Bad Experience with HONG LIANG


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Hey gers,

Sorry for ranting out here.. but at the same time, perhaps you all can learn abt my situation and be careful of your dealings.

I'm very frustrated and angry with Hong Liang - a shop that sells cheaper electronic/electrical stuffs when compared to Best Denki/Courts/HN/etc. I've order a F&P fridge from them in mid Feb this year and delivery was supposed to be in early Mar. I was quoted a price and paid a deposit of $50, which an order form stated everything clearly was given to me.

A few days before delivery date, the in-charge Guy A called to notify that the fridge i wanted was out of stock, whether i want to wait (ard 1 month) or get a another model. I said i don't mind waiting to get the model i wanted. Ard end March, Guy A said the stocks are not coming in so soon, got to wait till mid April or even later, but is able to T-Loan me a fridge first. So i said okay and was actually very pleased with their service.. but the T-loan fridge did not come on the 2 dates that was arranged and Guy A happened to be overseas when i called a couple of days later to ask abt the T-loan fridge. So i had to waited and finally gotten the T-Loan fridge in early May.

Then this Guy B from HQ called me and said the price of the fridge increased, and want to charge me more for the same model of fridge than that was written on my order form. The reason being that the supplier had actually increased the price of this model.

However, i have the order form that was written in black and white stating the model and price of the fridge which i've ordered for. I'm not willing to pay anything more. The loss that Hong Liang make was due to the loop hole in their organisation system that they have. How can they fault the difference of cost between supplier and Hong Liang to the consumer(which is me)?! After that, Guy B said ok and give me at the normal price. That was in mid April.

But today, Guy B called and debated with me again. He caught me at a very bad day as i'm very tired from work and stress abt my studies (as my exam is coming). I rationalised with Guy B saying that the order form was given to me at this price in black and white and he cannot just increase the price like that. He said that if that's the case, then he will just throw away my form and not delivery the fridge to me.

What is this attitude?! What should I do?

sob! sob!

btw, the fridge is still out of stock.. Guy B said he's not sure when it will come in..

sob.. it's just a fridge but it has made me so upset..


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hi shice,

had a lot bad comments for HL in this forum. if i were you, i would just forgo the 50 bucks instead of having all the problems. so wat if their items are cheap but with a F*** service/


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Possible to complain to CASE? Cannot let off such unethical merchants like this. A sales contract is a sales contract. Does that mean tomorrow price decrease, we can ask for discount? Thats crap.


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however if i give up now, the difference i would pay for a fridge from HN (so far the cheaper stores) is ard $100.. abit heart pain of the money..

I din know there's alot of bad comments for HL in this forum.. so far din come across any threads..

so full of regrets now..

some more my hubby overseas now.. gotta handle all the house issue myself..


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i got check.. if complain to CASE, gotta sign up as a member (for 1 year).. and the trouble of gg to case and paying the membership is not worth it..

otherwise i wouldn't be so frustrated and angry liao..

If i really have a few thousands of sales with them, i'll definitely go to CASE and not let them off.. such a bad sales attitude..


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I had bad experience with Hong Liang and Ellane hob and hood today.
Ordered Hob, Hood and Heater. Schedule to come at 3-6pm. Hob and hood come at 12 plus while heater suppose to come at 4-5pm. Shockingly, wrong hood was delivered and they got the cheek to tell me it is the same.For the one I ordered, they need two weeks for the good to delivered(which I am not sure if they are sure). The whole renovation need to depend on the delay. Hong Liang aren't apologetic at all. Business must be too good. I will boycott from this point on. Meanwhile, I am still waiting for them to resolve the problem.


Sorry to hear about your bad experience.. I also ordered my fridge from Hong Liang and it was fine for me.


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I had friends who have positive experience. In fact, that is why I recommended people to that place. However, this personal encounter made me lose confidence. Probably their business too good thus getting complacent. Post Mortuem, I thought the root cause is poor handling and bad service from Ellane company. Hong Liang side is jus too complacent and bochap. I will give them a miss now(and tell more people to do that) to voice my displeasure at such cock-up and lack of apology


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I think if you want advice you should go to HN, Best Courts etc. Hong Liang are those that you need not the service and the best price.

Anyway, I went to HL, they DID provide me with some good advice and service too. I was served by a rather plumb and short guy.



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For appliances, I shortlisted all the big items i wanted.. approach at least 3-4 places (Hong liang @ alexandra, Harvey Norman, Best Denki, Everjoint @ AMK, audio house).

Get the cheapest qoute for each item and go to one store and ask them to match.. Big stores like harvey, best, audio house, if you purchase like quite a few items, its possible to get prices lower than what is listed on their tags.. u must ask the right person.. the higher rank the sales staff, the more discounts they are able to give (thats what i heard)..

point to note though.. diff places mark up diff stuff.. so look at the overall deal i guess.. and seriously.. sometimes the savings is not very significant.. so i dont make any extra effort to go down and ask for prices.. waste time and transport $... will just enter the stores everytime i happen to be near one.. and pass them my list and say.. "here's my list.. whats the best u can do for me".. take the list home.. and compare ha..

for convenience... i got most of my stuff from Harvey coz they manage to match my prices... and can pay by interest free installment... and i dont really want to liase with 3-4 places for delivery.. so in the end, i got some from harvey, and some from hong liang..

if u r hardworking, know ur prices... shd be able to get a good deal.. i think a saved a couple of hundreds by pushing down the prices compared to buying @ expo sale..

*note.. hong liang was not bad.. comparative.. i chose harvey coz i wanted installment, after then i realise, hong liang provides installment too.. but u must know ur prices to fight a good deal..

hope this helps..


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Avoid this store! Bought a fridge from hong liang in 2007 ( still have receipt as proof). Called fridge co. recently as required repair. Was told this is a 2003 fridge! Gosh!!

My fridge dieded "prematurely" or "old age"? It's a "mystery"? Perhaps they posed off a display set as a brand new one? I don't know.... Unethical!! The minor cost savings buying from them is not enough to cover the distress (food defrosting and required it for storing breastmilk) and high labour costs/parts asking the repair guy to service or to confirm that the compressor dieded. Think twice!!!


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My nitemare with Hong Liang. All confirm to set up aircon, paid deposit.. but told me 1 day b4 tt the model i wan is sold out the whole of SIN?? I may have to wait till they can get stock. Give me another empty promise tt they are able to fix up aircon 3 days later but still no confirmation abt stock. I had to change to another brand & pay extra $$$$. Give me stress & I am really fedup. I am only sharing my bad experience. Up to u to patronise them or not


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Dishonest seller who jack up price. My parents bought a refrigerator with them recently at $1400. To my dismay, I found out later that the exact one is selling at $1,025 at courts when my fridge broke down. Even after adding on same day delivery and disposal fees of $50 with courts,I paid $1075 for all. The seller actually jack up $300 plus. After calling them myself to ask for quote of the exact same model, the seller actually quoted me $900. I clarified again and he stated that he will need to check and will call back but he did not. Few days later when I called again they actually quoted me $960. When I questioned the guy Vincent about him charging my parents so much higher he went on to give excuses that that is an online price etc. and that charging high is reasonable for a small shop. Full of excuses and is not remorseful at all. This is basically like cheating retirees money. To think my parents had actually chose to trust them and bought the past appliances from them. They had breached their trust.
So beware that their prices is volatile like stock market. They charged based on their mood and who their customers are.
So buyers out there be wise not to go buy from this store anymore. Please also spread the word and inform your parents, friends and relatives. The after service sucks too. Go patronize the bigger megastores with better service and attitude.7B8F7745-703E-456B-BA81-A34647DC666F.jpegDE30339A-D081-4DD8-85CB-DA9CD0D20C19.png58EF28F2-690D-4830-8C69-45522D7F8A96.pngDE30339A-D081-4DD8-85CB-DA9CD0D20C19.png