Bad experiences TODAY


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Have anybody in retail line, have suffer anger treatment from customers,

So how do you react?

As for my case, Got this customer and its is so busy chrsitmas eve.

This customer bought a $5 CD and He ask me to open to check whether there is any scratches.
Ok, I open the Cd to let him check the CD.

Then He ask to tried. Damn it, its so busy period and He ask to test thing usually If customer request, I am ok with it. But this customer choose wrong timing. as My colleague went for lunch and I was alone tending the shop.
The payment Q was long. the Customer ask for test. I told him nicely that if the CD has anythings wrong, He can bring it back within 7 days at any outlet.
And the previous request, I already does, Open the CD, Check the CD whether got scratches, I have done. Just trying out the CD, I can't . AS I mention The Q is long, I am alone tending the Shop. The player is far from the Cashier counter.

But He told me this, after i done the previous requests . IF I CANNOT TRYOUT THE CD THEN I DON'T Want to BUY.

What's a Jerk. Then I told him, If you really to tryout the CD then you wait awhile for me to clear my other customers.

Then HE is angry, HE mention to me FIRST COME FIRST SERVE PLEASE. omg. Then I have to apologise to the customers who waiting. AND I Did tryout the CD for him.

At the end, he told me the cd that i tryout not nice, He don't want already and he walk off very fast. Damn it I did not choose the cd for him. The CD is under clearance and its only $5. If he dun belong to those high class that listen to JAZZ, then He dun take it.

Wait my time, wait other people time. and He still dare to claim First COME FIRST Serve.

But end the CD GOT other people bought it.


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omg.. if I am the customer behind. I will surely scold the man.

firstly becoz wasting everyones time.
second becoz he think the He is SO BIG.

Pity u..


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chen Yu Peng : Actually in retail service alot people face this kinds of things. Its happening everydays. Sometimes service line people only can tolerate n tolerate ...


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People who thinks that if she is playing role playing .. why do you play along, are you in the role too? its obviously TS just want to vent out her unhappiness Christmas eve only..


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Hi, Of coz from the 1st day i start work in retail there is this sentence " Customers always right" .. But Sometime annoying customers piss me off.. like I mention I just only can tolerate. Which most retail fellows doing. Happy New Years to all of you...

Verge : I think if you not careful with your question, later you might also get link with us too. haha actually its is common for new member in forum and especially when they tend to see similar name .. Happy new year Verge..

Chen Yu Peng : Hey, thank you so much.. and Pretty sorry that you get link together with me.
Happy New Year Chen Yu Peng...