<b>NEED ADVISE - financial issue</b>


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<font color="aa00aa">Dear all..need precious advice...
pls do share w me how u divide allocate fiances btwn u &amp; hubby eh?
Joint acc how much per person contribute...
did hubby give u 'allowances'??

..now juz got BTO project &amp; we pay ALL things HALF HALF....

i m working also but he earns more than me....

not sure....

pls do advise me... share w me...how working mums/used to be working mums allocate shared the financial thingy??

if monthly contribute is like percentage 10% per salary?

husban 600; wife 400?


if not convenience to share here pls PM me thanks!!</font>


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Half should not be applicable for all items.
My case is Hubby-60% and mi 40%
HOWEVER,for expenses like monthly PUB utility,gas utility, tel for home is all under hubby bill. Does not better who earn most, most important is hubby responsibility for mi and for the family. Even for saving, is still Hubby-60% and mi 40%. Of course all these should be decided through communication.Main thing is still MAN can never had EXTRA money on hand


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I heard some people manage to get insurance money to pay their loved ones when they commit suicide. May I know if it is true?


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Actually, it depends on your capability and how much you are comfortable with. There isn't any exact answer to this. Maybe you can discuss with your husband?


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My husband and i don't have any separate accounts. When we got engaged (planning to buy house), we converted all our bank accounts to joint accounts.

Sharing just in case you wish to hear the situation of another person
we dun hv joint account .. hwever he does give me allowances for my foods as well as contributng to our son expenses.. so now can still save up a bit and bit while hedu h much savings as from what i noticed.