Aus photoshoot - perth, sydney or mel?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by littlebabysmurf, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. littlebabysmurf

    littlebabysmurf New Member


    If given a choice which will you choose?
    which state has the most beautiful scenery?

  2. midas

    midas New Member

    i will choose perth during spring time wild flower season...but sydney got opera hse n melb got the great ocean rd too [​IMG] all r nice..
  3. lavender_garden

    lavender_garden New Member

    Hi smallworld

    To be frank..Sdyney is only a city like Singapore... unless u take a long ride out to the country side, if not nothing interesting except for Opera house and blue mountain..

    As for Perth, it's the nearest to Singapore and it depend on when u go.. Sept or Oct will be a good time to go Perth.. very cooling.. lots of wild flowers..and lot's of beautiful beaches..

    Melbourne is more expensive when compared to the rest but it does have lots of nice places..
  4. berrie27

    berrie27 New Member

    Brisbane is an awesome place too. fair mix of cosmo and just an hour away to lush beaches all year round. i shld be gg in may for shoots
  5. xtrogal

    xtrogal Member

    Hi Brides-to-be,

    I am getting married in Oct 2008 and is also looking at pre-wedding photoshoots. Not sure if you are having the same headache as me! I am considering doing it outside Singapore for more fun and interesting scene. But a lot of such packages from teh reputable SIN photographers I like are way above my budget! I wish I can stratch my budget!

    I have found a WPJA photographer outside Singapore and is checking with him on his availability.

    For anyone who is keen to take pre-wedding shoot out of Singapore in end Jul 2008, pls contact me.

    Let's plan the trip together to get the economies of scales and also hire a makeup artist to bring to location together. One thing I notice from a lot of overseas pictures is that the pictures are so beautiful but usually the brides are short of having a nice makeup and hair-do and styling. I would like a nice picture including a beautiful me! :)

    I am considering either Koh Samui or Perth.

    Pls email me at
  6. xtrogal

    xtrogal Member

    HI all,

    Pre-wedding shoot in Perth

    I got more information now.

    If there are at least 2 couples, it should costs about SGD$2500.

    This estimated costs includes:

    * 1 Photographer (member of WPJA) & 1 Assistant for 1 day of photoshoot in Perth
    * Professionally processed photos and digital editing services (45 photos)
    * 3-5 mins Photo Montage
    * DVD video slideshow
    * ONE 12" x 12" deluxe coffee table magazine style album (20 pages - fits about 45 pictures) or 12" x 12" hard bound album (10 pages - fits about 25 pictures)
    * All images returned in Mid-res digital copy & Hi-res digital copy

    For more information, pls email me

    I am really keen but will need to look for another couple who is keen so that this price is valid. Else it will be more expensive than this.
  7. xtrogal

    xtrogal Member


    more info.

    This photograper has been featured as one of Malaysia’s hippest wedding photographers, along with other renown photographers in Malaysia.
  8. twink178

    twink178 New Member

    Did anyone checkout the website? I heard over 90.5FM that they have this beautiful vineyards in Adelaide, and the pictures here look really beautiful... may consider pitching the vineyward wedding pix to the hubby [​IMG]
  9. iambride

    iambride New Member

    i have plans to do my PS in melbourne. i've gotten contact for a photographer who is base there. however i have certain concern on the hair and makeup. will any of you be advise to able how i can fix my hair and make up???
  10. netteleehl

    netteleehl New Member

    Hi all,

    I live in Perth. For those who wanna take their wedding photos is perth, consider coming in Spring (Aug-Oct) where the flowers bloom. Araluen is abt 45mins drive from city and in spring there'll be tulips. however it's privately owned so there'll be admission fee. king's park has wild flowers exhibition every yr around sept. also, the beaches here are beautiful. swan valley (abt 30 mins drive from city) where there're some wineries.
  11. sling01

    sling01 New Member

    Hi Lynette, do you know if Perth is good for photo taking first 2 wks of January? Is it so hot the flowers all die? Want to have lots of greenery and flowers for my wedding shots. Grateful if you could share some advice! Thx [​IMG]
  12. shice1

    shice1 New Member

    iambride, i'll prob be gg melbourne for ps this aug.. have you found anyone for make-up and hairstyling? wanna share info? =)
  13. simplyserene

    simplyserene New Member

    Hi shice... won't it still be cold when you go in august? It's end winter... Don't think the flowers will start blooming that early. If it's lavender and tulips you're after... the timing to go to Melbourne is end Sep/early Oct...

    There's a lavender farm in Hepburn Springs/spa valley... tulip festival around the same time at the Dandenongs
  14. shice1

    shice1 New Member

    ya.. i agree.. wanted to have it during the tulip festival too.. but then my pg seems to be rather busy..
  15. shice1

    shice1 New Member

    btw, the lavender farm and tulip festive - do they allow wedding photography in their premises? I only know that tulip festive, u gotta pay entrance fee, but not sure abt the photography thing.
  16. simplyserene

    simplyserene New Member

    Hi Shice... think you'll need to check with them directly. You can google for their contact email. I do believe they have websites.
  17. lastblossom

    lastblossom New Member

    hi shice

    i'm going to melb for pre wedding photoshoot in august too!!! shooting on the 31st aug and 1st sep

    which photographer did you engage? i'm with andrew choi...and jerlyn the makeup artist will be going as well!!

    i think it will be cold during that period...guess we have to brace the cold!! hopefully won't fall sick...haha
  18. shice1

    shice1 New Member

    hey last blossom,

    i'm with derrick ong.. =) hmm.. i'll be doing my own make up.. no money to fly another person over.. haha..

    u planned ur route or places already?? wanna share info? I'm quite lost.. haha..

    ya.. scared of cold too.. but wat to do.. [​IMG]
  19. lastblossom

    lastblossom New Member

    hi shice... places all planned...that is if the photographer can squeeze all the places within the given time frame. keke

    why don't you PM me your email address...i can send you the list of places that we had in mind. [​IMG]
  20. shice1

    shice1 New Member

    lastblossom.. ur PM is not enabled.. u can email me at =)

    i'm squeezing GOR within 2 days... from melbourne to 12 apostles and back.. still thinking if we can really make it.. haha..
  21. lastblossom

    lastblossom New Member

    hi've got mail...
    i'm thinking GOR too!!!!! but then...a word of will be super windy and cold..your hair and veil will be all over the place...
    if the wind is very will have problems opening your eyes...let alone to smile in front of the camera...haha

    oh well...great scenary though...we are still considering whether to include GOR or not..
    shall see how's the winter weather like when we get there...hopefully it's a mild winter weather!!
    when are you leaving to melb?
  22. shice1

    shice1 New Member

    wow.. the pictures are nice?? where did u get them from??

    quite true.. but if go melbourne and don't take pictures at GOR, abit wasted hor.. =P

    I'm leaving on 7 Aug night till 16 Aug.. my pg coming on 10 Aug and leaving on 14 Aug..
  23. reddotie

    reddotie New Member

    Hi Jen,
    I will be going to Mel and brisbane in Mid Nov.
    Do u have any information?
  24. hulaar

    hulaar New Member

    a few of my frens did perth & it was beautiful. my 2 cents worth
  25. sidney93

    sidney93 New Member

    hi guys, any idea which months are good for shooting pre-wedding shoot in Perth?
  26. advy

    advy New Member

    Hi Sid,
    We had our wedding pics done in Perth on Sept, beautiful place. I m in the midst of uploading my pre wed shoots in facebook as well, i can show you more .. I had sent you a private msg on my facebook account..
  27. xiaozhi

    xiaozhi New Member

    hi sidney,

    well i guess it depends on what kind of season you want to shoot in... i personally feel the spring towards summer months would be better...
    around august onwards.. not too hot... and not too cold.. LOL

    best to travel during off peak... flights are cheaper, chances are that the photographer would be free also... cos most of them would be quite booked from late september with the ad weddings..

    you may want to contact my pw and ad photographer, bryan from

    he told me he's going to to australia the 2nd half of the year for pw shoots...
  28. lovenco

    lovenco New Member

    hi hi, where would be good places in perth for PS? kings' park? cottlesloe beach?
  29. kelvinkezz

    kelvinkezz New Member

    hi anyone gg for wedding photo shoot this coming spring in perth?
  30. zacinthebox

    zacinthebox New Member

    Hey yall,

    I'll be heading Perth in Mid March for shoot, anyone has contacts to makeup/hairstylist there?
  31. mikoko24

    mikoko24 New Member

    Hi all,
    Interested in taking my pre-wedding shoots in Melbourne... Any good photographers to recommend?

    Photographers--> Pls email to for the overseas melbourne pre wedding shoots rates. Thanks
  32. fuz_mind

    fuz_mind New Member


    I'm heading to Perth in Feb for pre-wedding shoots, would appreciate it anyone can share contacts for makeup/hairstylist there

  33. chilaka

    chilaka New Member

    Hi BTBs

    Anyone interested to go to Perth in April 2010 for pre-wedding photoshoot?

    I found a photographer who charges only $1250 for a 2 days photoshoot inclusive of makeup. We can share the cost of the air ticket for the photographer and makeup artist.

    Please email me at for more details of his works if you are keen.
  34. joy_nc

    joy_nc New Member


    i am interested in going to perth for pre wedding photo shoot between Aug - Oct 2010. what is the normal arrangement? get our own wedding dress n photographers separately?

    any recommendation? Please email me at
  35. chilaka

    chilaka New Member

  36. macadamia3050

    macadamia3050 New Member

    Hi folks,

    We recently won a 2-day Perth bridal photoshoot with Ezra Koh of Inspirational Photography. The voucher is worth $3500 and requires an additional cash top-up of $2000. As we have prev signed up for a local bridal photoshoot, we would like to let go of the voucher at $2000.

    We have engaged Ezra to be our AD photographer and it was a struggle for us to decide to give up the voucher. Hence we are looking for couples who are sincere & appreciates Ezra's works. You can view his portfolio here:

    The voucher is only valid for use from 3rd Dec - 8 Dec 2010 to Australia, Perth. Booking/Confirmation to be done before 1st Jun 2010.

    It includes:
    - 2 full days photography session with Ezra Koh
    - Makeup & hairdo option (i.e. there’s an option of self-do makeup
    course locally by Ivan Hoo from In Square Salon, or engaging a makeup
    artist from Perth itself, which both will be covered by Ezra)
    - Unlimited shots returned in high resolution DVD
    - Slideshow of your overseas bridal photography
    - 12" x 12" Exclusive Velvet Crafted Album, 26-pages

    Things that you need to provide yourselves with:
    - Flight
    - Accommodation (Ezra can help find good guest house with reasonable pricing)
    - Meals (+ 2 meals for Ezra for the day's shoot - something to fill his stomach)
    - Transport from location-to-location during the shoot, including
    transport for photographer (Ezra mentioned that will likely use his
    friend's car - so can save some costs)
    - Gowns & suits

    With regards to the make up, you may want to learn how to do it thru Ivan, as experience with aussie makeup artists are not really good, cos they are not used to asian features.

    Do let me know if you are interested. Thanks!
  37. John Lim Photography

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