Are MCs provided for wedding banquet?

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Would like to ask if MCs are provided by the hotel/restaurant during wedding banquet? Or must the MCs be your friends?


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generally, no MCs would be provided by hotel/restaurant unless otherwise stated by them...and nope, MCs need not be ur really depend on u
Huh, then what would happen if I cannot find any emcees on the wedding day? How can the wedding goes on without any emcees?

Anyone knows if it is true that hotels and restaurant does not provide any emcees?

Teddy, I have PMed you.



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Some hotels or restaurants may provide an "emcee" but not quite what you expect. This person will just purely make announcements when you enter, dinner begins etc. Very monotonous. Usually couples who don't engage professional emceess, will get their friends to become "emcee" for a day. Coz this friend will know you both pretty well and it's also more natural when he/she presents. Find friends who won't get stage fright. Maybe get a male and female so that it's not so frightening being on the stage alone.

For me, my friend (who's happens to be a professional emcee) is gg to emcee my wedding.

Ps. by professional, I mean they make a living out of emceeing, and the charges for a 4-hour block for a company's D&D is about $1000+++, depending on season.


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I was about to look for emcee for my wedding on 10th Jan 2008. Then I came to know that there is a company named Wedding Chijmes Production. I got their name card at WeddingNews Bridal shop located near Outram. They provide wedding services to couples and also assist them in planning. They have Emcee, Celebrity Emcee, Acoustic live band, PA system(for outdoor). If you guys need any of this, just email them at [email protected]

I have been asking my friends for emcee service with ang bao but they said they can talk cock but cannot be formal though =P


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Hi all,
If any couple needs any emcee for your AD wedding dinner/luncheon, let me know (just PM me or email me at [email protected]). I know of an emcee who is fun, humourous and entertaining. He is a professional emcee and does many wedding emcee for many couples before. Plus, his rate is very reasonable...