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jasmine, welcome back!!!

win, i changed 800 bucks. But must warn u though, went to some of the money changer shop (those big ones) at golden mile and they're damn attitude one.

As customers, common practice we often do is to scout around for the best rate then change right?? So i went to one of this air-cond. money changer and asked the fella inside.

Me: thai baht how much?
Him: how much u wan to change?
Me: 800 sing
Him: 24.50. (after punching the cal for a while) 24.51. best offer i can give u
Me: hmm... thanks. ( and i walked off)

subsequently i went around to checked the rates and found that he offered the best rate so i went back to him

Me: earlier u said the rate was 24.51 right?
Him: ya.
Me: ok. and i passed him 800 bucks
Him: (counted the cash and shot back at me) HUH? U ONLY WANT TO CHANGE 800 AH? I HEARD U SAID 8000!! IF 800 THEN RATE IS 24.30!
Me: ok. give me back my money! ( I walked off)

People, beware of that attitude money changer. Even if I have 8000 bucks i oso wun change from him.... damn pissed off.


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Hey Jasmine,

Wifey was asking how much did u pay for those bras, if u dun mind revealing the price.

Another thing, u mentioned that u took cab wherever u go. Yeah, i agree with u totally that they're really cheap. But u're not afraid that the taxi drivers will 'chop' u meh? i.e going the wrong/longer route. Can advice on this?

Last thing, wifey also wanna ask how much did u pay for the LV bags and belt? They r real or fake one? U oso mentioned that u bought some sports shoes.. I'm also looking for shoes as well. U paid how much for those? and real or fake ones too.... eheheheh thanx a million for answering my questions if possible.

Going there next thur.... can't wait =)


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By the way, I got my friend to get me the famous Nancy Chandler Map of bangokok. Sad to say, its not as good as I dreamt it to be.

Not much of a difference from those tourist maps which is available at the airports, except that it's more colourful and have more details. It also has a breakdown of stalls in the chatuchak market.

Just my 2 cts worth


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Hi Win,
No lar, we din go in a all gals tour. We went 2gals 2guys.

Hi Deathstar and all,
Things to note when taking cab :

When u get out of the hotel, there will be taxi driver along the hotel roadside asking u wanna go where. dun take those. Just politely say no but if they keep following u and talk none stop, just relax and hear them say. they will tell u they bring u to ur destination at a cheap price but must go to a gem building to see see. Then u tell them u went already and u have nothing to buy there. heehee, then they will walk off. Walk further to somewhere where u can flag for a oncoming cab. Open the door and ask them if they go by meter. if yes, then tell them where u wan to go. In the evening, beware of ppl asking u if u have eaten cos they will voluteer to bring u to gd seafood. Dun. Just tell them u dun like seafood. Those places are beri expensive. Heard from a frd.

For longer distance journey.
While in the cab, take out the map and look at the map and the street outside while he is driving. He will know that u have map on hand and keeping track so most likely he won't take u go roundabout.

Tuk Tuk are more expensive than cab. I took my 1st tuk tuk ride for 60baht from MBK to Asia Hotel. He manage to squeeze all 4 of us in one tuk tuk. then next day we took cab from MBK to asia, only 39baht. somemore got aircon and space. But it a fun exp lar, 4 ppl squeezing one tuk tuk. But tell u its really dusty out at the road. so dun take tuk tuk for long distance.

The 2nd tuk tuk ride is when a tuk tuk driver talk us into taking his tuk tuk cos he wan to take petrol coupon if he take us to the thia gem centre. Only 20baht to MBK so we agree. At the gem centre, we just walk ard for 5 to 10 min but of cos we din buy anything. His face of cos black black but he took us to MBK
So if really have to go gem centre, dun need to scare. just dun buy lor.

Some road only one way. So dun be alarm if they take u to small lanes or do a small rounabt. Their meter jump slower than spore cab i tink. somemore everytime it jump is 2 baht!!!! Even go a mini roundabt, wouldn't cost u much.

Its ard half price of what u can get here.

LV bags
Of cos fake one lar. abt $40 for a medium side one. But the belt is cheap. 280baht each for a LV and CD one. One lady at pratunam want to charge me 700baht for one. I told her i bought a CD wallet for 750 baht only and walk away. a few stall away found one with open price at 350baht and I bargain to 280baht cos buying 3 from him. My bf even walk over to the lady and tell her a few stall away got ppl sell 350baht. The lady immediatetly say she can sell us 300baht each. hahaha... but we never buy from her. We tink she must be just shifted her stall from Patpong to here. Open price so high. luckily i never kanna chop. keke.

Sport shoes oso fake one. Bought at Chatuchak.

Real stuff like shoes and clothes from shopping centre are almost same price or $10 to $20 cheaper.
I never buy anything from Patpong. They open price like "kill ppl put fire". But they can speak quite gd english. Once u start bargaining to half the price, their face turn black. Got one gal who wan to charge me 3500baht for a CD bag and when i said 2000baht, she say she dun wan to sell me. dun wan dun wan lor... even 2000baht is too expensive.

The cheap stuff are :
1)The puppies from Chatuchak. All so small and cute. But u can't bring back to spore. ***sob sob***
2) T-shirt and Polo-T.
3) Guys pants at one of the inside lane of pratunam market. 200baht for one. Material not bad. Fake sunglasses at pratunum is same as in MBK. But Pratunam cheaper. ard $6 for one.
4) Real bras at shopping centre of course!

5) Food!!!


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Thanks for the information, Jasmine! Its really helpful.

Btw since u just came back, can update us on the situations there at bangkok?? Is it still normal?? In fact, can someone who just came back update the rest of us on the situations there??



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Has anyone been to BKK's Safari world??? Thinking of going there for a visit since I've never been to a safari, let alone our own s'pore's night safari.



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Hi all,

BKK was <font size="+2">HOT HOT HOT</font>

overall was fun trip..went to most major shopping plcs..nw they building new shopping mall, Siam paragon..ready in 2005..

exc rates in bkk not as gd as Sg...the best rates i saw was bian not enuf cash liao so hv to change..ate chicken as per normal..

manage to find my weddg favour there...try to go section 8 &amp; 9 for gift selection..


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that pjen/jasmine for the additional info.... really appreciate that greatly.

whew.... going there next week. can't wait. =)


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Hi all,

Juz wana check how much does the manicure and pedicure cost?? frence manicure and nail art in BKK??
Last time i saw a poster in the hotel saying that it cost 250baht abt S$10 so i went there but they say its only nail art sticker..So i didn't do it..
Any someone have gd recommends??


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I managed to get the following info on Chang Foot Massage

Operation Hours: 09:00AM - 02:00AM

Foot Reflexology - 300 Baht (60mins) 600 Baht (120mins)
Thai Massage - 250 Baht (60mins) 400 Baht (120mins)
Oil Massage - 500 Baht (60mins) 900 Baht (120mins)
Aroma Massage - 750 Baht (60mins) 1300 Baht (120mins)

Manicure + Pedicure - 250 Baht/set

My colleagues went to this place for mani &amp; pedi but dunno juz nail art only or...


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Hi juz wanna check w u guys is the Pratunam mkt open on sundays??

Are the Pratunam wholesale mkt &amp; Pratunam nite mkt located in the same place??



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Hi all,

Im going BKK soon..Can i check where to buy nice n cheap bras beside Zen...
And btw can i knw Zen's actual location..Thanks..


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Hi kitty,

Tokyu dept store inside Mabookrong shopping centre sells nice and cheap bra, must buy wacoal specifically! Triumph is expensive there.


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Maybe you gals who want to get bras and undies want to check out Emporium shopping centre also. The last time I went in July, Tokyu and Central at Chitlom ran out of sizes and colour but Emporium has both and got discount some more. The mall is very convenient and can be reach by BTS think it's Phrom Pong station.


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yes, man, gtg bkk tmr also,,,so yennyh also on tiger 8.45am timings? might cya &amp; ur hb there if u r 1 of e early birds there,,,

ve not realli plan my itinerary in details, will update again 29 b4 i left.


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Hi Mindy,

The buffet at Baiyoke sky is ard 490baht per person if i dun remember wrongly. Have to buy the voucher at reception. Reception is at Level 8 which is the hotel lobby. Remember to go to the highest level of baiyoke sky to sightsee
The view beri shiok.


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Hi Jasmine
Any comments on the breakfast buffet at Baiyoke Sky? My colleague says it's quite good too.

Is S$600 enough for 4D3N at BKK?


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I just came back from Bangkok. Went to joy collection to tailor shirts. My shirt was ok, but they totally didn't do a good shirt for my bf's shirts, despite us bringing a shirt there for them to copy.The 1st shirt, the cloth at the collar gathers. for the 2nd shirt, the darts for the back of the shirt wasn't well done, so the shirt looks puffy at the back. All in all,I won't recommend Joy collection


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hi touraco!

Such a coincidence that you placed the Siroco link here cos I have made a reservation for dinner there on my coming trip to Bangkok!!! Will share with you all my experience dining there


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juz bck from BKK last evening, situation in bkk is as per normal,,,during e 6D5N stay there in asia hotel, went to most of e places(chang massage, cabbages &amp; condoms, pratunam mkt, patpong, chinatown, papaya restn, Siam areas, chatuchuk, erawan shrine etc.) except suan lum mkt, pantip plaza &amp; tailoring. I managed to spend a day or 2 to take e river ride &amp; goes to various temples like wat arun, grand palace, etc. &amp; book a tour to floating mkt + river kwai with 1 of e agencies there.

Here are some of my feedbacks:-

1) Baiyoke sky dinner - 410b nett, best to call to reserve, I felt no much in quantity &amp; quality, mabbe standard drop? but gd view from 77th flr.

2) Hai Wai Tian chinatown - for 500b, sharkin is kinda of big portion, so shld get 300b will be enuff, tink juz gd to try their sharkins &amp; birdnest, tink can skip their other dishes.

3) River ride at central pier - alight at S6 Saphan Taksin, 75b per person for unlimited ride from 9am - 3pm incl. of 1 mineral water if u wan to go to various temples at ard 20b per temple except grand palace @ 200b(but need to wear proper pant, shirt, covered shoe); can rent from there FOC provided u submitted them your NRIC/passport

4) Calypso carbaret show @ asia hotel
the counter inside asia selling at 1000b!, i got it at 700b nxt to an agency nxt to asia hotel called wing travel or smetink but when I was in baiyoke sky tourist ctr, saw them put e price at 500b, dunnoe tis price izzit for their own in-hse guests

5) Chang massage
tried their thai &amp; oil massage, liked the setup as compared to lek &amp; marble hse,,,for foot, I tried paradise(nxt to asia hotel at e 7eleven side) cos only 200b for 1 hr(lek/chang is at ard 250b/300b)

6) papaya restn
their biz realli gd cos I only managed to eat after my 4th attempt there cos long queue &amp; dunnoe to wait(ended up gtg to MK &amp; coca on failed attempt). On e 4th attempt, told myself muz die die wait cos got to come bck sg on e nxt day...fried noodles, fried chicken, soup "pork", sticky rice, mango/papaya salad is a muz try!

7) Cabbages &amp; condoms
inside sumhukit soi 12, got to walk deeper inside a dark lane behind sumhukit plaza,,,after pay bill, they give u 2 condoms!

My wife from e recommendations here did go buy wacoal bras from Zen/central world plaza &amp; bags @ naraya, top visits from our stay there.

1 thing is seemed bargaining is a bit restricted nowadays, chatuchuk e most reduced by 10b(common) or 20b &amp; MBK(more ex than chatuchuk, reduced less than 50b) Pratunam mkt itself is competitive in term of pricing before disc. but most shops start closing by 7pm.


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1 thing is bedsupperclub is cool, look like a huge white container from e outside, muz bring passport there to show to bouncer, as we did not reserve a plc, we juz go to the bar for a quick drink, music is nice at correct volume, but sunday is gay nite.

as for asia hotel, some renovation is ongtg on the outside, for such location, bts-link, prices is ok, interior veri normal, gd to bath &amp; sleep after a day outside.

taxi from airport to asia hotel is 300b(via expressway incl. 70b toll &amp; 50b surcharge) &amp; gtg bck from asia hotel to airport is 200b(inclu. 30b toll, expressway, ard 30 mins)


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Hi dear_dear,

Yes Asia Hotel have bathtub. But then, it depends on your luck. The first time I went to Asia Hotel, the bathtub was very clean but second time, it is very yellowish and rusty (different room no) . Did not dare to use it.


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hi qiqi ... they have got setmeals available and also ala-carte ... think it will cost a couple averagely about S$150 - S$200. But it's the view that is gorgeous
Will let you know once I come back in Mid Dec :p

Hi win! yes, agree that bed supperclub is really nice. Was there last year Jul and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Will go again in dec and also to try out the new Double O which has taken over the old premises of MOS


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hi carolyn
do let me know how's the place. my friend highly recommend the place but we didn't have the time to go.

hi pple
just back from bkk last evening too.

by the way, the OISHI Japanese buffet at siam discovery center is still under renovation. the nearest one is near chong nonsi BTS...can walk to the restaurant, at J C Kevin Tower, AIA Training center is there as well.

My hubby tailored his 2 suits at Macways (at Siam Square Soi 5). They are good. My hubby is very pleased with their workmanship. They even send the suits to our hotel. I tailored a skirt, a pair of pants and a shirt there too.

Had sharks fin and birds' nest at Hai Wai Tian at chinatown. 300B each, sharks fin not bad but the birds' nest is nothing great.

Swenson's ice cream is very cheap there. less than S$10 for an earthquake of 8 scoops of ice-cream. yum yum

bought my wedding favours from chatuchak market. It's very heavy...we exceeded the limit by more than 10kg but was not charged though.

my friend bought boxers from tokyu and was given a condom as well. so funny

all in all, i am quite pleased with asia hotel. it's very convenient.

went to the foot massage and thai massage near the hotel.


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Hi touraco! No problem!

Glad you had fun in Bangkok

How much did your hubby's suit cost? And your items? Am looking for a good tailor there too to do some work clothes and fh's suit.


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hi carolyn,

The suit including the jacket,pants and shirt costs 5000B each. A skirt or pants for ladies wld be 1000B and a shirt/blouse wld be 500B.

When are you going to BKK?


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touraco! Arriving bkk on 10 dec and coming back on 15 Dec

so it's 15000 baht for a whole suit plus the shirt?