Armpit Hairs


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The most effective way to remove armpit hair is to do IPL. I did mine 3 years ago with Strip at about $800 for 6 sessions. Until now, my armpit is still hairless.

$800 is quite steep now as IPL prices have come down. If you want, you can try Vivian at Beauty Box. She's charing $300 for IPL sessions i think.


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I've a good deal from Bodywellness Heritage Court - 10 IPL sessions for $1440. But I managed to get it even cheaper plus FOC collagen mask for hydration.

My consultant no pushy at all and promise that she can get us more FREE sessions if my frenz are interested. PM me if interested.


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Hi, does IPL really help to whiten pigmentation? As after using the removal cream, the underarms are kinda dark in color... is there any way to whiten it?


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Im actually looking for reviews on IPL by Strip when I stumbled on this thread. Thought I'll share my experience with shaving + waxing + threading + IPL.

--- who am i ---

I have been shaving my legs/underarms for 10 years. Had lots of problems with ingrowns and dark spots and itchy/sensitive skin. Ladies, if you havent started shaving, DONT. Its probably the best advice anyone can give you regarding this topic.

--- ipl (bella) ---

5 years ago, in 2003, I signed for 6 x IPL (upper lips) with Bella, + 1 yr 'maintenance warranty' @ approximately $2500. A doctor administers the IPL. A cooling gel is spread over the area, before the laser is used. It was relatively painless and the skin's redness would go off in 15 minutes.

--- ipl didnt work -> threading now ---

5 years later now, I think the upper-lip growth has reduced by some 25% but is still enough to make me conscious. I am now trying threading (much cheaper! @ $6 + gst) at Browhaus (Holland V). Repeated threading will 'supposedly' thin the regrowth, just like waxing. Threading is not painful and is fast. Minimal redness that goes away in 2 minutes? :p

--- waxing + ipl (strip) again ---

Last year, I got so fed up with shaving my legs and underarm that I started waxing (at Strip, not DIY at home). The results were decent. Waxing is affordable @ $40 per month ($25 for legs & $15 for underarms). The results keep me happy: dark spots remain, but the skin got better and the regrowth was slower than shaving.

Finally the sales rep got to me and I turned to IPL again hoping for a long term solution. This time round, prices have come down quite a bit. I paid $4000 for 6 x IPL (underarm + half legs) with no 'warranty'. The good thing is: the dark spots have gone, no more ingrowns! my skin is smooth & silky according to the husband, the hairs have gotten finer
BUT the number of hairs doesnt seem to have reduced

--- frustration ---

I dont know what to do with my problem, but I know Im NOT going back to shaving. I have not tried electronic epilator and Im afraid to ruin the good results from IPL and waxing so far. If all else fails, I think I'll revert to waxing. No more $$$ on IPL for me :S

I just wonder how come the industry allows business to charge so much money for IPL and other treatments and yet the customer has so little ways/means to ensure that we get results for the $$$ we pay out? Sigh.

Cheers to all out there, hope you find your solution someday


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I've tried an australian brand of hair removal cream & Veet cream before for my legs. For underarms, was shaving all the way till a few years back I started plucking them. Can be frustrating sometimes especially you can't really see the hair clearly.

I'm currently epilating my legs & arms hair, true enough, you have to wait till it's a few mm long before you can epilate it again. However, the pores on my skin are rather obvious, even though the hair is removed, the pores are still visible. Sort of creates a false illusion.


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hi, anybody tried photo therapy flash permanent hair removal by lifespa? they've got promotion st S$30 only (usual S$180 , 20 mins) using abn amro credit card


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hi belle,
how abt laser?
1 session $180+7%
5 sessions $650+7%

BCNG Laser & Medical Aesthetics
133 New Bridge Road, #04-19
Singapore 059413
T: (65) 6538 0000


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hi gals,

try using an epilator instead. looks like a shaver but it actually plucks out the hair.

cream is not really recommended for sensitive skin like mine, and it really smells and my skin will turn red after that..


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Hey ,

how about trying creams and gels? wastons sell tons of those and you can get your suitable one easily. It shoulcnt cost more than $ 40 if i am not wrong =)


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I did my armpit and bikini IPL besides my face.
My gf did the brazilian IPL. I am a die-hard fan for IPL.

For years I have shaved and waxing (cant stand the pain) and finally I went with my gf for IPL.

It helps to lighten the dark patches under the arm. Hopefully, I can start to wear sleeveless tops.

The place i go to have won awards in 2008 & 2009. so I feel safe lor.


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Yeah... though it isn't permanent hair removal, hair regrowth is significantly reduced. So totally worth it. Don't have to tweeze my pits every night! Plus whitening effect. Kill two birds with a stone.

But I go for VPL (variable pulsed light) instead of IPL. IPL is still painful to me, but VPL is really no pain de. Love it. Check it out


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I've got my underarm IPL at Pink Parlour.The machine they used is safe and prevent the risk of skin burning.They have won many beauty awards and are well known for waxing too.I rather go for permanent rather than waxing.Skip the hastle of going back each month to get the waxing done.I've done only 4 sessions and my hair is almost gone.Very satisfied with the results!


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I did one laser treatment years ago. It seemed to reduce the amount of hair for a few years. The treament caused some blockage of pores that required a antiobiotic I think to clear up (? long time ago) and made the skin look brown and saggy for awhile. Years later its all like it used to be. I recently had chin treatments - 2 with no clear affect. The place now says it takes 6-8 treatments to be "done" when they used to advertise 3 treatments.
I think the jury is still out on laser treatments although I think for underarm's its probably the best way if it works.
Oh yes, the beginning of the treatment feels like little zaps, by the end it hurts quite a bit. Think of someone getting you with a rubberband. One or two does not hurt to bad, now think of that for 1/2 hour. that's sort of what its like.


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Hmm,I dont know,I have always just shaved mine since I was like,12. If I miss ONE day though,you'd be surprized how much is there! Wish there was a better way to keep it gone longer...but you'd think waxing it would hurt quite a bit.
maybe others will have more advice! Welcome!


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IPL is the best ideal to remove the unwanted hair.Fast & effective.

Last time i also facing the problem u hav, but ow after doing the IPL treatment all gone.
No daily maintaince


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i really think ipl in salons is overly priced, gimmicky and too pushy!! i went for home-based @ a Condo in the West and the price is much more affordable, better and faster results achieved as the machine used is more effective than those in salons - after 3 sessions, my hair growth is very very slow, much much lesser and finer. I think after a few more sessions it will solve my hairy problem completely!! *happy* Very professional and knowledgeable beauty therapist in ipl hair removal, not pushy at all. let me know if u r keen to try. Will be glad to give you more details


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Yes, it's safe and I am going for my 4th session very soon. My friends are also having their ipl treatment there and they see good results too. I'm not sure if you have experienced ipl before. You will be surprised with what this homebased ipl could offer, be it in price, results or service, it will be better than what you get outside. Price depends on which area you want to do ipl on. The machine used is one of the latest models with good cooling effect that reduces the discomfort during the ipl treatment so you don't have to worry
If you are interested, I will be happy to bring you when i go for my next session


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completely removed my armpit hair at STRIP...6 sessions, no need maintainance...

remb to ask for promotion price

there are installments also


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Is IPL better or laser better? How long does one usually need to take before all the hair can be removed completely? Planning for my "Big" day..


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Hi Blackmoleyan

The homebased IPL is easy to find and accessible. Once you alight Chinese Garden MRT, cross the bridge and you will reach the Condo. I would say about 3 min of walking only
You may contact dianna@ 91828565 if you are keen to give them a try. In fact, I just realise they have a thread here - You can get their latest promo and information on this thread

Btw, I can't seem to pm you as well ;p Didn't know our profile is defaulted to do not accept pm! haha..


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hi ladies,

i have a package for IPL bikini area to let go. I am currently unable to continue with the treatment, but I have already purchased the IPL to lock on to a cheaper price.

Promotional price was $149 plus GST ($159) but i'm willing to let it go at $135.

Location is at Fabulous Group - Hawaiian Spa @
9 Tan Quee Lan Street
#01-04 TQL Suites
Singapore 188098
(65) 6884-5455

My beautician is really friendly and will make you feel comfortable during the treatment.

Please send me a message if you are interested. Holding period only valid for 2 months.

If i'm not wrong this can be converted to do IPL for other areas with consent from the beautician.