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  1. daniellynn

    daniellynn New Member

    I spent $580 for creative eyebrow embroidery when I thought i only paid $128 promotion price for normal embroidery.

    Yen, the eyebrow specialist will do a 3D creative embroidery on you even you just want a normal embroidery. She will be so pushy. Amy, her assistant is juz like get ,pushy, recommended all sort of services. They acted so friendly to
    me during the embroidering work.

    Once I rejected them all the package services, Yen instantly tell me in mandarin in a stern manner : 'ok lor, don't want to sign Package, then dun sign, why must take so much time to consider & consider!'. She shows her TRUE COLOR , started to bang hard to the stool near to my seat, showing LONG
    BLACK Face. When I look into mirror , there were patches of dye on my forehead & nosebridge.

    Both Yen & Amy attitude towards me change drastically . They suddenly stop chatting with me anymore.

    I asked from Yen for a pc of tissue to clean up, she was very
    unwilling. Then walked away from my seat to the main counter, showing black face . Amy stood at the entrance also showing black face, even when I say " goodbye" to her when I walked pass her, she just no response but staring at me with her long black face.

    So don't let both their acting " friendly & service oriented attitudes" lead you to buying their packages. They just want to get sales.

    After a quick clean up on my face myself,
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  2. sparklinglit

    sparklinglit New Member

    They really have no idea how much damage it would cause if they did not maintain ethical and proper customer service
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  3. daniellynn

    daniellynn New Member

    Yes, Yen's embroidery skill is not bad, i'm satisfied, but their attitudes really not acceptable. I couldn't believe my eyes that one moment, they were so service oriented, friendly serving me. The moment I kept rejecting their proposed package, they turned into such attitude.

    First time when I visited their shop to do my brow, after the session, they will help you with the blanket that uses to cover my lap & say thank.

    This time is the FREE touch up session PLUS I refused to pay a single $$$ to get other service,
    they treated me this way.

    End up, I clean up my own face & put the blanket back on the seat & walked out.
  4. daniellynn

    daniellynn New Member

    Actually, I have some intention to get some facial package from them, but need some time to consider. But seeing their change in attitude at the salon, I called myself LUCKY, did not pay $$$ to get bad service.

    In fact, I have some friends who are in the cabin crew industry which I can recommend them to have their eyebrow done there , but now I wouldn't DARE to recommend at all
  5. daniellynn

    daniellynn New Member

  6. jeslinelow

    jeslinelow New Member

    Hi everyone, I would like to share about my eyes brow. I done it at 画眉屋 - å°æ¹¾æ‰¬çœ‰ã€‚ one and only one in Singapore. Done by a professional taiwanese. I just know it and they do in such a way that nobody can tell u have done eyes brow. Super natural like our own hair. Very artistic.
  7. sparklinglit

    sparklinglit New Member

    Hi au, They are just greedy people who keep wanting to get more money from customer. They didn't even bither to hide their true colors but instead turn so rude. Luckily u are not stucked with them.
  8. avonerep

    avonerep New Member

    dear au

    I am sorry to hear about your experience at our shop.

    We take pride in giving the best service experience to every customer. By the same token, we take customer feedback very seriously and use it as a basis to reward and appraise our staff. We have recently revamp our policies to include incentives for our staff to promote quality in service delivery.

    I will take this opportunity to counsel both of the service staff in question. I may also give you a call to understand the incident should the need arise.

    Meanwhile, please do not hesitate to call any of our shop and ask for Daphne or you may like to drop us an email at avone@avone.sg if you have any question.

    best regards
  9. avonerep

    avonerep New Member

    hi Sparklinglit
    you are right on the damage it could cause if a shop did not maintain ethical and proper customer service. Establishing and maintaining a reputation for quality in service can be a challenge at times and all it takes is one bad service experience for all the work done to build that reputation to go down the drain! That is why we are working hard to constantly improve our service delivery. There is definitely room for improvement, which is why we are grateful for feedback such as this because it is an opportunity for us to learn and to reinforce our belief in giving every of our customer the best service experience.
  10. tulipsblue

    tulipsblue New Member

    Hi Jesline,

    Can advise the contact no for the eyebrow embroidery?

  11. loveisgreat1088

    loveisgreat1088 New Member

    Horrible experience at Avone nex!! They were extremely pushy china girls who showed a super bad attitude after we decided not to sign those 1500 package from them. Hello? 1500 is not a huge amount but not a small amount either. Can't we have some basic respect and time for consideration? The worst girl was Selene. Unethical, will never visit the shop even if its a free service! Worst customer service. I wonder how they maintained their business with such pushy attitude.
  12. loveisgreat1088

    loveisgreat1088 New Member

    Oh yeah I even overheard one of the china staffs complaining about a customer trying to sell her some coach bags. As the customer wanted a brow with more hair without removing her own while doing the embroidery, the china girl told her colleagues, "her Fengshui master said she need to have more hair on her brow, but I purposely pluck all away for her!" Look at how evil these people are.. I pity the poor lady. Don't need to think twice before visiting this shop. There are So many better beautician out there..
  13. Twoofakind

    Twoofakind New Member

    Just been to Avone beauty secrets at JEM. Terrible experience. Super pushy staff who keep hard selling their eyebrow embroidery. Don't believe them when they say they'll draw yr eyebrows for you as a complimentary service, they'll still charge you and push you to sign their package. Apparently many of their customers have complained abt their unethical tactics as the tenants in the mall were aware too. i posted my complain on their fb page which was promptly deleted by Avone's administrators. Hope you guys can learn from my mistake in stepping into this place..
  14. LTfrust

    LTfrust New Member

    I signed up for Avone Ampoule Rejuvenating Facial Spa after being pushed by the staffs in Bishan, which I regretted greatly. The first 2 visits at Jubilee Square was not pleasant, the staff attending to me kept pushing me to upgrade to a more expensive package. My third visit to Jubilee Square recently was a disaster. After the facial, I was terribly shocked when I looked into the mirror....my eyebrows!!!! They were significantly uneven, one thicker and shorter, and the other one abnormally thin and longer. The staff who attended was very rude when I pointed out this matter, she said my eyebrows were asymmetric to begin with. I was so angry I could not speak. Please avoid Avone at all costs!
  15. AvoneAdmin

    AvoneAdmin New Member

    Hi LTfrust,

    We are sorry to hear about the unpleasant experience you had faced at our outlet.Over the years, we have been constantly improving on our service offerings, service quality and customer satisfaction. We are grateful for your feedback which allows us to improve and to serve customers better in the future. You may wish to contact us personally so that our management team can investigate your complaint and we would make sure that your feedback is addressed satisfactorily. Our customer service hotline number is +65 6908 7869 or you may drop us an email at customer_service@avone.sg. Thank you and hope you have a pleasant day ahead. :)
  16. bluemini

    bluemini Member

    Seem like Avone from any branches have terrible attitude problems and not customer oriented.
    Pushy sale is the last thing we want as everyone hope to sign up a package willingly without any stress.
    Ladies, thanks for sharing. I will definitely avoid Avone at all cost.
  17. Jaceszang

    Jaceszang New Member

    Yes ! I went to Avone @ JEM for their 1 for 1 promo ( in June ), first and last as it was a super bad experience.

    Hard selling and super pushy with really bad attitude. Is their coy giving their high sales target ? They tried hard to make customers buy more ala cart services, then later on convince you into buying their packaging. Actually I don't need anyone to talk to me when I'm getting my beauty needs, probably they should learn when to keep their mouth shut and peace to customers while enjoying their services.

    I can't remember their names, but sorry I have to say this out, she had her nose job done too obvious not to notice.

    They keep forcing me to sign their $1500 packaging, throwing a lot of freebies services but still I don't find it is any worth. They held on my card refused to charge, while continuing to hard sell until I got so fed up and told them since they are not going to swipe, they can take the card as long as they want and I will walk away without paying, since it's only an ATM card.
  18. tuliplala

    tuliplala New Member

    any one using Its skin Secret Solution Wedding Dress white Cream?
  19. Teo Ronn

    Teo Ronn New Member

    True - My colleagues do say the same!

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