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Hey everyone,

For those who have personally stayed in the hotel before, can you please share with me your experience?

- Hotel Environment
- Accessibility
- security
- is it as creepy as it sounds?

I have just booked a 4N stay in Asia Hotel, but then i suddenly hear of many negative remarks about the hotel like:
- dangerous to walk in the tunnel to mabookong
- very dark at night
- the place is very "dirty" & scary
- etc etc...

My mood of going there has been dampened by such remarks. I am still contemplating if i have to pay an admin fee just to change the hotel.

So need your advice if you have really stayed in there and offer your experiences & tips.

Thanks & Regards,
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Hi Celine,

Not to worry. Last year I had been there before, when I heard those negative remarks I also no mood moreover my relatives tell my mum HUH Asia Hotel dun want lah change. My mum ask y? They say 'dirty' etc. I tell mum harlow those hotels in genting ppl also say dirty etc but I go there so many times nothing happen.

It really depend on individual. It is a very convenience place as my parents can simply go to 2nd flr n take skytrain themselves. me n hubby n sister can go ahead with our own program.

Their services, environment are good! Their breakfast are nice too. :p So far no bad comments in this hotel.


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Hi Celine,

I've stayed there early this year too and not such things as rumoured. I like Asia Hotel becos of it's location. It's so convenient that I can shop and shop and shop. I bought a day trip train pass and whenever I bought lots of stuff, I can always take a train back to the hotel, put down the stuff and cheong again. We even shopped till midnight and we don't find it scary at all. I'll still go back again next time.


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I was there a few weeks ago. the location is very convenient. I've no idea what tunnel you're talking about but whenever I go to MBK, I'll take the BTS. I didn't walk around the hotel but would always use the 2nd floor link to access the BTS and go shopping at other places. The hotel provides drinking tap water so don't have to buy many bottles of mineral water. I'm satisfied with the hotel as compared to First hotel and Bangkok City Inn.


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Hi Celine

It's not creepy. It's just that the rooms are quite old, and the toilet quite dark..maybe that's y some people find it scary. Like the others have feedback, the location is very convenient, and at their low rates, can't really expect much from the room. No issues with security. However, my hubby and I like nice hotel rooms w plenty of movie channels..hence we prob won't stay in Asia again. Still, that's a personal choice..i know many people have no qualms staying in Asia, and some are even repeat guests.


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Hey everyone,

thank you so much for your assurance of Asia Hotel.

I felt much much better after hearing your positive experience there. *i must ask my bf to read this thread cos he is also rather affected somehow.*

You know, the whole of yesterday, i have been feeling so uncomfortable about all the negative comments of the hotel, especially that it is "dirty"! I have even checked with the agency if i am able to cancel the booking but that would cost me around S$95, which is more than 1 night stay. What's more, to change to hotels like Patumwan Princess which is much more convenient will cost me 2.5x more than what i am paying for Asia Hotel. It's certainly not worthwhile as my main objective is to shop for things there.. especially decorative things for my Balinese Thai concept new house - Buddha statues, lamps, vases etc.

Perhaps you can share with me some tips about navigating around the hotel.



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Hi celine

Yah, don't let those people affect you. So many Singaporeans have stayed / are staying in Asia. It's actually one of the more popular hotels.

It's very easy to get around..the BTS station is connected by an overhead bridge to Asia Hotel's 2nd level. Extremely convenient! Enjoy your trip!


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Hi Celine,

I too have stay in Asia during my stay on 9th Sept. I would say its very convenient to the BTS and to MBK dnt have to walk tunnel, jus take the BTS. But like wat alhana said, there isnt much channels, i so far only tune in to 1 channel to watch all the MTV wan.
I went there 4 days, the breakfast is almost the same expect they change 1 or 2 of the menue, but acceptable lar....
So dont worry and enjoy yourself


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yeah celine, dun get so affected by what those people say abt Asia Hotel. It's fantastic. I've been to bangkok like, 4 times within these 2 years and have stayed at Asia all the way. No ghost, no nothing. Though some might say that the hotel is only 3 stars and blah blah blah. Frankly, I kinda like the hotel a lot.

As for the tunnel, i dun really recall walking thru any tunnel to MBK leh. Walked to MBK most of the time from asia but did not cross any tunnel. Maybe someone took the wrong way and advice u wrongly? Doesn't matter though, if u really skeptical about tunnel and shits, can always listen to what others have said and take BTS to MBK, though I'd prefer u to walk... healthier mah... =)

cheers dude..


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Hi deathstar

Walking about while breathing in the bad Bangkok air may not be very healthy :p Yup, MBK is near enough to walk to. When we stayed at Arnoma, we would also walk to MBK, which is further compared to Asia-MBK. But ugh..the air there is terrible. So dusty and dirty..feel so yucky after awhile :p


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hi went bk several times n stayed in asia hotel. v convenient. dun worry abt creepy stuff. no such things la. I am a christian so whichever hotel i go too, i'll always pray to ask God to cleanse the place.


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There is 1 cheap foot, back massage plc near asia hotel, towards the 7-eleven/bridge side.

I likely to go bck stay asia hotel in feb nxt yr again, I a regular at asia when in bkk.

In e meantime, happy new yr to all! cheerios.


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i m gonna stay there this weekend with my company. n i don't feel very comfortable with old hotel. give me a dirty feeling, not dirty in spiritual sense but dirty as in old...

is it clean tho?


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i jus came back yest, the asia hotel is ok for the price. its not dirty, breakfast is soso, location is good. a good value place for holidaying in bkk.


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hi every1,

any1 knw which hotel is nearby Khao san area?
i knw Khao San is backpackers area and alot of guest house there, hence not dare to stay in guest house

could any1 recommend any decent hotel tat's nearby Khao San?



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Asia hotel is cheap, good and convenience. But if you are there for 3D 2N would recommend Patumwan Princess connected to MBK.


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Hi all...

Is there anyone who can recommend a good massage parlour which is located near to Asia hotel? Preferably gd in foot reflexology...

Thank you for your time and hope to hear some suggestions soon!!!


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There is a massage parlour near Asia Hotel. Just walk across the road and u will find it. Near a "mama shop" kinda of. I do not remember the name. The in-charge when I last went in May this year was a young man. He is very friendly. The staffs there gave very good massage. I brought my sister and friends there. They all enjoyed it very much. I always vist them when I am in Bkk. i bought the massage cream from them too. keke


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Anyone just back from Bangkok and stayed at the Asia Hotel? Any feedback? Has the condition improved or deteriorated?


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hi.. i heard tis hotel is good n convenient too..
i'm going bangkok for 4 days 3 night, free n easy with 1 of my friend..
do u have any idea where to shop n eat also can help mi plan an itinerary.. so that i got some idea n plans to go holiday...


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anyone stayed in Asia Hotel Cabin Room? Experience to share? Thought of staying there for 3D2N or 2D1N then off to Koh Samui. So thought staying the simplest room will do.


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Hey, i always go to asia hotel when i go bkk. Been there abt 3 times. but last time i went there to have massage which is just beside Asia hotel is a disappointment. Cos happen that day alot of staff not working, then the in charge arrange a stand in from nowhere and is a guy to massage for me. For Goodness sake. that guy massage is just like touching my body only.. even i try before letting the lady massage there, and the gals working there have more "power"/ stronger than the this guy.. never see this guy at all. First time see this guy. and i so piss off that i nearly wanted to scold the in charge but later just walk off after paying the money..

sometime is not abt the money that i mind, is i been walking whole day on that day and all i want is to have a good massage as i have a tired feet. but in the end i cant get it..

sigh.. giving them one more chance but this time i surely wont let a guy massage for me..


Asia hotel is fine. I have stayed there more than 5 times. It may be a little old but not "dirty".
I definitely recommend it for the low rates, convenience and direct link to BTS station. Don't have to worry about getting wet when it rains.
You can check the hotel rates directly from Asia hotel website.


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Anyone just came back from BKK and stayed in Asia Hotel? Has the condition improved? Also, does the room comes with a bathtub? Thanks.


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hi joey,

the rooms has always pretty much been the same ba.. yes standard rooms have baththub.. i think only the rooms with no windows do not have..


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Hi Minssy,

Thanks for the information.

U just came back from bangkok & stay in Asia Hotel? I would like to check does the room comes with hair dryer & kettle as well? I'm bring the girl there so will need some hot water.....

Also, did you go to Chinatown? Is the stalls open everyday?

Thanks in advance.


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hi joey,

i stayed there recently.....

hairdryer should have.... kettle i can't recall cos i never use kettles.. we just buy bottled water..

chinatown open everyday..
day & nite different.. day is with alot of stalls.. must set aside whole day to walk..
nite is mostly makan stuff.... take cab there.... if you take train, u need to walk a distance...


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no hot water or boiler in the room. need to pay for it. if i did not remember wrongly, it is 20bht per pot. asia hotel is jus like budget airline, need to pay for xtras. if u need extra pillow oso must pay. but it is really a cheap & convenient lodging.


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Has anyone advise me how much is the cab cost from Chatuchuk to Chinatown? Or is any BTS nearby Chinatown. Thanks.


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I stayed 5-6 times in Asia Hotel as I really loved the location. However, my hubby felt something was jumping on our bed in the middle of the night during the 6th time and after that we didnt stay there anymore when we visited BKK.
Recently, I read a thread in Flowerpod forum on Asia hotel and surprised to see so many people having the same experience ie. bed shaking/vibrating in Asia hotel...hmm


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I've stayed in this hotel for about 5 times. Hotel staff are friendly and fluent in english. The structure itself is quite old but clean enough for me.
I usually stay here for a week, and I noticed that the food selection in the breakfast buffet only changes after four days. So sometimes I tend to loose appetite. but don't get me wrong, the food taste great.
One thing about this hotel is that there's a bridge on the second level linking directly to the MTR.
I would definitely recommend this hotel for those looking for a cheap and decent hotel.


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Asia Hotel is my choice for my countless shopping trip in bkk.
It's connected to the train st (covered walkway) so no worries abt bad weather.
consider booking from Apple Holidays (6736-2736). They offer good rates esp when all the online agents fail to get you a room.

However, do note it's a popular choice for Spore travel agencies. So there's a high chance pumping into our own pple who put Singapore in REALLY bad light.
I've lost count the number of such encounters. Shame shame

Airport --> Hotel
Grab a cab ride at basement level. Plenty of english signs at the new intl' airport. it's rare you'll get lost. It should cost you abt 200-300 bahts, depending on the traffic.

MBK, Siam Centre, Paragon..etc are all within walking distance. Perfect for any last min buys before you catch the flight back home.
Pratunum, the wholesale ctr is also about 10mins walk, or a 40baht cab ride.
There's also a new building (cant rem the name) just across Pratunum that sells electronic n IT stuff, albeit Funan Ctr. If you've done your research, bargains can be found easily.

4days is too short for bangkok shopping spree. my usual 5D4N itinerary still pushes me back there every quarter ^^

oh yes, if you are going for Asia Hotel, do pop out at night to grab some hawker fares. I love the fried oysters and wanton noodles at the roadside stalls.
Adjacent to the hotel, there's a rest with a sliding door. their black olive rice and green curry chicken are not to be missed

Room does not provide any tea making facilities or hot water supply.

The water at the pool (level 12) seems to be changed only once a month. The sodium content is comparable to the sea.
The pool at level 5 is much better, but it gets little direct sun so water temperature can be a little chilly, even at 12noon.

Breakfast spread is good. I'm happy when I see my egg man, so no complaints on that.

Location is fantastic for the price you are paying for the room.


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Pantip lah...Bkk version of Sim Lim, few blocks from Platinum
Seriously hor, why do people stay in Asia Hotel, its haunted !!!


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Best thing about it is location. We found we got a better rate by walking in and booking. We think the key system stinks. They only would give us one key and they want you to leave the key at the desk when ever you leave. That means when ever you get back from somewhere you hafto go to the desk and wait in line to get your key each time. They include a breakfast buffet weather you want to pay for it or not and if you miss it in the morning your out of luck. No credit toward lunch or anything.

attached to the sky train