Bangkok-where to go for tailored made suits?


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Anyone hv referrals to make cheap & gd pants ard Pratunam Mkt area ?
Budget abt S$30/pant can make or not ?
Thks !


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Hi Stacy & Zenn,

Hopefully this is not too late. My FH has tailored made his suit and a shirt at macway, which cost us a total of 6000THB (252 SGD). We felt that we have been chopped…sighz…
My FH’s jacket has a very low cut at the underarm areas and it doesn’t really fit to his body…expecting a little like this ) (. The pant is very baggy…there’s allowance even after he put his whole arm inside. The fabric of his shirt is too soft to hold a shape but this is our negligence for just looking at the prints and not touching the fabric to have a feel of it. So remember to feel the fabric as well. Actually I’ve brought a picture to show them the design of the shirt we want but it ended up to be a normal china collar shirt…sighz…I guess the only consolation is we found the colour we want for the suit.

We returned once to have the suit altered in 2 hrs time…I don’t find any difference for the underarm areas but the jacket is slightly more fitting and the pant is much better…at least I can see slight of his butt…hahaha… The young boss (quite friendly) told us that the suit is made to be comfortable or comfit loosely fit as there is more allowance thus easier for movement. If the jacket and the pant were to be cut in a little, that will be slim fit. True in some senses but we went to tailored-made suit would definitely expect it to be fitting and if the workmanship is good, I believe the suit can be made to fit and comfortable as well. By the way, I notice the shirts and the pants which he and his staff were wearing are loosely fit. To sum up, I felt that the money is not well spent although it’s a little cheaper compare to tailored made suit in SG.

I saw Novotel Fashions. It’s just 2 or 3 shops next to macway.

Hmm…it’s better to arrange a return trip to the tailor shop in your itinerary. If possible…place a deposit and pay in full when you return to try on the suit. Delivery to your hotel may or may not be a good thing.


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Hi Connie,

Thanks for the info...I'm only going BBK this weekend.

HB already decided to have his suit tailor in SG...thou slightly more ex, but its convenient...(eg: no need rush for time, can go bk to redo if measurement don't fit).


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Anyone used Rajawongse for menswear and Iberis at MBK for ladies? Read these on the forum on another website.


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to tailor-made your suits and dresses, go to the malls near Indra Regent Hotel, they are many shops there doing suits, shirts and dresses and the pricing is very comeptitive. Suits around SGD80, shirts SGD12 and dresses SGD30


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Hi CHiLing,

May i know which shop in Bangkok u tailor shirt at SGD12 dollar?

u have the address? and at which BTS alight?


Beside this, if anyone know anywhere got nice and not too expensive tailor shirt to make in Bkk. Do let me know.Thanks so much


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The tailor we use all the time is Crown Tailors at sukhumvit soi 8 - NANA BTS station. We got their name from a friend and since then we've been going there always.


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Is this tailor good? workmanship good?
What is roughly the price for a suit?
I need to tailor made a suit for my hubby to wear for our wedding day?
Any other recommendations?


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They were/are very good actually. Both of us are very impressed with their workmanship and attitude. They should be able to help you out.


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i just came back from BKK. my husband made some shirts and a suit there and was pleased with the results.

we passed by a lot of the tailors and did realise that we are paying more than the usual but it was highly recommended by his boss. apparently, those cheaper ones have poorer quality cloth and after a few washes, the cloth fades off and looks old.

mu hubby made one suit (jacket and pants), a pair of pants, 5 shirts and 2 neck ties for S$400. The cutting and style fits very nicely and he was so pleased with the service and standards.
They have a package for it. for THB 7,500: you get one suit, one pant, 2 shirts, 2 neck tie. for THB 15,000: you get 2 suits, 2 pants, 4 shirts, and 4 neck tie.
they do ladies suits as well.
they accept credit cards. can collect 2 days time.

address is at : Armari WaterGate Hotel, 2nd floor. (armari watergate is opposite the platinum shopping mall)
Name is called Paul's Fashion.


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Hi All

I love to wear dresses, and usually in singapore, I will buy and alter as the dress even s size here, i find the hip will be too flair and thus has to chop to fit....same goes for nice long dress...wonder if anyone can recommend a good place to tailor make dress and long skirt...and how is the charges like...thanks


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Hi all,

I am just back from Bangkok and had quite bad experience at Macway as recomended here. First of all the person that serve us BAD attitude when we first ask about price,material....then we went back again thinking since we ard there just try lor.Suddenly his attitude became very good. Anyway we decided to do few shirts and pants. One thing good is that they are very fast as they can finish it the next day. When we collect it that time, one of the pants is not fitting as its a bit tight and we ask to alter and this guy attitude changed again and said all pants are the same but maybe material not same so feels tighter (which is not the case as its very obvious that its tighter). However he mentioned will alter for him NO PROBLEM and after alteration will sent to hotel as they are closed on Sunday.Guess what they anyhow alter the pants until the pockets are not in line and its just bad workmanship that I can say. Maybe they rushing for you so no choice. So I can say that its depends on your luck if you are served by which person over there and try not to do alteration as they know you going back and anyhow do also you cant refund or make another trip to alter! Or you can do if you are there more days so that you can go back and complain and make sure alteration is done well. So conclusion I think you gals out there if you wanna do it overseas must be prepared to take the risk that the result may not be good and cant alter.


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Hi pple, I am new here. I would be going to Thailand for a short getaway on 10th June, was about to go to Macway until I saw this last post... Any other recommendations to tailor shirts for men and dresses for ladies?

I dun think i want to spend like $60 for 3 poorly tailored shirts when I can spend like $60 for 1 well tailored shirt in Singapore. Hmmm any thots on that?


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Hihi, perhaps this have no relevance to tailoring shirts, but my hubby buy shirts from this shop at Sultan Plaza Singapore. Their shirts are cheap at only $25 per piece, because they are wholesale distributor to John Little and Robinsons. Their egyptian cotton shirts are about $60+.


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I buy my suits from Pro Tailor inside Somerset lake point Hotel. Last suit I had made was 7000 Baht. You couldn't get a similar quality suit in Singapore today for even 12000. Everything fixed price, one price. Quality is pretty good and you are always assured of not being ripped off and getting a decent suit,


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Am planning to make a simple evening gown for my wedding. Hubbs would also like to make a suit. Can anyone recommend pls? I only read about suits...i hardly see anything on dresses. Is it because bkk tailors arent that good at dresses?



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Anyone here has recently tried making shirt/pants at Paul Tailor located inside Amari Watergate hotel?

If yes, how much did u paid for the shirts / pants?


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Wow - it's been ages since I posted on this forum, but we visited Crown once again for our clothes after some 4 years and once again LOVED our clothes that we ended up with. Service is still excellent and variety was huge. Gotta admit that Crown still lives up to my expectations.