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I just had my wedding last Saturday in Kuala Lumpur, and had a really bad experience that ruined my event, hence want to share with future bride.

I hired Sherly Abd Aziz of Tie The Knot because I saw her nice IG and also recommended by hotel. I have to say as a non-local, it is v hard to know which is good as most info from wedding websites are from the people in the industry but not true reviews!

On the big day, she told the wrong ready time for make up (8:30 instead of 7am), so my makeup was half way done. She didn't take care of the bridal couple at all for the whole day, nobody was with us most of the time, no greeting, no time check, no updates, only chat with vendors and enjoyed herself. We couldn't find help even when we needed.

If you want real help for big day from planner, don't expect her. As she expect bride to do time keeping (but i didnt have watch/ phone with me!) and no updates or onsite help AT ALL! She was not with us most of the time, u cant even find her. My event overran a lot because of her poor management, hence no photo taking and guests left before yum seng. I was very sad after the wedding.

She stood around, sip her cocktail or even sat in a sofa during dinner, without helping couple or bridesmaids (who r always very busy). She is very into taking pictures and videos, hence her Instagram is so nice (I got tricked). She is also close with vendors as she only takes care of them and coordinate with them, instead of the couple.

Bridesmaids didnt get help at all even when they ask for it, and all pissed by her unhelpful attitude and unorganised manners, because she cant answer questions like location for throwing bouquet, where is the church programs or empty ang pow, and didnt help to solve problems.

Price of getting her? No time for photos or chat with guests, bride needs to be really alert on time and rundown, event overran so guests left before yum seng. Worst? U need to pay for it and bridesmaids and guests are unhappy of her.