lots of BS) Am planning to go and source for some materials for wedding invites, home decor. Thanks.


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hi shan

thanks for ur info. i tink i have been to the restaurant u mentioned (the 2 storey one), they have someone performing upstairs. Food is gd...

well, for decor stuff, heard u can get in suan lum or chatuchak. i also intend to get haha.
when are u gog to bkk?


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Bodyshop, in BKK, they use two plug, thin type not the normal two plug. Hope u get what I mean hehehe


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anyone know where is the japnese buffets? i heard it is called osihi, but where is it located? siam sq, siam discover centre or siam centre? anyone know how much it cost? thanks


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Hi all,

I'll be going to BKK Nov 9 til Nov 13 taking Finair, total 5D4N.

Anyone tried the Diamond City Hotel before? (juz behind Asia Hotel).... want to save on hotel so can spend more on SHOPPING!!!!

Wanna go try one of the restaurant while there (tall-tall one 67th floor I think), anyone know where is it?

Anyone can send me the famous compilation list of where and directions to the shopping in BKK? I need it cos I am a direction idiot, must lead my bf somemore... sigh...

My email is [email protected]

This Master Bai Long Wang, can someone please send me the info on him? I've been in bad shape this year ... accident, retrenchment, health problem, think need "professional" advice..

Sorry for being so long-winded.... 6 years never travel liao, wanna make sure it's a enjoyable one.... but with my luck (or bad luck), I not very positive... so need all the help I can get.

Thanks to everyone in advance first... ;p


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Hi all..

Need your kind help. I booking a budget airline travel on Feb 2006. May I know which hotel ur book that cheap. Cos I will be at there 7 days. And I can go far area for attraction


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hi ivy,

though i haven been to bangkok, but i have been following this thread....

asia hotel is still the most popular location because of its good location near the mrt. but of cos its just a basic hotel lah


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HI Ivy,

If you don't mind a 3 Star hotel then go for First Hotel. Quite near to Pratunam and have to walk abit to the skytrain.

I think it cost only $37.00 per night including tax and service charges + daily breakfast.

And their breakfast is quite good.

But pls remember that there are two First Hotel in Bangkok. The one i am recommending is known as FIRST hotel only and it have two wings: Tower Wing and Main Wing. The other one = First House Hotel which is a big NO NO.


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hi tamarind and muffin bear..
I have stayed in Meritus Suites before and my advise is if u have the budget, go for it coz the rooms are really nice.. The lowest hotel room is on 51st floor and the view is fantastic, can see the river... Comes with balcony and two queen size beds.... Toilets are nice also.. Let me know if u have any further queries..


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hi michelle,

i m thinking of meritus or sofitel silom, both seems good and about same price.. just thinking maybe sofitel is nearer walk to skytrain oso nearer to shopping area, any1 stay at Sofitel Silom b4?


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Hi Michelle,
Thanks for your info ! Is it easy to take taxi from the Meritus Suites ? I will be mainly going to shopping malls. Any nice shopping malls with good food near the hotel ?


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hi deityhack,

the restaurant at 67th flooor is called Sirocco at State Tower (where meritus suites located) take skytrain to Saphan Taksin.

Bai Long Wang, fren booked free n easy trip with a tour agency here, can tell them u wanna go, $30, some van will pick u up at hotel. But reach there, must wait v long, the van will wait for u.


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i am plannin for a trip to bangkok during the last week of dec as i wil be on christmas break. any tips on good hotels to stay at or travel agents here in spore that is good for packages to bangkok?


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Wow very nice lah thinking of going there for dinner:
the restaurant at 67th flooor is called Sirocco at State Tower (where meritus suites located) take skytrain to Saphan Taksin.

AND going the bedsupperclub..


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HI Ivy,

Tower wing is their newly renovated wing so i guess the room design should be nicer etc etc. I was unable to get the Tower Wing so i need to stay in the main wing.


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Hi BKK lovers, got kangtao for you,want to go shopping some more? A friend has 4 Sin-BKK-Sin Air Asia Vouchers left for sale, expiring 31st December 2005 excluding airport taxes. PM me if interested.


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Hi, people

I'm back.
This time, I had stayed at Samran Place and Center Point Petchburi 15. Both the stay were good and the staffs were all friendly and helpful. Esp Center Point Petchburi 15, the studio room is so good, with sofa, armchair, kitchen, hi-fi and balcony also. The hotel is just next to Pratunam market and opposite Pantip Plaza, so convenient, 15min walk to Chitlom area where WTC, Big C is situated.

Had massage at Indara Massage (Behind Big C) and also Let's relax.
I prefers Indara massage, though the place is not very big but is well decorated. I had foot spa on the 1st day and oil massage with body scrub on the next day. The foot spa is so comfortable that i fallen asleep, my husband too, hahaha....
We had tried the Thai Herbal massage at let's Relax (Sukhumvit Branch), not very enjoying though, cause Thai massage can be quite painful and aching. However the warm hrbal pack they applied after the massage is very soothing.


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Hi Ohstrawberry,

Did you take any pic of Samran Place? I m contemplating of staying there for my trip in Dec. Is the room small?


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hi all

wanted to go bangkok but needs to check w u all which r some of the cheaper places for shopping? is first hotel near the weekend market (dun noe wat it is called)? wtc sells?

i read pratuman seems to be pretty popular.
intend to buy some placemats, lamps for my new love nest, may i know where is recommended 2?

paiseh, v suaku, nvr been to bangkok...

xie xie


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Hi all,
I am new here & it is reallie nice to see all bangkok fans here ^_^ Pls help me with some urgent queries...plsssssssssssss

I am flying to bangkok on 3 Dec 2005 & departing on 5 Dec from bangkok. Due to timing constraints, I am thinking of buying online a single way ticket from air asia to fly to bangkok & buying a single way ticket from jetstar asia to fly back to singapore. Total cost is $271 inclusive of taxes. What do u guys think?

& i can only arrive in bangkok at 5pm so my proposed iteniery is as belows:

Day 1:
-Arrive at Bangkok & check in Novotel Siam hotel or Pathumwan Princess Hotel.
-Call Leonard Drake for facial appointment on Monday noon & Call Healthland for massage appointment on Sunday night at abt 8pm.
-Go to MBK for quick dinner & shop till about 9pm. Find a salon at MBK & Make appointment for Mani + pedi appointment for Sunday noon.
-Leave MBK & go to one of the Night Markets to shop or Chinatown.
_Go back to hotel to ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Day 2:
-Wake up for hotel breakfast
-Leave for Chatuchak Market & shop/lunch till 1 or 2pm
-Go back to MBK for mani + pedi appointment at 2pm or 3pm & spend the remaining day shopping there & at some of the other shops along the way between Novotel & Pathumwan Princess Hotel
-Leave MBK at 7.15pm to go to Healthland for massage
-If got energy, go Chinatown for supper
-If no energy, go back hotel & ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzz

Day 3:
-Wake up for breakfast
-Shop nearby & checkout at 12pm or 2pm
-Leave luggage at hotel & go for facial
-Leave for airport for 7pm jetstar flight
-Arrive Singapore 11.10pm.

What do u guys think of my plan??? Plsss give me your comments…some questions I have for you all is :

1) Can I request for late checkout & until what time?
2) Between Pathumwan princess hotel & Novotel, which is better for the plan I have?
3) Is healthland very far from both hotels? Which mode to go there better?
4) Or shd I go for marble house massage instead since it so near
5) What time does the supper or restaurants end in Chinatown?
6) For sat, which night markets do u suggest I go that is better?
7) Anyone knows how much the mani + pedi cost in MBK? Any good shops to recommend?
8) Anyone of you gone to Leonard drake in Bangkok before?

Sorry sorry I know I got a lot of questions….plssssss help…thanks…


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hi all..
am planning a DIY trip to BKK. as i always book my trip with Tour agent so i am pretty blured on which web offet the best rates for air ticket, hotel room and transfer

anyone can share which budget airline is better and which one off better htl rates . thanks!


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van tay : Wow, that's pretty rush! Why not also take Jetstar that flies out early in the morning? It arrives 10am in BKK.....unless they have change their schedules.

JL : U have to shop around the web for the hotels as they always change their rates but bear in mind, if breakfast and taxes are included at their quoted price.
For budget airlines, to me anyone is ok, depends on my timing choice but I like the 11am departure best - nice timing to arrive for hotel check-in.


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vantay, Jetstar has a 9-plus am flight to Bangkok... And think overall inclusive taxes will be slightly cheaper than $271... you can check out their website... Also, if you plan to really shop in Chatuchak, 1 morning is not enough. Don't think the stalls there open that early as well.


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hi van tay,
is the LD located a siam discovery centre? is the price much cheaper than in singapore?

saturday i think u should go suan lum night market!


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Hi, chamonique

I had enjoyed my stay in Samran Place. Because on the day when we checked in, all standard rooms is full, thus they upgraded us to superior room FOC, however it's a twin bed room was given to us though we had booked for a double bed room. The room is spacious and clean. Not very sure about the standard room though.
There are 2 bottles of complimentary drinking water. Breakfast is ok, with about 6 sets for you to choose.
Samran Place is located along a row of shophouses, thus from the outside, it really dun look like a hotel. Just turn right when you exit their main door, Ratchathewi BTS station is only 5min walk away.
I would say this hotel is really value for money and their service is quite good.
I can send you the pic i took, pls let me know your email address.


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Hi, moos

For placemats and lamps, you should go chatuchak weekend market. Prices are quite low there and you can bargain slightly cheaper if you buy more.
If not, you can go to Suam Lum Night market (opened daily), however their prices quoted is higher and you really need bargaining.
You also can go MBK (Mah Boon Kong) for shopping too, the price there is rather fixed and they dun really give much discounts. You can find clothings, shoes and bags there.
First hotel is rather near to pratunam market which is a clothing wholesale market. It's a nice shopping area for clothes.


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Hi All

anyone stayed in pratunam park hotel before? our travel agent said it has been renovated recently and is quite decent. My other choices are asia hotel and baiyoke suite. but have been told asia hotel is pretty old tho it has a good location.


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Hi, van tay

Try this web to find the lowest air fare available for you trip.
1) Usually late check out only till 1pm. You can leave your luggage with the hotel and go shopping then go back to claim it when it's about time to go airport.
2)Both hotels are convenient to shop around Siam area.
3)Healthland is better to go by cab.
4)Or you can try Let's relax. I had been to the Sukhumvit branch and the service not bad. Only by cab though, unless you go to the Rachada Branch which is near to Phra Ram 9 MRT station (not BTS station, pls take note)
5)Supper is till midnight in Chinatown.
6)Sat, go Chatuchak weekend market(for daytime) and Suam Lum night market(for night time).
7)Mani and Pedi cost ard 200-500bahts, depending on your need. Sorry no recommendation.
8)Sorry, didn't try before.


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To batubata,sherl & ohstrawberry:

oh oh thanks to you nice warm folks ^_^ all for the suggestions..I really appreciate that...but the reason, why my flight route is like that is cos one of my friend only knock off from work at 1pm on Sat. The dumbo boss refused to let her go on leave from Friday onwards so sighhhh...we are stuck with her knocking off only at 1pm, Sat & I have to start work on Tues so flight wise, we really dun have much choice...we try to maximise our time in bangkok there....

To diamond42 & schnauzie:
heee....i alsoooo very excited about my leonard drake facial...I heard that it is always full...I have not tried before so bery daring huh?? guys can go to the link below to see leonard drake bangkok's pricing & website:

OH oh oh.....i am soooo thrilled...the prices are soo much cheaper.....I am doing the facial on 4 Dec.....will update u guys on whether it is good or not ^_^....oh btw, it is in Siam Discovery centre....

Another question...what is cheap & good to buy there in terms of the stuff that we use daily like shampoo, shower gel & wild rice?? & where can i get it? I know i know it sounds stupid to buy wild rice from Bangkok but wild rice in spore so very expensive so must think of alternatives mah...heee


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hi van tay,
just saw the leonard drake website. it says the ultra sensitive treatment is 1500baht for a 50 mins facial...which comes to abt $63..not sure if its worth it. price wise it is..but spore's treatment is 135 for 2 hrs. and if u take package , it will be cheaper depends on which package promotion you got. But PLEASE try it out and give us ur verdict when u r back ok? if their 50 mins is also very good then don mind trying ;)). keke