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Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by tarebunny, Feb 6, 2006.

  1. tarebunny

    tarebunny New Member

    Hi, I'm thinking having my photo shoot in Australia and am looking for a photographer in Melbourne. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!

  2. absolutwild

    absolutwild New Member

    i am taking pix in australia too but in sydney. pls give me your email add. the photographer is marcus. he can go to melbourne too but you have to pay for the internal flight and some allowance. check his rates and style to see if you like it
    have a wonderful wedding!
  3. queen

    queen New Member

    I had mine done in Melbourne.
    PM me if you like to know more... [​IMG]
  4. cybie

    cybie New Member

    Hi Queen,

    Can you share yours with me which are the locations where you had your pictures taken and for how many days?
  5. rain_droplets

    rain_droplets New Member

  6. joycechan75

    joycechan75 New Member

  7. queen

    queen New Member

    Cybie, Rain, Joyce,
    I had mine done in Melbourne city, about 3-4 hours of photoshoot. Cost me AUD1650, including makeup, flowers (which are really beautiful vibrant big red & pink roses, love the flowers!) & limousine transport (which is a very vintage limousine). My aussie photographer arranged everything for me.

    I had a wonderful time taking the photos in Melbourne. Weather is fantastic in October. And wherever we go, the Aussies will smile and shout 'Congratulations' cos me & HB were in our wedding gowns and suit. Even when we were in the limosine while waiting for the traffic lights to turn green! Maybe cos we are in foreign land, feels a lot more relaxed.

    You can take a look at my photographer's website
    What I like about her style is, she takes really good candid shots, not very 'posed'. If you like, I can show you a link to my photos, but only through PM.
  8. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    Hi there...
    I did my PS in perth but hubby friend is pro photographer so did it for us...what i can recommend is MUA there, Gail lahey who was really good...aamzingly good with asian face tho she's Angmo! PM me if u want contact
  9. pinki_gal

    pinki_gal New Member

    Hi Queen,

    I would be going to Melbourne in Jan '06. Please send me the link to your photos, and any other relevant info. You can PM me or email me at:

  10. bubblejez

    bubblejez New Member

    Hi Lyn,
    I am thinking of doing my PS in perth. Can you recommend me the MUA?

  11. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    Hiya Bubblejez..
    u should have PM-ed me..just had time to browse thru in the office tt's why i came in to peek..Gail lahey's contact is

    Phone: (08) 9328 3570
    Mobile: 0407 126 688

    here r some pics!
  12. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    U can tell her that lyn recommended u to go to her...ask if she can charge u cheaper?..she charged me extra to come in early in the morning as i wanted to shoot early
  13. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

  14. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    personally i think gail did a marvelous job..natural and light-looking but with a great base, AND it lasted ALL day thru the shoot! didn't need to do a trial with her and i was so pleased with what she did too!
  15. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    beautiful bride, we are going sydney and everything will be done by the local as well. Hope I can be as pretty as you. anyone told you before you have beautiful smile? besides your husband la.
  16. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    [​IMG] thanks bendi!
  17. theaprilwedding

    theaprilwedding New Member

    Hi Lyn,

    we're interested in doing a photoshoot in perth too. is your hubby's friend, the one who did ur PS, based in perth?

    and can i ask where u got your gown from? it's looks really lovely from the pictures you've posted here. did you rent it in perth? i'm looking at what's available in perth over the internet and all I can find are gowns that are retailing and not for hire (rent).

    any advise??
  18. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    Hi rany..i bought my gowns all fr singapore..i think u can ask ur BS here to customise a package for u, esp if u go for the more upmarket ones that liase with specialised photograhers in singapore, rather than have inhouse photographer...or u could just ask them to take out the photos bit of it! Gowns are cheaper generally in singapore acc to my perth friends, n u can get nice ones OTR..have u tried allure charix?

    Unfortunately our photographer isn't based in Perth, he's in singapore n did the PS for us as a wedding gift..he doesn;t do wedding shots otherwise! [​IMG] mostly commercial work...

    when r u thinking of doing ur shoot? u can maybe get a photographer fr perth, and see if u can negoatiate a package with them where u get back all ur shots? or fly someone over fr here tt u like? my AD photographer Ron Lee is great n i would really recommend him!! u can see his work on his website , u can ask him to come up with a package for u if u want to do an overseas shot?! tell him that lyn recommended him!

    if ur worried about the price of the overseas PS, u can think of it as a holiday as well..u'll be much more relaxed tt way....thats wat we did and we had a fabulous time!

    feel free to PM me if u need anymore info k? i'll be glad to help!
  19. theaprilwedding

    theaprilwedding New Member

    Hi Lyn,

    Thanks for the info. It really helps.

    I do agree, the gowns in Perth tend to be pricier and judging from websites alone, I reckon we have a better selection of gowns in sg. Hee!

    My fiance is in Perth so it would feel like any other holiday for me if we do the shoot there but we also are looking at the costs involved.

    It does look like the costs will accumulate if we're doing a shoot in Perth (whether or not we fly our own photographer there). And there are the hassles of engaging your own photographer, make up artiste, etc, when in Perth. Sooooo.....

    Right now, it's leaning towards a PS in good ol' Singapore.

    PS: I've heard about Ron's works. And so far, it's been all praises. We'll check out his AD packages and if we decide on him, we'll surely mention you. Thanks, Lyn!!
  20. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    it'll be a REALLY special holiday!!!! its fun n its much more relaxing doing photos there rather than at the madcap pace of singapore...

    actually i've done a heap of research in the makup n hair dept in perth so i can easily recommend you some ppl if ur keen! its just the photographer u nd to find....

    we did spend a bit on our photos but we wanted something very wedding album, but just some nice shots we blew up n plan to frame up for the house....we figured we'll have albums for the AD already, n having another big ol album that'll just collect dust next time is too much hassle [​IMG] but tt's just us!
  21. m00m00c0w

    m00m00c0w New Member

    Hi lyn,

    We are considering overseas PS and was wondering if you can recommend some locations to do PS in Perth? Will it be possible to show us some of the pics which you have taken in Perth ? Thanks in advance.

    Btw, you look great! Besides genetics, the make up artist and the weather must be good too ya? Btw, can i find out when you did your PS (i.e. which month)? Was the weather plesant?

    Our e-mail is
  22. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    Moomoocow, don't miss the King's Park! The fire of membrance, nice and we saw local bride and groom on that day we went there.
    Vineyard photos, there are many beaches but you can go to cottesloe beach.

    They got nice building too, if you don't mind is in the busy town.
    if not mistaken James Street Mall got musuem

    can go fremantle, got old building too.The Old Round House, nice fish and chips too, don't miss. I've been there and stayed for 10 days I think, can see my gallery la.

    I am going Sydney for PS this NOv, so excited!! Our Photographer is Gordon Jovic, his skills is superb. highly recommended by my cousin who is an oz.
  23. m00m00c0w

    m00m00c0w New Member

    Hi BenDi,

    Wow, going PS in Sydney! So nice!
    I popped into Gordon Jovic website and his works are really quite impressive. Which part of Sydney do you intend to go for your PS ? Within Sydney city and the outskirts like Blue Mountain ?

    Btw, how much is he charging you and does he travel out of Sydney to do PS in other parts of Aus ?
  24. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    Moomoo, think you can email him directly to ask, he will be able to answer all your questions! but if you were to ask him to fly to perth, it will be ex, domestic flight quite ex in oz. and you know what, he normally reply me in 2-4 hours.

    he is charging us at a very reasonable price but we will meet up with him for final discussion about the price. AUD3k onwards.

    We have a few places in mind like the rocks, st marys cathedral,Balmoral beach,his favourite spots are the Rocks, Strand Arcade, City areas.

    Very flexible guy, total coverage may go up to 7 hours and he said he is okay if there is another hour so he is actually charging us lesser than usual, fyi, weekday shoot and weekend shoot hv diff prices.

    We are not going all the way to blue mountain but we will be there for slightly more than 2 weeks so we will go on our own. My parents will be with us as well, they will help us to take candid shot.

    Go places where you have friends/relatives then you can save on accomodations. I have relatives all over the world(Japan,London,Germany,Aus) but hubby likes sydney so we go there for PS.

    Maybe after the wedding, we will go London and Paris for another PS, one good thing about purchasing a bridal gown, can bring anywhere you want.
  25. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    sorry its taken me so long to respond, I've been out of town [​IMG]

    if u'd like to see our photos, check out

    We got a photographer from Singapore, who is a good friend of the husband's...he doesn't do wedding work usually tho...try RON LEE my AD photographer, he's excellent! (i've left his contact on my earlier post)

    actually it may cost you about the same to get a photographer fr singapore if u can negotiate a package where u get all your shots back. One thing i heard from friends in Australia is that they charge u per photo developed, which can end up being really see how u go with it

    Locations wise for photos, King's park, cottesloe beach, University of Western Australia, Matilda Bay/Jetty are all really nice and in the same area (that's where we went!). South Perth is nice as well, as is Riverside drive and the bell tower.

    Fremantle is nice too, we didn't do photos there, no time cuz we were busy just being tourists [​IMG] its more a city scape style...lots of beautiful old buildings..

    If you like vineyards, travel about 1 hour out of perth into swan valley, and u can do great shots there! sandalford winery is stunning, and they've got a great setup where u can have a meal outside under the grape vines! I'd call in advance if u want to do shots there tho.

    Weather wise, we went in early April, the weather was beautiful! generally autumn and spring is nice...u don't get as hot as u would running around in a big gown, which is great! [​IMG]

    hope all this info helps! PM me if u wanna know anymore ok?
  26. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    oh yes, one more thing, our photographer is VERY particular about light, so we went shooting when the sun is not too a result we did our photos mostly in the early evening/early to late morning with natural light...and none of our photos were photoshop-ed cuz it didn't need it!
  27. m00m00c0w

    m00m00c0w New Member

    thanks for the info. Let us see your PS pics when they are ready (must wait until the end of the year though...)

    thanks for replying. Your photos looks great! Both you and your husband looks relax and natural. And of cos the backdrop of the PS look vastly different from what we can get in Singapore. I especially love the pics taken at Cottesloe, very nice ! Our PS is likely to be in Dec and by then Perth would have gone into Summer? Should be quite warm then, i suppose?
  28. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    Hi moomoocow!
    December isn't the best time i'm afraid! temperature can go up to the 40 degrees mark and its BLISTERING hot! I suffered when i was studying there in summer, so i wonder about how u'd cope in a big wedding gown [​IMG] how about going in the autumn like october or early nov?
  29. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    lyn, so sad that my leave has postpone to 22nov-3dec, so scared the weather is going to ruin up everything.
  30. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    u never know, it may not b as bad as u think [​IMG] we had odd weather as there was actually a typhoon north of perth during the days we were shooting! so it just meant that some days were cold, some days were perfect, and some days the sun was SUPER glaring! but our photos turned out amazing anyway, so i ain't complaining!

    my advice would b to check out weather sites to see what it'll b like, that way u can even incorporate some of the quirks of the weather into your shots! i'm picturing babes in little minis and tiny tops as the backdrop to your beautiful glamorous wedding gown! or the 2 of u having a long cool drink at a little cafe...the only challenge is that u gotta have lots of deodarant on so ur not sweating buckets! [​IMG] then again, nov isn't THAT bad, mid dec is hotter!
  31. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    good news, someone gave up her slot for me, I'll fly on 12th nov. So excited.
  32. staritzz

    staritzz Member

    im abt to sign up with utopia.

    for those who also signed up or signing up n is thinking of having their photoshoot in AUSTRALIA.

    are u keen that we propose to arrange our photoshoot there togther with him n we shall split his flight n accomodation cost?

    we would then ve pictures from australia of vast wineyard, lavender farm, tulips n vintage buildings!!

    pls email me to

    im game for europe as well..

    or anyone has any suggestions for a even better deal?
  33. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    staritzz, which part of Aus you are going? and When? Why not taking Aussie Photographer? How much does Utopia charging you?
  34. bubblejez

    bubblejez New Member

    Hi Lyn,
    Thanks for your contact for the MUA in Perth- Gail Lahey.

    However she will be away in NZ during the time when i'm there in Perth, which is 1st week of Aug.

    Do you have any other recommendations for MUA?

    much appreciate.
  35. cutecat

    cutecat New Member


    How about queensland? Anyone taken PS there before? I'm thinking of looking around for the photographer there and take photos of us casual clothes...

    Please let me know if you know any good ones or other state..nearer to QLD ? or rather photographer that is good at taking PS in QLD ? Hope i 'm not confusing anyone. Thanks
  36. staritzz

    staritzz Member

    hi benbi n all,

    utopia charges are as follows...

    not sure if they wil take the idea of us sharing the flight cost thou..havent ask.. tot found someone already then ask perhaps got more bargaining power!!

    12" x 15" - 30pages with album
    8" x 10" - i piece with frame
    3" x 5" - 24pieces (4 poses)

    appx 250 pieces of 3R preview prints
    package exclusive of couple n photographer air tix n lodging
    package exclusive of makeup artist
    2 days shoot (service hr appx 8hrs inclusive of time taken for makeup)

    hope the info helps!

    ive also enquired on TRI-ANGLE with hilarion goh.. his also not cheap...

    please add me to yr msn / friendster
    oh my AD is 30jun2007

    what about you girls??
  37. haywiregirl

    haywiregirl New Member

    that's expensive, I am hiring an aussie to take photos for us, he is one of the famous in Sydney but charging us at reasonable price for a prof. photographer, about $400/hours, without album but will have 100 4r prints(touched up) and all photos will mail to us in soft copy.
  38. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    wow that is pretty steep! I think u may be better off getting an aussie to do it for you. They don't give u albums neccesarily, but will give u most if not all of the photos back. U can negotiate a package with them usually..If u want u can ask them about doing a simple coffeetable book for u and check out their charges. Their photography styles in Aus are quite different from singapore, so why not try their work?
  39. lilyn22

    lilyn22 Member

    That's such a shame! gail is fab! well i think maybe u should ask gail herself, who would be a makeup artists that has experience with asian faces? since they're in the industry they would know [​IMG]
  40. squiddy

    squiddy New Member

    Hi All,

    I had my photoshoot done in Perth and i flew the photographer there. Make up and hair, DIY. My total package excluding the photographer's airticket only costs less than $2k. He was very flexible with the number of days of shooting. In the end, we shoot for total of 7 to 8 days. But each day usually is half a day. Morning till afternoon. I was very satisfied with the photos and my bridal shop is now using the pics to promote the photographer.
  41. midas

    midas New Member

  42. loyh

    loyh New Member

    Dear Queen,Squiddy

    Hope you girls can share your aussie pics with, my email tks tks
  43. serendipity4736

    serendipity4736 New Member

    Dear Queen,

    Can you share your pics with me too? I am currently working in melbourne and would love to have a look at a sample of your photographer's work.
  44. serendipity4736

    serendipity4736 New Member

  45. haru

    haru New Member

    hi hi,
    can anyone recommend a good MUA and photographer who is based in australia? =>
  46. yjstory

    yjstory New Member

    Hi cute cat... I will be going to Brisbane (QLD) in Oct... I will be doing casual photoshoot there too... would u be interested to join us ... we can take pics for each other...keke
    I have a semi-pro camera doing the job... Brisbane wise, we are v similar.. we spend 2 yrs studying there.
  47. haru

    haru New Member

    hi! can anyone help with recommendation on photographer and MUA based in australia?
  48. dat

    dat New Member

    I'm currently planning my photoshoot in melbourne and have gotten quotes from various photographers.

    i have a excel file on the 'packages', prices and contacts, but i can't seem to upload it, if u leave ur email, i will send it to u [​IMG]
  49. haru

    haru New Member

  50. dat

    dat New Member

    Hi Haru,
    I've emailed u the file! :)

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