Bangkok - Mani / Pedi


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Hi Sweet again,
Sorry i missed out your earlier questions... No i didn't get to stay in the newly renovated room but from the picture in the brochure they're going for contempory style n very nice indeed.

I didn't have enough time to go siam centre/siam discovery centre/siam square... fact i really blur when it comes to differentiating the 3 of them. One area i do find interesting (even more than MBK) is the shopping lanes (sois) between Novotel & MBK. If u look at the map, u will see from the Left of Novotel to MBK there are lots of small Sois (I think it stands for lanes)... these are all shopping lanes with interesting small shops. U may wan to check it out. = )

We brought about S$500+ (approx Bht$12,000) there. We spent all by Sunday evening & withdrew another about Bht$4,500 for some last min shopping & to buy snacks back for colleagues.

OH IMPORTANT !!!! Please remember to leave BHT500/each for compulsory Bangkok Airport Tax on your way back.


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Hi sweet,

May i know where is the tailor shop, Macways?? I really dun know other than hotel tailor, where other can i find a cheaper one.

Hi racherlle,

Oic, your fare is really cheap. Nowsdays seldom read newspaper so dun know when there is promo.

Hi Clare,

I intend to go King & I spa for couple massage. I better book a room once I reach BKK.

Did you go sightseeing. There are 3 temples, dun know which one is worth going???

Although been to BKK twice but never went to see the temple before. All day is shopping. Think this time round will spend some time sightseeing.


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Thanks Clare! will check out the sois!

Hi Carrie

Macways is situated at Siam Square Soi 5...


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Hi all,

This forum is very informative for my coming bkk trip......i will reach bkk at ard 9pm this wed for my 5D4N trip.My hotel is eastin...anyone care to share where to go after i reach my hotel? i dun wnt to waste my 1st night there....


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Hi Peace,

I will also reach BKK @ 8+,9pm and staying at Eastin on my forthcoming trip. Most probably I will check into the hotel and zoom off to Suan Lom (provided no traffic jam) cos they close at midnight....if not, will be going over to Chinatown for some late night supper.......


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Hi gals,

Any travelling on Tiger airway during April.

There is a change of flight schedule and my dept flight, 3.45pm was cancelled. However I still do not know they will allocate me to which dept time.

I send email to them today but no reply yet. And no one answer my phone.

I am so worried now as my colleague's flight was postpone to 5.50pm which I don't think I want.


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carrie I juz came back from BKK this eve! Macways is located in the lane next to Novotel Siam Square. If you come out of the hotel lobby, it's the first row of shophouses when you turn right.

I used the tailor in Novotel hotel - Nova International. They did a pretty good job on my husband's suit and shirts. But I was not satisfied with my pants and shirts - workmanship is juz lousy for ladies' clothes.


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Hi sakurasan,

How much did you pay for your hubby shirt??

Thanks for the information on Macways, I will go look for it.


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carrie, my husband got a package from the shop. They charged us 8000baht (around S$320) for 1 jacket, 2 pants and 2 workshirts.


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Whiteveil, I stayed at Novotel and I know there's a row of Thai massages on the left of the hotel when you leave the lobby. Not sure if you referring to that or those Balinese type of massages


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Hi All
Has anyone visited the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha? I'm leaving for BKK end of the mth, but not sure how to go about these places of interest. Does anyone konw?


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Hi Dodocefiro,
I only visited Wat Po and Grand Palace before, n we just take cab from hotel there, coz as far as I know the place is not near any BTS/MRT station.


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Hi Dodocefiro

If u r staying near BTS Stn, u can actually take BTS to Saphan Taksin Stn...then take d riverboat from Central Pier (No.1)...alight at Tha Tien Pier (No.8), where d Grand Palace is located...think d Emerald Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Kaew) is juz nearby.


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Hi all experts of BKK,

can I check with you how is the bargaining like over at the various shopping places in BKK? I jus came back fm BKK over the weekend trip and found that unlike what i read fm some websites, the prices there are pretty much non-negotiable except for the odd 99 baht or so. I was wondering if it was bec I only bought 1 or 2 pieces each or was it bec of my poor bargaining skills?

pls share your experiences with me..


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For those who has just been to BKK, can you list those MUST GO places with their operating hrs if you know (except for MBK and CTC Mkt)…I am trying to plan my itinerary. Thanks a million…


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Date: Sept 20 to Sept 23

Flight: Tiger Airways
TR118 Depart Sin 1305 Arrive Bkk 1415
TR117 Depart Bkk 2010 Arrive Sin 2330
Price: SGD184.50 (for 2 adult air tickets)
I got the $2 promo in Aug. This includes all the taxes and everything. I have not register our names on the tickets yet.

Hotel: Arnoma Hotel(4 star hotel/Superior Room)
Big C and Gaysorn are beside this hotel and WTC is just opposite. BTS is abt 3-5min walking distance away. This is prime location. I booked thru asiarooms.
Price: SGD312

So total price for this 4D3N Bangkok trip is:
SGD204.50 + SGD312 = SGD516.50

We have no choice but to give up our air tickets and hotel reservation in Bangkok. Details as follow. This is quite a good deal cos I grabbed the $2 air ticket(only to find out he can't take leave).

Interested parties, please email me at [email protected] or call 90309081 soonest. Otherwise, I will be cancelling my reservations on Sept 12 in order to reduce my damages.