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Any one knows any website that we can check auspicious dates for ROM & Wedding? Thanks !



welcome. but if u looking at this yr for AD, most hotel will be booked... if not u have to wait for this july for the new issue of 'tong shu' for next yrs dates


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Hi Circusbug,

I am actually look for a date for my ROM this year end or maybe early next year. Hopefully can find one date that is good for this year to ROM and next year's custom. But I think abit difficult =p


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Hi to All, i understand that some websites help to convert english dates to the lunar dates..after which, what do i do with the lunar date? How would i know if that date is a good date for wedding? or we still have to wait for the Tong Shu to be out in order to know?

I also visited the "mindcity...." and the "verywed...." sites before and the date that i wanted does not reflect marriage under the "good" and also not reflected under "bad". does it mean that it is neutral? hhmm...*wondering*


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hi hi, does any one know whether the internet websites that predict nxt yr's good dates are accurate?

or shld i wait for tong shu? Anyone used the date in internet ? pls advise, thanks!
Hi dear all,

My mandarin not very good. Can someone help me to translate whether this is a suitable date for AD? My tentative AD is on 25th March 2006.



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Hi greengal,

my parents said is not good for dragon, as dog crash with dragon, so in the end i postpone to 2007 for my customary


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Hi there dubdub!
any idea what clashes with rabbit and horse?
issit dog clash with dragon means wun clash with others liao?
thanks =)


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hihi at the beginning before i choose my date.. is hear that the yr is not good for tiger.. my FFI is tiger.. so choose the date not clash with tiger and auspicious with us will do,...

now hear from FMI say that next yr not good for dragon and as she is dog and dog clash with dragon say not good... ahahahahhhh!!! i book AD dinner already.. is it true?? the person who count for me never say le... seems like i might need to change my date...


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I tot its got to do with your "8 charector". Best to go to the Balestiar temple " Guan Yin" temple ask the person in-charge,more accurate you can give them both your zodaic n your parents's zodiac. to get a correct date/day ..cos not so true tat this year not good for Dragon mean for every Dragon..


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hi hi ladies..
can look for Master Jing Zi Long..he charges $120 for the calculation of the auspicious dates for wedding dates/time, An-Chuan, Guo-Da-Li as well as combing of hair, he's very detailed & friendly to share alot with us, in fact, his assistant also gave us alot of advice in the table arrangement..

Master Jing Zi Long is located at:
64A Geylang Road, Lor 25A
(Next to Aljunied MRT Station)
Singapore 388252
Tel: 6741 7377
Fax: 6788 6062
Email: [email protected]


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Hi Jo Vin, don't worry too much about what websites say. Websites give a general idea on the good or bad dates, similar to tong shu.
But I think your master should be a geomancer or fengshui master? His advice on the date should be based on your eight characters, ur hubby's 8 characters as well as both your parents animals. The date calculated is based on the elements present in these characters & choosing a date to balance out the animals.
And so, 27th Nov is a date customized for you. Don't worry about it & have a happy wedding.


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wah, my fiance just went to a geomancer at tampines blk 164, place introduced by his mother's friend. the master charged him $128 and gave him only 2 auspicious dates for the wedding only, no other dates given for an chuan or guo da li. Initially he even want to ask for more money because the dates are too early for wedding in 2010. this master is very boastful. he spent more time talking abt himself than our stuffs. Tell my fiance abt how many big deals he got, and why would he want to earn our $128. he said because he is so well-known and accurate, tat's why my fiance was introduced to him. he likes to bad-mouth abt other geomancer or those masters in the temple. saying tat they are not accurate. he further boast tat he have 30 yrs experience. and to think my fiance have to enter his shop by the back door and that whole place is so squeezy, more like a black shop. so everyone just beware.


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Hi ShirlDreamz,
Sorry to heard ur bad experience. However, I am wondering how did the geomancer calcalate ur wedding date for yr2010? Because i wanted to hold my wedding next year too. So when i called the geomancer to make appt. He told me that he cant calaculate for me as the tong shui for nxt yr is not out. he asked me to call for appt during June.


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Hi QQ31, sorry to hear that the geomancer can't calculate your wedding dates for 2010. I got my mine for 2010. I can give you the contact. You can leave me your email, I will email you the contact.


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For wedding date selection, it's best to consult a fengshui master and not base on website calendar. Wedding date selection should be based on the bazi of the couple.

For wedding date selection charges, feel free to pm me.


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So which one is good?

Master Hughes Goh - quite expensive wor and not sure good anot.
JS Liew - good? what date he give u?


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Hi! Anyone has any reviews about Master Hui? (from Hui Master Intl Geomancy at Marine Parade) Heard many mediacorp artises go to him... TIA!