Bangkok - Twin Towers


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hi miko2006,
I was there during sept last year. the lobby was quite impressive, big and grand. The rooms were so so only but for the price that we paying ( 3 * hotel) I think its good enough. They have two towers, I heard one was newer than the other but I not sure which one is which. Breakfast is not good though. Dun remember any shopping centers near it, if you like dun mind walking you can walk to MBK too but about 20mins, by cab will be less than 50 b .


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hi every1,

any1 knw which hotel is nearby Khao san area?
i knw Khao San is backpackers area and alot of guest house there, hence not dare to stay in guest house

could any1 recommend any decent hotel tat's nearby Khao San?



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Hi Miko

Twin towers rooms are big. even with 3 beds in the room, u still ve space to walk around.

outside the hotel, opposite there is a cart selling wanton noodle, diff from sing, i would say is nice & cheap, eat for few night when i was there.

there is a shopping centre nearby, abt 10mins walk. things are cheaper then MBK. get out of the hotel & turn left then u'll come to a cross juction, turn right to cross traffic, walk further down abt 5 mins, u'll see the shopping mall on your left.

there is also a wholesale morning market behind the hotel beside the river also walking distance. get out of the hotel & turn left then u'll come to a cross juction, walk straight & cross the traffic, after crossing turn left and walk all the way straight until u see the river by then u should be able to see the morning market on your right side. remember is a morning market.

hope this inform does help u.

enjoy ur trip


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Hi Irene,

Is there a train station nearby to Twin Towers? You mentioned there's a river - is that for sightseeing ?



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Room and american breakfast at Twin Tower was good. I am very pleased with my stay there. It is about 10-15 minutes walk to MBK. There are 2 massage parlours across the street. Go to the one on the left. for $53 per nite it is a very good deal. You will find more japanese here at this hotel. The cab fare from airport to hotel was 350Baht and back to airport cost us 300baht.


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Just got back from thailand. Stayed at Twin Towers and only paid $53 per night. Very good deal considering how much we paid.
The massage opposite was good. Only went to the 1 on the left.
Ate the roadside stalls opposite the hotel. Yummy!
Service was also very good.
Highly recommended if on a budget.


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Hi !
Just came back from my trip.
I'm happy with my stay at Twin Towers, gd value for money. The room is BIG with two twin-size beds for separate beds. Breakfast is a good spread of hot cooked food and bread/cereal/salad/fruits...etc.

Also tried the street food outside the hotel (turn left after leaving hotel) , the braised pork trotter is fantastic!! Meat is so soft and tender. 30baht gets u a generous serving of meat and egg with rice. The stall next to it sells kway teow / noodles soup. 20 baht per bowl. Fried noodles is 25 baht. Very nice too. Tried the night wan ton noodles(opens till 3am) opp the hotel recommended here...also nice but a little on the sweet side (no offence to anyone)

MBK is 15 min walk away or u may take the shuttle service, available half hourly to MBK from 9am. 40baht per trip if not wrong.

Overall, this hotel exceeded my expectation for the price i paid


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oh... i had encounter spooky stuff there. very "dirty" hotel...
scary, better avoid...

but apart from that, the rest are ok.
rooms are reasonable size, breakfast not bad.
but location not very good.


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ooo... i encountered in the hotel lift.if i didn't remember wrongly, the hotel doesn't have 4th floor and there's no button for 4th floor too. but the lift door open at 4th floor, once opened, there's a big piece of wall infront of me... how i know it's 4th floor? right on top of the lift is showing "4". I kept pressing "close" but the door closed half-way then open again. we got a shock... try many times then finally closed!!

cos i think my ex-bf said something wrong in the lift. he was smoking when entering the lift, then i saw the no smoking sign, so i told him cannot smoke in lift. he said, its okie la, hotel ma, who cares... so we enter, then happening lo....