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Hello there, ;)

First of all, I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read my problems.
I'm actually quite confused about the rules and eligibility of applying for a flat and I hope everyone here can help me explain.
Or the best advice. ( excused me for my broken English)

I, 28, Malaysian, have been holding a wp pass since 2016 working here as an OL.
I just got married to an Sg citizen last few months ago, and finally going to receive my LTVP and so on our next step is to go for PR ( maybe try to apply next year).
I'm aware that getting PR and applying for a new flat need to be patient and all these procedures are just a waiting game.

Currently residing with the in-laws. ( since 2020 )
Like any other young couple out there, I just prefer to have our own roof ( freedom & privacy.)

My question is,
Is it possible for us to apply a sales of balance flat between 3-4 room flat in our current state?
We prefer SBF due to the shorter waiting time and much newer we would say.

by right, My hubby prefers apply BTO after I gotten my PR, (to my opinion this is definitely gonna take another year of time down the road)

A resale flat has never been an option for my husband because it cost a bomb for buying it and renovating
2 Room flat is definitely not an option (non-citizen spouse scheme ) because is it small,
definitely would want to expand our family tree in the next few year time.

Possible is,
Should I just be tolerating staying longer with my in-laws until I got my PR and apply for BTO ( yet again waiting for another 3-4years ), because getting neither of these two is not guaranteed too?


Waiting until he's 35 years old to apply for a BTO flat? ) currently 32.
And what is the eligibility when his 35 yrs old ??
max 3 room?
How long to wait for his new flat ??


A resale flat is our only best option..?

Most likely he would be the only breadwinner for applying for the flat as I am a foreigner ( no contribution of CPF)
I hope anyone out there could enlighten me. :(:(