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Just share the bad experience we had with Amara for wedding:

1. Hotel reduced the complimentary 2 night stay to 1 night, citing reduced guest capacity due to Covid rules and we had to top up to get a 2nd night stay in the suite.. But Amara forgot to reserve the suite and told us only 1 night available due to December staycation season with less than a month to go, despite our contract being signed 1.5 years ago. After our protests, Amara finally offered another suite for the second night, meaning the couple had to change rooms in the middle of the wedding.

2. Amara changed PIC 4 times in total. The handover was poor and we had to repeatedly go through the entire process with each change of PIC. Hotel blamed hiccups on the previous PICs.

3. Our wedding gift was lost in Amara. We came to know about the wedding gift -vintage wines - only 4 months after the wedding. But CCTV is reserved for 30 days only. Amara insists the wines were directly delivered to the ballroom on arrival and consumed by guests.
a. The wine was delivered 2 days before the wedding.
b. The gifts were delivered to the hotel with the couple's name printed. Hotel had likely served the wine to the wrong wedding, but still insisted they delivered it to the correct wedding.
c. Wedding couple had a PIC for corkage and there was no evidence of wine delivered, nor was corkage charged.

Despite the obvious flaw in their argument, the hotel management was adamant that there was no wrongdoing on their part and offered no compensation at all. They used the convenient excuse again that the PIC for the wedding had left their service. The Head of Security openly invited us to make a police report, confidently telling us that he is very experienced in handling such cases, obviously emboldened by the fact that CCTV evidence is lacking.

The manner at which Amara Sanctuary handled the wedding throughout lacks empathy and at times, appeared arrogant. A wedding is meant to symbolise the start of a beautiful journey between two people, and the hotel appears to be doing its level best to fill the journey with obstacles.

It definitely marked the end of any association we will ever have with Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa. We are sharing our experiences with all for their consideration.