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Hi everyone,

I just came back from melbourne! it was FABULOUS!!!! I'm so glad that we didn't postpone our trip because of SARS.

glad to get out of this SARS thing for a few days. the singapore media was saying things abt SARS alert in Australia etc.. but let u know, we went through melbourne airport in a breeze! we didn't get any health status card, there were no doctors or nurses, the immigration/customs did not ask us SARS related questions... nothing at all! it was quite an anti-climax actually. heh...

my mom made me bring a couple of N95 masks but there's not much need for the mask. changi airport is cleaner than ever before. it even smells like a hospital. there were only a few families & some transit passengers that wore masks into the plane. they took them off when the plane took off - no one on the plane was wearing masks.

there was not a hint of SARS there at all! bought 'the age' newspaper last Friday, not a single SARS report. the australian health ministry website said that only 1 case in Sydney so far, and she's OK now and no spreading. the rest were suspect cases and all were cleared - i.e. not sars.

so if you're intending to go to australia, just do it. it will do you good to get some fresh air.


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Hi everyone,

Would appreciate if I can get some advice from anyone re honeymooning in Australia. I am planning to go Australia for honeymoon next Jan 2004. Maybe to Sydney and Mel. My hubby and I are budgeting at abt 4k, but wondering if is enough. Can I just check with anyone:

1. Is 4k enough for two to these two places? How many days recommended?
2. If not enough, how abt just either one place but stay longer and explore?
3. Is FnE a better choice?

We are both first timer to australia, so betw Syd and Mel, which one is a better choice if we have to decide on one?

Thanks a million!!


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hi Tigerlily,

so glad to see your posting..I am going to melbourne in mid may and is quite worried that the immigration/custom in Australia will give us a hard time. glad that all is a breeze.

is yours a free and easy trip? I have booked the air tickets but have not booked the accomodation yet. Do you have any suggestions? I am looking for cheap and good hotel in the city, maybe a 3 star one will be fine. will be staying in the city for 4 nights and then proceed to Great Ocean Road and stay in those towns for another 3 nites.



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Hi everybody

I posted here 1 week ago but has no reply. Can anyone help me out as I really need to plan my budget. Appreciate anyone's attention. Thanks in advance.


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Hi SunShine..

Hope i can help..

Regarding your questions:

1. Australia is a very easy country to F&E. It's English speaking and has tourist booths around for assistance in booking of day trips and accomodations and directions seeking.. so no problem. Even better if you drive cos the roads are big and wide and Aussies are good and courteous drivers.. and the roads are properly signed. Just buy a lonely planet guide book or surf a lot to plan your route in general.. den after that, can work out details as you go along the way..

2. Sydney and Melbourne both have diff charms.. Melbourne more laid back, old town and nature kinda trips.. In melbourne city itself, you can see old architectures, trams and plenty of cafe.. Outskirts of Melbourne can do trips to Great Ocean road, or to mt Bulla and Philip Island (see penguins

Sydney is more a hip cosmopolitan town.. of cos you will see attractions like Harbour bridge and the world renowned opera house.. and of cos visit the nice beaches there.. shopping and more shopping.. but can oso do trips out to Blue mountains (i personally don like it) and Port Stephen and Hunter's Valley for some wine tasting and Hot Air Ballooning

If you wanna travel 2 places, you need to factor in the domestic airfare cost (can surf the few Aussie domestic airlines for good deals) I would suggest for honeymoon, don chiong to too many places and go see the nice sites in a v relax pace..

3. 4k for 2 people a bit tight for 2 places as honeymoon.. i suggest just go for one place and see the sites well.. enjoy the lazing around in a new city.. go explore the nooks and cranies of the craft markets etc..

I went on a shoestring to Aussie (Sydney, inclu blue mts, Melbourne Town, and Tasmania eastern coast) for 15 days and that cost us abt $1800 per pax inclusive airfare, accomodation and transport (we rented cars and took domestic airlines to the 3 places).. but mind you, it's quite on a shoestring.. eat mac, sometimes take bus, stay in hostel like and cabins.. (but fun though).. and our total cost was split 3 ways, so if you wanna live in better quarters etc.. 4K for 2 pax not v comfy..

Hope it helps


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Hi Sunshine,

Qantas is having a very good deal now for Sydney. But must book fast by May 10th 5pm!! The airfare is $498+++ per person, and they have a land package for $388+++. I have included the details for you below.

5 Days / 4 nights Sydney Exclusive from only S$388. Citibank VISA Cardholders pay only S$288.

Only valid if purchased with a Qantas or British Airways airfare to Sydney from Qantas Holidays or other participating NATAS travel agents. Sale ends
5.00pm, 10 May 2003.

Offer includes:
- 3 nights 4 or 5 star accommodation centrally located in Sydney. Choice of
Four Points Sheraton, Merchant Court, Maestri Towers or Goldsbrough
- Daily breakfast

Your choice of one of the following 2 Days / 1 Night Country Escapes (worth
S$299 per adult) ...

Escape 1. Spectacular Blue Mountains
- 1 night stay at Mercure Resort
- Trolley Tour Pass OR 1 ride each on Sceniscender & Scenic Railway OR 1
entry ticket to Jenolan Limestone Caves
- 3 days Hertz Car Rental ( Toyota Camry or similar 2.2 litre car)

Escape 2. Hunter Valley Wine Country
- 1 night stay at Hunter Resort
- Winery tour, wine tasting AND a bottle of premium Hunter Valley wine per
- 3 days Hertz Car Rental ( Toyota Camry or similiar 2.2 litre car)

Escape 3. Fun Filled Port Stephens
-1 night stay at Landmark Apartments
- Moonshadow Dolphin Cruise OR 4 wheel drive Sand Dune Tour
- 3 days Hertz Car Rental ( Toyota Camry or similiar 2.2 litre car)

To book call Qantas Holidays on 6734 1818.

Terms and Conditions
*S$388 per adult is based on ground content, twin sharing basis and
purchase in conjunction with Qantas or British Airways return economy
airfare to Sydney at S$498.00 per adult (excludes taxes, insurance
surcharges and service fees). Airfare must be booked and paid for by 5.00
pm 10 May 2003. Valid for travel ex Singapore before 15 July 2003. S$288
per adult is available by payment with Citibank Visa credit cards and
limited to the first 200 adults.3 nights in city must be consecutive. Car
rental is based on per room and must be consecutive. Weekend stay in Blue
Mountains & Port Stephens subject to availability. Weekend stay in Hunter
Valley subject to weekend surcharge. Other terms and conditions apply. All
information subject to changes without prior notice.

dopey lim

Hi Besse!

We meet here again!
Wah! Looks u are a travel bug!

I am still doing my reading on my trip

Hi Sunshine,
How long do u intend to spend there? I have been to Mel, syd & Tas. All in abt 21 days. But mine is not rally shoestring like Besse. :p

Actually, Aussie is a nice place to drive. But for syd itself, the public transport is essential. We even took a bus from our motel to the Bondi Beach to see naked women. Took a train to the Blue mountains
to see Three sisters. Within the town, we just walked around. See, Besse personally dun like the trip to Blue Mountains whereas we enjoy our walks there. So it very much depend on individual preference.

Like Besse has said, Mel & Syd are diff. Will be best to concentrate on one city if u do not have much time.

I took the overnite coach fr mel to syd. The coach is those double decker one. Pretty new n clean. But for honeymooners... maybe can pamper yourself with the domestic flight lah.

My total cost for the 3 weeks in Aussie is abt 5k per pax. Includes mainly Airticket, coach fr mel to syd, cruise fr mel to tas, 7 days car rental, accom & 3 day trips package.


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Thank you folks!!

Looks like I need to read up more to decide on which place we'll go since budget is our major concern. Both my hubby and me would like to visit Aust but since, it's our honeymoon, comfy is impt too. Thanks for all your feedback. Will continue to follow on this thread so can pick up a bit of tips here and there


Just giving my 2 cents,

You can book return tickets to Melbourne and travel by their internal flights vrigin airline(which is quite cheap) to Sydney. However you need to plan what(the places of interest)you like to see. Other alternatives are travelling by coach or train to diff cities. Some people may find it uncomfortable though. The estimation time to travel from Melbourne to Sdyney by coach is abt 12-14 hrs i think if i remembered correctly. That was like 4 yrs ago after I finished my exams(did my degree in Brisbane). I travelled from Brisbane to Melbourne by coach for 25 hrs i think and from Melbourne to Sdyney for abt 14 hrs and Sdyney to Gold Coast for abt 12 hrs.

Melbourne, my recommendations are Queen Victoria Market, Philips Island, Great Ocean Road, Grampians etc

Sydney, my recommendations are Blue Mountain, Hunter Valley, Opera house, Harbour bridge, darling harbour and the flea markets etc If you got time, can travel to Canberra 'cos it's a very nice place.

It will be cool to travel to Tasmania on The Cruise, The Spirit of Tasmania. Tasmania is a very beautiful place, worth going if you like sight-seeing. Brought my parents there last dec and they love the place 'cos of the scenery.

Normally Free & Easy will cost more but the advantage is it's not so rush.



Dear all,

I will be going to Mel and Syd for honeymoon in Sept 03. Just need some advise on the hotels in Mel. Have anyone stayed in Explorer Inn or Mecure Hotel Welcome? which one is better? Any hotels to recommend?

Also, is it advisable to drive in Australia, taking into consideration it is my first time there?

One lasy qn, any good hotels at reasonable rate to recommend in Great Ocean Road and Grampians?

Thanks a million!


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Hello Everyone,

I intend to visit Australia for our honeymoon this coming Dec. Want it to be F&E to Melbourne, Goldcoast & Sydney, about 12 days with budget S$5K for 2 pax.

Am I too ambitious?? :p


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hi maymay,

me & my wife also planning to go sydney & goldcoast for 9d/8n just went sa travel fair last night to enquire abt F&E prices.

our departure around 29nov but just airfare (x1 international + x1 domestic) and accomodation alone already costs $1.8k++ per person liao only bkfst.

after costing in meals, day-tours, shopping, transport, etc. think at least $600-$800 more per person, which has exceeded our $2.5k budget per person...

so i think ur 12days tour will cost more. we find tt group tours more value but very limited to at most 9 days, and extension no gaurantee a place & extra airport tax somemore...


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Hi all, reviving this thread again bec I'm looking for some advice and guidance. Was supposed to go for pckg tour to Sydney and Melbourne next wk but agency cancelled bec not enough people. Am on the reserve list in another agency, going mid Nov.
I had chosen packg bec I don't have much time to do research and me and hubby not experienced drivers so don't intend to try driving there.
A lot of people adviced go F&E. I'm seriously considering it. But wld like to ask ard for help from those who'd been to S&M.
1. Wld it be better to stick to S or M, spend say 6-7 days there, than do both places within 8-9 days?
2. I never tried booking trips/hotels on line. If I chose F&E, how shld I book my flight and accomodation? THru a tour agent or try online booking. Abit worried abt on-line bkg, how safe reliable is it?
3. Someone recommended Capitol Sq hotel/Sydney and I read the website. Sounds good. Any other recommendations or this is good enough? I'm not looking for 5-star, dun think I wil be spending a lot of time in hotel. But at least hotel with attached bathroom will do. Liked those boutique kind of hotels.
4. GIven I only plan for 6-8 days, say only in syndey, what are the things I MUST do/visit? What abt melbourne?
5. Is it ambitious/troublesome to go S&M?
I was in S&M actually but that was more than 10 yrs ago so I fig things wld have changed a lot!
Appreciate your advice pls.



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Anyone knows where to buy cheap and good abalone in Melbourne? Is there a distributor centre or farm/market to buy abalone?

Will be leaving for Melbourne in about 1 week's time.... going on F&E, but have not book accommodation yet.... been looking for service apartment in the Mel city.... anyone heard of Pacific International Hotel - Service Apartment?Can someone comment on their services?


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hi geberra,

u can check out this website: -- much cheaper rates...

but do rem to print out a confirmation of ur booking and bring it along on ur trip if you do book on wotif.
i stayed at darling towers on collins the last time.
not bad!


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hi maya,

i think given 6/7 days, u shd stick to one city - either syd or melb. it's abit too rushed for both cities.

u can book ur flights thru' an agent or directly fr the airline, and book ur accomo separately.

for syd, how about unilodge? location is quite good i think. price is also reasonable.

if u go syd, u MUST MUST MUST go to the fish mkt ok?
*yum* other places include bondi (try the ribs at hurricane's), darling harbour, opera hse etc.

for melb, MUST go victoria mkt, bridge st for bargains, chapel st. for nice shopping. crown casino is nice to look look see see... (try cafe gecko!), chadstone (subhurb shopping mall - it's gigantic!). if u plan to drive, must go mornington peninsula ya?


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Hi there!
Is November a good month to visit Melbourne? I am planning F&E, any tips for lodging (cheaper hotels or service apt), restaurants to visit, shopping and transport? We can't drive so self-driven trips will not be possible..

oh, and also, I am a flower fanatic, any place with rose garden or vast amount of flowers to see? what about Nedland farm?

a lot of questions, paiseh..


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Hi cheerio,

I have 2 airtickets to melbourne, Maximum 6 month stays. Seats are subject to avaliability. Each ticket is worth $910.00 w/o airport taxes & fuel taxes on Qantas Airways. I am willing to let go at $650.00 each. Moreover, the vouchure is very flexible, if you don't wish to travel on QF, you can change to other Airlines or even other places. Won from a competition. Selling because, no plan to travel at the moment and vouchure must be use by 18th November 2004. Should you need futher information, please contact me at [email protected]


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Hi, has anyone out there been to Ayers Rock Uluru? It has been my dream to visit there and am thinking of going there for honeymoon. Wonder if it is feasible.


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Hi, I'm planning a free & easy trip to Hunter Valley for a night or two during my stay in Sydney.

Does anyone has advice on F&E trip to Hunter Valley? Package tour recommendation, accomodation recommendation, self drive recommendation?


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I'm going to Melbourne F&E this Fri. Anyone has got any tips for me? I've been to Great Ocean Rd and Philip already. This trip, i intend to go to Mornington Peninsula, city shopping, gardens, beach, Puffy Billy and more shopping outskirts.


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hi hi .. goin to melbourne for a week by month end.. anyone been there lately? any updates? any experience to share?

anyone tried caravan before?


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hi hi..

I'll be goin to melb end of this month.. F&E..
Anyone just came back, how's the weather there now?

We are planning to drive ourself from melbourne -> apollo Bay -> port campbell -> Grampian -> Ballarat -> melbourne..

have anyone tried this? do u think we can complete it in 3 days? (most probably overnight at apollo bay n grampian along the way).

Seems like not much people talking about grampian here? is it worth goin?


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received an email from Accor :

Get a room in australia or NZ at $79 or $99 under "Early Summer Savings".

Note this rate is only for "Early Summer Savings". Different hotel have their own start and end date of Summer.

Valid for stays between 1/12/07 and 31/1/08. All rates are room only, per night single, twin or double occupancy in a standard room.

Rates are based on a limited allocation of rooms determined by each participating hotel and are subject to availability.

All Early Summer Savings bookings are chargeable at time of reservation and are non-exchangeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

Details can be seen in

Good thing abt being an Accor member :)


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Anyone have any ideas is there any ways to book an apartment in melborne? I planning to go australia wif my friends somewhere in july. It about 4 of us. Anyone have any ideas the rates of the service apartment there? Prices for svc apartment is cheaper or hotel ah?
WE are planning to stay there a week... and thinking of going there for F&E.... =)


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I was trying to nut out a few things.
I think the Hawkes Bay is nice in NZ. But, I think it's nice if you like quiet things or family events. Or wine of course.


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In Melbourne, I stayed at both The Prince and the Adelphi. The Prince I liked, but the rooms were a bit on the small side in comparison to the Adelphi.

I wasn't as much of a fan of the Adelphi's overall decor (It seemed like very early 90s modern...lots of yellow, reds, and angular design). But it had a really nice pool on the roof that overhangs the building. In warmer months, it's quite nice.

Also, the rooms at the Adelphi were very large. I had a king size bed with a sitting area. The bathrooms I found were quite sleek (lots of stainless steel, black marble, floor to cieling mirrors the full length of the bathroom), and I loved the Bvlgari products.

For location, size, and the bathrooms, I'd pick Adelphi. But the Prince meets more with my overall typical design aesthetic.