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having been a member for over 2 years..i still find that arrange by date is still ideal.

1) some forgotten what title they post, so after more than 72 hours, when they have time/remember to come back to read/post again, it is indeed tedious to do so. as not all the time they are free to check it out within the time frame of upto 72hours. some choose not to be informed thru their mails box too.

2) although some topic titles are the same, however, it is also tedious to check thru which suit their topic for discussion, in this case, a new topic is created and found to be repeatted somehow. also, poster may wish to read what has been replied or discussed on the topic they created, and but when there are no responses within the time frame, eventually, it may have been deleted/forgotten and remain redundant too.

3) some archieves are really too long. can all be standardised within 15posts.

maybe the matters of the heart should be the one to arrange in this chronological order? as for the others whereby you think is more ideal in alphabetical order, you can remain at it?


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Just registered on this forum and was surfing through the Beauty, Health and Fitness section.

Maybe you guys could further section the Beauty section with seperate sections for 'Hair' 'Skincare', 'Make Up'? Cos seems everybody likes to start their threads with 'Anyone....' which makes the whole surfing pretty tiring on the eyes.

I think it'll definitely be alot easier to find what we're looking for.

Just a suggestion....


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Agree with the majority's views here, if threads/posts could be arranged via chronological order instead of alphabetical order, this forum would be much, much better. As a newbie to this forum (I'm not new to forums), I would say that this "feature" now is a major deterrent from us surfing here more regularly. Feel very tedious just to locate my thread which I've started, had to remember what I typed in the title box first before I can even read any replies.

Chin Leng, if you could look into this aspect I believe many users here would be grateful to you for listening to us. No doubts this is a great forum, but it could be even better.


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Hi, i totally agree with arranging the posts in chronological order instead of alphabetic orders.. I joined this forum not long ago and the first few times i felt like giving up.. I simply cant find the posts and what i am doing now to get to the post i want is to bookmark! I understand that there is a function where we can view the post by 72 hours but that does not help as we need to nagivate through it and find the post. I felt that if this option will be given to users, it will be an additional plus point to us. Technically, i understand there everyone got their individual views about arranging the posts, thus looking at the past feedbacks, it seems like new members are lost and if this option will be given, it will make everyone happy. Those who felt it is better in alpabetical order, just continue to use it, and those who prefer the other, is given the choice, wont it be great? Change is hard but if users' needs are met and answered, wont it be lovely?

This forum is great and i believe that with just a small change which seems unimportant to the management, will bring great help and enjoyment to the users!


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i totally second this! i dont like the alphabetical order. it just makes vendors post things in alphabetical order and i think it is quite unfair.

there should be a more modern layout like other normal forums!


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its really a pain to search through the threads for the topics I want with this system. So what is the moderator's reasons for having this aphabetical order instead of chronological order despite so much feedback by the users?


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Agreed, I'm another who prefers the typical chronological order adopted by other forums. I've been reading quite a while though I don't post so I can say that I have given it time to grow on me.

If arranged according to which post was just replied to, users would easily see what threads are the most active. I feel like this would help boost the community involvement in this forum which still remains the most active bride/wedding forum in Singapore.

Just my 2 cents.


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Hi Yvonne,

Thanks for the feedback. But for the latest posts, the search results of "Last 12 Hours", "Last 24 Hours" and "Last 72 Hours" would serve the purpose you suggested. That is why we have kept the topics listed in alphabetical order.

The search results provided by the "Last x hours" would return a sublist of threads with the messages. We feel that this is a more convenient arrangement and that's why we've been keeping the current arrangement since our inception.

We appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Chin Leng.