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Hi Sunrays,

Been there twice this year, hahahha...usually i go around 5D4N....

Hard to imagine i can spend over 2k there :p

MBK, Siam Sq are the usual, remember to try Tesco, somewhere different & near though
Hmm i love the do my hair in bkk too, very cheap & nice.

I did color , treatm & cut only around S$40, very worth.



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Hi LatteFan and Ribena

Enjoy your trip in BKK.

I think once u shop in BKK, u will get "addicted" and wanted more of it. I am already starting to plan my leave for a Sept trip already. Gotta stay in a better hotel this time round.



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Hi all u BKK Gurus out there,
Any recommendations for BKK, where to shop and eat? I'll be going there next tuesday! Thanks in advance!


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Just return from Bangkok for 5D4N. The moment when I step in Baiyoke Suite, it was horrible experience. I've asked the tour guide to change my hotel to Baiyoke Sky (paying extra $60/nite for 2 nights). I was so lucky that they upgrade my room to Deluxe room. It was so big and the feel was really different. Breakfast was good. I've tried Stella house buffet. The scenery was great and food was pretty nice. Worth paying for the extra cost staying in Baiyoke sky!!!


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anyone know where i can get home furnishings in bkk? things like chandeliers & furniture??

where can i buy wedding items too?


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Hi, I'm back!

Ribena, I went with my hubby and another 2 couples (our friends), total is 6 of us

We bought alot of things back, spent all our money haha.

jc79, the hotel is really vy nice, romantic atmosphere! Thumbs up for their design and facilities. Tesco is big, nice to walk ard, we got our drinking water and tibits over there.

Is vy hot in Bangkok now, must drink lots of water. JJ market is very stuffy. By the way, the ferris wheel at suam lum night market is gone.


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Dericko, u can try siam@siam hotel, no regrets, I want to go back there again!!

Kiwibery, the jap food is cheap and nice, can try the Fuji restaurant at siam paragon. Black canyon coffee is a must-try too if u are a coffee lover.


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hi all bangkok gurus
may i ask the following?

- How long is the cab ride from the new airport to arnoma hotel, which is located at world trade centre around.
- where is the correct taxi stand in the new aiport?
- and anyone that has taken a limo or pte transfer service from the new airport? how much is it?



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Ribena: I did my hair at a Salon call ART. Near Novotel Siam Hotel. Look for Lux, very friendly stylist that speaks abit English :p

LatteFan/Dericko: Me also planning my next trip but likely end this year coz been there twice this year liao. I'll opt for Siam@Siam or Novotel likely, other either too far or not as good.... hahaha

My fave is Fuji Restuarant, MK, Nan Xing.
Do try the steak set at Fuji lunch special, only Baht 100+, my FAVOURITE. Garlic mussels are great too. Yum Yum


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Hi Bortei,

you can take a cab at this departure level. Board those passenger alighting ones not those waiting cabs. Cheaper

It took me $300 baht from the airport for Arnoma Hotel. Must tell them this pricing includes toll else they gonna collect from you.


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hi bortei. u need to go to the extreme right after u come out from the customs. go to the ground floor. there will lots of people waiting for the public cabs.

the limo svc shld costs u ard 700-900 to go to the city. bargain and ask them to pay for toll if u pay for 900.


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hey, i am back!

my cab fare from airport to mbk area was 200B (no highway and traffic jam), and the return trip was 307B (includes highway toll).

yes, take cab frm departure level and INSIST on meter.

i ate at Hai Wai Tian instead of Nan Sing this time, and my mom though its not bad.


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hweiz, designfreak and Ribena

thanks so much for the info.
I'm flying this friday and keeping my fingers crossed abt the taxi-drivers!

Sorry 2 more questions.

Btw you ladies familar with Platinium Mall? Is it walking distance from Arnoma?

For Japanese Buffet, i heard Oishi at Siam Sq is highly recommended? May i know exactly where is that located?



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Hi Bortei,

You are flying tihs friday, i'm flying this saturday morning with Tiger airways. Stay at Pj Watergate.


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hi bortei, oishi buffet always has a very long queue. u need to go real early and get a number. i went to the one at central world. queue until cry. end up eating teppanyaki.

btw im a guy. :p


My cab fare from new airport to arnoma hotel cost only 183 baht. Exclude toll cos weekend no toll. Yeah suam lum ferris wheel is gone.


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hi ladies, I just got back from BKK.
I got good reviews for First House Hotel
It cost me only s$35 a night (the locals said it's still expensive)
it's not shown on all maps. most shows First Hotel but it's just around the corner.
It's not easily found cus it's not along the main road, more of inside a small street(Soi 19)
it's 15mins walk from Ratchethewi BTS station,
5minutes to Pratunam Market, Indra square, Baiyoke2(mall)... It's very Convenient for food, shop & truly budget hotel.Oh yes,+ Buffet American Breakfast.
Around the area, there's 500 baht per night motels, S$ breakfast. Benz residence.

compared and found the best $ exchange is at a UOB just ard the corner from first house.

High recc SAT RELAX Traditional Massage.near pratunam Center
only 139baht per hour. among the 5 we tried, this is best n reasonably priced. (i missed BKK just as our flight landed SG)
The much advertised FUJI massage is expensive 200baht per hour & doesnt do much, definitely NOt traditional. (Tips hinted)

We went JJ market(chatuchak) (mochit station 30baht for bts per person)
cut across the park on left to small enterance to JJ market
I suggest not to buy from the 1st 2 columns of JJ market, Spoilt by Farangs, they dun allow much bargaining.
Those stores behind are more willing to give a better deal.
Eg. i bought a clutch bag,tag:150Bht, cus a local bargained &amp; bought at 130bht, so i got it for 130bht. Later part of day,more inside JJmarket,i found a store flooded with similar clutch bags tag:79bahts each. >,<

T-shirts should be range from 50-70 bht(12 pieces) 100-150bht (exclusive designs) 200-300bht (hand drawn)
Brikies- looks original 160-199baht , abit fake 90-100baht

roadside stalls 10baht(satay lookalike,mineral water)
20baht(coke,pepsi,fresh orange juice, coconut,omelette on rice, mango sticky rice,corn)
25-30 baht(green mango salads,soup noodles, fried rice,meat on rice)
I avoided cut Fruits from stalls, i ate variety of fruits from Baiyoke2's fruits buffet,worth it.
durian sticky rice , mango sticky rice, slushies, dried fruits, juices, durians :9

Tuktuk, will offer 10-50baht rides to anywhere u want (off-peak hours)and park 3 streets away,tell u "Shoppe mall not open yet". and brings u to tailors or jewellery.
just go in if it's not too scary, and spend 10minutes, that driver gets his commission, u get to your venue safely.To save the trouble, take a Cab.
(Customised shirts should cost 500-600 baht not 1200baht.)

Siam paragon is like Sg malls, i soon got bored,
we visited the underwater world, worthy a visit, definitely better than Sg's underwater world.
450-540 baht per adult.

MBK stuff are trendier than any other markets but slightly more expensive.
there's bigger sizes shops there.
Opticians made Specs for Sgd10-50

Suan luan night market (lumphini station), arty stuffs, less crowd, opens 7pm, nice restuarants ard there.(we realised it's cheaper to take taxi than bts from siam city, cus there's 2 of us.79 baht per meter)

i refused to take taxi from hotel to airport cus it's 600baht or 400baht(he offered as we walked away)
my taxi per meter from pratunam street to Airport
$349 and i gave all my coins to him as tips.
we flew by tiger air, on saturday morning,just got home this AM.Airport tax paid in sg b4 we flew.

oh ya, we didnt say we were from S'pore when they asked "where are u from?"
Some change attitude when they know we r from S'pores.not exactly friendly when they assume we r s'poreans.
i spoke teochew to an elderly lady, her attitude changed when i told her jokingly i'm sgrean.then when i reassured her I am m'sian, her friendliness came back.
I think they got enough of snobbish attitudes,they giving snobbish attitudes back.


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can you tell me where is the massage's place address?
Do they have aromatheraphy massage as well?

I am leaving on Friday and I haven planned where to go yet!!


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anyone stayed at or saw the new Baiyoke Boutique Hotel before?? It's beside Baiyoke Sky Hotel and apparently has avant garde design and rather new. Any comments?


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hi babybear,

i juz came back fm my stay at baiyoke boutique hotel... it's actually right behind baiyoke sky hotel (sort of a quiet backlane)... most of the taxi drivers do not know where it is... think the hotel has juz been re-renovated recently and used to be called stella place... the lobby area is really quite nicely design as per the pic shown in, but the rooms are quite small.. think it's quite inconvenient but the staff are quite friendly though... hope this info helps... : )


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hihi, anyone know where actually can buy ang pow boxes and wedding stuff in bkk? i saw them before but cant remember where liao


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hope i dun want to sound repetitive but then, for those who just got back, are the rates there cheaper or in singapore, it's better? the rates seem to be getting from bad to worse here in singapore...1 THB to S$19?!

if it's cheaper there, then i would change there instead...


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i have a friend who change the Batt when rates are high even he is not travelling. saving for rainny days.
not a bad ideal if you know you are the kind who will go BBK at least once a year.


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last trip to BKK was 1999. Only trip this year was to Hong Kong in June. Not a fruitful trip as the sales are not happening yet.


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Can someone advise me on something urgently? I'm in BKK now, took SIA. Does anyone know if the departure tax from BKK is included already when I paid for the air tickets + taxes? Or do I still need to pay at the airport when I leave? I emailed SIA but still no reply from them yet.

Many thanks to anyone who can help!!

BTW, the exchange rate here is now 1 SGD to 22.01 baht. It was better than when I changed at Change Alley last week.


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i just got back a few hours ago. Did not even realised that there were any riots there...haha..When were the riots? Everything was as per normal, had great fun shopping and eating. Exchange rate today was 1 SGD to 22.05 baht in BKK.

Minssy : Thanks for your help!


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yeah..the thai baht is getting stronger now...but seems that there have been reports of the Thai government trying to regularise their currency so to encourage more investment.

so guess the increase won't be for long.


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hi gals,

I haven been to Bangkok b4, wish to get some infos from u guys... As i will be gg in Oct for a short honeymoon (my HB has no many days leave)abt 3 to 4 days ba. Can anyone recommend me a good and convient hotel easily access and dat i can find nice food too??? Thks!!!