At The Beginning - Donna Lewis & Richard Marx


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Can send me... ?
Thanks. [email protected]


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Can anyone please email me the songs?

I am trying to find as many weddings songs as possible to choose for my AD nex yr.



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Hi All,

In case you are looking for a choir to sing for your mass, you might want to consider the Saint Thomas Aquinas Choir from Nativity Church of the BVM. They are a youth choir that have many experiences singing for weddings and they do carolling for hotel during the Christmas season too.

This is their website if you need more information.


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you can download the song at my multiply site.
you can actually download the songs by following the steps:

You can save the music, juz that it'll be a little troublesome as you have to listen to the song 1 by 1. You 1st play the music list and when it start playing the song you like, go to "File" then click "Save As".


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Hi superfly..

Thank you for sending me the song.

I was wondering if you have sources for other songs?

I need some songs for champagne pouring and throughout the dinner.

Can email me or i can email you back for the songs i need