Armpit Hairs


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so tired of plucking armpit hairs. anyone know which brand of wax can remove hair and the roots leaving armpit hairless?


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I tried a lot of products by Veet [advertised on TV before]. But non worked for me at all.

The hair removal cream smells.. and when i scrape off the cream after the stipulated time, i can see black dots still, though the hair are gone..

As for the wax, i tried the cold wax strip and find it really troublesome! It is really sticky, but it sticks on my hands when i removed it, rather than the hair.

Tried shaving, no use also.. epilating quite tough.. cause the hair has to grow to certain length then effective.

Up till now, i guess the most effective method is to pluck lor.

You can get all these hair removing products at places like Watsons, or Guardian Pharmacy. Some NTUC also got sell.. i got mine at Watsons.


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Hi gers,can try IPL.I just went for it..Good man..after 2-3 times...almost hair free..maybe 2-3 strands left..and can lighten pigmentation.1 session costs 100bucks..go for it man


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Hello guys
i tried IPL and spend abt $1600plusplus but the sad thing is after a while the hair tends to grow back.

i went back to the salon and they said that it could be due to hormones.which i have no problem with. but they insists that there was not refund.And they only guarantee for 1 yr of maintanences after you have finished the whole 10sessions.So think again if u wanna tried IPL again.U might be very disappointed

waxing is still the best.

i go for my regular waxing at wax affairs at holland. i feel very comfortable with the beautician.ladies u might wanna try.


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maybe if you're really hairy, the hair will grow back no matter mine...i have been waxing and epilating for years but still got leg and armpit hair...hmmm


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Hi.. I am interested in the IPL but the ones i went required at least $1000 for 6 sessions. May I have your IPL contact pleasE?.. Thanks a lot


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I did my IPL+minimal laser at is an asthetic medical clinic managed by Drs....after 1st session I saw some results
...$136 per sesion...dony by female Dr Cindy Yang


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I think the problem with IPL is that, after a while you've stopped, the hair grows back. Yeah I bet it happens to Fann Wong too.

And pubic hair tends to grow back, removing them by hair removal lotions and shaving wont work because first of all the hair isn't removed from the root.

I think plucking has got to be the best option, extremely annoying though.


Anyone care to share thier IPL contact with me? I personally find that IPL is very x but if it worth i would like to give it a try.

pink martini,

You got to where for yr waxing?


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in case you think that IPL is permanent.. its not. I have done it and when the hairs grow out you naturally want to shave it.. when you do that, the hairs get thicker, coarser and grow out again..(this is what happened to me lah) So, if you do IPL and you spot some hairs growing out, should go for more IPL OR go wax it. =)


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hi, i read from somewhere that Hairaway @delfi specialised in permanent hair removal. Has any tried them? I would like to find out more on "safety + effectiveness + cost" before i engage their service. Thanks alot!


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I have tried IPL for underarms before. I did mine at Spahaven at Tanjong Pagar. i did it VERY cheaply at $80 per session because my mom signed on the promotion at tht time. i would really recommend those interested to do at Spahaven because the staff are not pushy at all..and they are very friendly.

but would like to add, the number of sessions tht you would require would vary from individual to individual hair growth. mine is incredibly thick & coarse so i required almost 10 sessions. but along the way, the hair growth got very thin.

the process takes less than 5 minutes and it isnt painful. so goodluck


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Hi simplyrusset

Is the IPL for underarms at SpaHaven good? After yout 10 sessions, does your hair grow back? Is the underarm hair 100% gone?

I really looking for a good hair removal place. If spahaven is good. I will try.

Awaiting for your answer.


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Hi All,

I also hv issue with ugly underarm hair. Even if shave, you can still see the little black dots around. Will waxing remove all these?


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gals, i've this issue too..plucking and using the satin ice eplitator go for modern beauty salon for their new method GP (new version of IPL)..results not bad...8 session about 800 bucks..but beware the pple there are quite hardselling..


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I usually use to shave off my armpit hairs. But before I do that, I would use the Japan bath salt to rub on the area with lotion and do a massage.

Afterwhich I would shave it off and shower. I will also apply ce cream after that to ensure the armpit area is not dry after shaving.


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Jean Yip is offering a 10 session for permanent hair removal on the armpits at $1290... tatz the package i signed up with far, i did only one session.. so still not good enuff to determine if this package is good... after i go for 2-3 times more then i will feedback to you girls again.. Itz not really painful..they will apply a very cold cream first then followed by the IPL like rod on ur armpit.. jus feel like red ants biting..


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Has anyone try DPL (Dynamic Pulse Light) technology at Only Aesthetics? I have seen this advertisement on April issue of Shape magazine. It claims to be able remove hair for good and its better than IPL. Let me know if anyone has tried it. Thks


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Hi Jamie,
I have also heard about GP at Modern Beauty.Do you know how much MB charged for leg hair removal? Have you finished all your sessions?

Hope you can share yr experience with me.My email is [email protected]
Thank you