AXXA design & print - good experience with them!


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I got a few quotations from my hotel as well as my sister.. the printers they have are those commonly used ones.

I decided to be a bit more adventurous and tried out AXXA. Had a good experience with them. Price reasonable..

After finalizing the price, the designer was able to send me the artwork for my wedding inserts the very next day. He even called to make sure that I receive it. We took abt 3 days to finalize the artwork.

A word of advice: if you can, go down to their office at macpherson road. Dont expect those nice nice shopping mall. Their office is located in an industrial area.. You can choose the fonts and cartoon that you want for your inserts. Easier for them also! If not, you can also send them your wedding card and they will do the layout for you.

The production takes about 4 to 5 working days. I am surprised when they called me 2 days later for collection.. They even did the score line for me (i.e. I dont need to fold them!!!).. Didnt expect that cos my sister has to fold hers herself..

The only downside is they open only during office hours till about 6pm. I think the latest they can meet you in 6.30pm. I never try before cos usually I go down when I am on leave.

I liaised with Mary and then Carmen to finalize some details as Mary was out.. Both are very nice!


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Hi All, Just for sharing, this is what I found. Price quoted is for above 250 pcs wedding inserts only.
AXXA- $70 matt gold print (Buy paper $10 for 100 pcs).
Hi-tech- $80 for first 200 pcs matt gold print (includes paper) subsequent is 20 cents per pc.

No design, no scoreline for folding. Just print in standard template. May choose font etc.
Please add 7% GST to final cost.



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Some good word-of-mouth about AXXA that I want to pass around

AXXA really has skilled designers and friendly staff like Mary and Carmen. My wife and I are both very impressed with their beautiful artwork design and expeditious printing. Thank God for such wonderful talents!

Do give them a call. Google 'AXXA', the first on the list.

Below is a map of my church, drawn by AXXA at no extra cost, and so professionally drawn!



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Hi Milky and Alan, thanks for the info.

Btw, are you're getting the paper from them or just provide them the inserts for printing?