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THanks i read abt them in fact i come to know them thru one of the forumer's cos i like the reno done by them.


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hi guys...

I also looking for ID, how do you all feel about Earnest interior? can work within budget?
Please give some advise thanks
hi people...

i got my keys on wed, open door ydae...
hopefully can start reno next week...
gonna shop for lightings and toilet accessories this sunday...


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any1 has any idea when is 273D getting the keys? hdb say Q1 2008 but dunno when will i receive the letter to get the keys leh..

hope can get b4 CNY leh


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hi all atrinans.

i'm thinking of hacking some walls in the house, but not sure how to obtain compatible looking tiles to patch the exposed floorings. any advice?

can we request hdb to provide some of these tiles? or we have to source for our own and it might look different (and ugly?!)



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Hi unitgal, it's highly impossible to get back the same tiles unless there are still some contracters ard then you can ask them.
Asking hdb not sure if they can help you.


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hi wanqing.

i just obtained info that we can buy replacement tiles at the BSC Office for reno. would be good to keep some spare ones (for potential repair works in the future) even if we are not hacking the wall right now.

cheers! =)


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hi steventay.

not sure... going to chk it out at the BSC Office (not sure if it is already set up for folks staying at 272). will keep u posted if i've more findings. =)


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Hi would like to check is there a lot of reno gg on at Atrina units for those already got your keys?
Me and hb very anxious and feel like this weekend go down to kaypoh a bit.


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hi pinkdewy.

not a problem. not sure if they will leave some behind in the house as i haven't get my key yet. heh heh..


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Hi Wanqing,

I am also from 272B....juz met up with haresh from Plush..Are you the couple from 272B that signed with him?


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for those who are considering Earnest Interior as renovation firm, I urge you to re-consider before engaging them.

My HTB and I had a bad experience with them

not to mention about all other issues,which we give and take already, example, measurement wrong, before signing the contract everything say ok ok no problem, but when the actual work start, abit of amendment, they want to charge...
there are 2 major problem/ unhappiness we faced with them

1) firstly, the hacking of wall was done WITHOUT any flooring protection, in the end, my brand new (mine is a brand new flat from HDB ) Parquet flooring is damaged with deep dented holes !
--> when we inform earnest our id, they simply push it off and say it is air-con installation, we asked the aircon installation to verify, they say it is not, it is due to heavy stones hitting the floor !
we went back to confront earnest, they finally admit it is becos they did not lay any cardboard protection !
and they just brush it off say, since you already intend to polish the floor, just polish lor.
- polishing may solve the problem, but polishing will make the parquet thinner and moreover this is deep dented holes, don't even know if polishing can really remove the dents and make it as new as before.

2) secondly, my id asked us to temporarily keep the kitchen sink, lights, and wardrobe toilet accessories in the bomb shelter first, their workers will go and pick up from there to install.
today, we found our crystal lamp meant for passageway STOLEN !
we found it weird when we open the bomb shelter today to see a lot of boxes being opened, and the things in the bomb shelter are layout different from the last time.
we search and search everywhere for it, it is simply not there, left only the cap of the lamp, the lamp body with all the crystals are all gone
--> when we inform earnest, they suspect it is foul-play or oversight from us , not them ! and even dare us to report to police, by telling us, even if you report police, they will not entertain you.
pls lor, they think we are so free to play this kind of game with them is it, we are so upset the whole of today, losing a $200 worth of lamp. and yet has to endure this kind of attitude from the ID !
-- we have already done a handover by handover the key and lock to Earnest, they should be held responsible isn't it ???

so angry now instead of assuring us with prevention measures to prevent more stuffs in bomb shelter to get stolen, they are taking things easy, and pushing away all the responsibilities and still even thinking we don't dare to file a police report . we can always do that immediate and asked for a police investigation on this theft case.


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Don't believe in this bullsh*t forum on the most popular ID.Many are fake.I experienced it myself and can tell you why.I think many had heard of dave from intradesign and how he use strong arm tactic to push clients to pay a lump sum deposit and how Ah beng he acts.
Just met this angeline and heard she very good in it.So i decided to give her a chance.I got very high expectation of her even thought she don't bother to reply my sms many times.Even her replies to my emails are very short and brief,she don't bother to explain more,unlike another ID.
The worse thing is that she she brought that dave with her to meet me.he trying to act hooligan.After that hooligan stepped into my house,he said "don't need to close the door".I fired back"its my house".Then he diam diam(quiet).
My message to these lady ID,if you are so scary and fearful to the extend that you need to bring some man along,don't work in this line.Who do you think you are?I hire you and you show me this kind of attitude??
To other guys who are thinking of hiring this to ID,be very careful.In my opinion,they got false reputation.Takecare!