Bad experience with LTB


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Hi, would like to highlight to all who are going to hold their ROM/solemnization with LTB.

Please make sure that whatever they said are written down on the "contract" or acknowledgement slip.

This is because me and my wife booked a package with them at a hotel, using the outdoor setting for solemnization. And when asked what happens when it rains, they said that a function room will then be used as a backup plan.

However, when the day came and it did rain, instead of a function room for us to use, our solemnization had to be held in the lobby of the hotel, under the gaze of all the outsiders. When we asked them, they said that they told us if it rains, the lobby will be used. So unethical. And the LTB contact person was late on that day, (supposed to reach at 11am, but they reach 1115am) and kept hurrying us to hold the solemnization, when the time has not arrived (1130am). And we had to liase with the hotel, though we were told that LTB will be doing everything for us.

Overall, I feel that their service are not good, very $$$ orientated, beacuse when we initially went down, we feel like we are being coerced to make a choice immediately, with one guy being the devil and another being the angel. Wanting us to choose the more exp package.

I know some have good experiences with them, but just be careful with booking with them and make sure 'plan b' is written down.

For me personally, I won't recommend LTB to my friends or colleagues.


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Really hope that couple out there waiting to be "ROM"ed by LTB will not be short-changed like us.

Oh ya, when you call/email them to meet a certain person who is more senior, you will not meet him/her. Another person, most probably a junior will attend to you.