Appreciate recommendation on contractor, carpenter or ID.


Hi all,
I am currently looking for contractor, carpenter or ID to renovate my home. Had read lotsa not-so-good reviews/experiences. Even when I asked my relatives or friends, none of them said they will recommend me their contractor due to bad experience with them. Hence my fiancé and I are left with don't-know-who-to-look-for state. Understand that there will surely be some hiccups along the process, but as long as it was not a major problem, we are ok with it.

If anyone had had a good experience with their own contractor, appreciate if you can share their contact/website/picture.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi...I never trust bangala..they are touch and go...paint in front and back never paint...they make sure front always look nice but when u check behind......Yucks!
And got problem cannot find anyone. That's my take.

You may like to try Mr Calvin Lim/Senior Consultant @MSP Far East, became a fren after my house renov. Mine's an old 5rm HDB, yeah everything falling apart. He was professional and honest (he would have suggested a lot of hacking to earn my money) but he was good....good attitude and good workmanship. He make sure his guys does the job and inspects himself. Feel free to contact him@84933111 but he's currently outstation in shanghai on project and due back next week. (if you can wait).

God bless...