Anyway natural way to enlarge breast?

Discussion in 'Beauty, Health and Fitness' started by happylittlegal, Jan 25, 2008.

  1. new_here_

    new_here_ New Member

    Have you tried it too patricia?

  2. sansan85

    sansan85 New Member

    hi... stella aw. can i know more about it?
  3. kitty_pretty_angel

    kitty_pretty_angel New Member

    hi ur blogspot cannt b seen...any other website??
  4. peg_phoo

    peg_phoo New Member

    how's going patricia? any results?
  5. kitty_pretty_angel

    kitty_pretty_angel New Member

    hi patricia, how many tubes u bot? one tube can last how long?? any one who is gng to order herbal love36 mayb we can group buy tog
  6. camelya

    camelya New Member

    I got a natural way to enlarge as eating baked bean with eggs.... It works on skinny ppl...,,
  7. peg_phoo

    peg_phoo New Member

    I've contacted to ask about Love 36 and they told me they are out of stock for the moment.
    I'll get that cream as soon as they supply the stock [​IMG] and test it on myself.
  8. verona99

    verona99 New Member

    hey peg_phoo,

    how is it? does it have any result?

    pls update!
  9. peg_phoo

    peg_phoo New Member

    hi verona,

    unfortunately they are still out of stock for Love36 so I'm still waiting....
  10. peg_phoo

    peg_phoo New Member


    finally got my cream [​IMG]

    I've ordered 2 tubes and will start using the cream tonight.

    I'm so excited...

    will keep you updated!
  11. Giusy Savino

    Giusy Savino New Member

    For make bust bigger i am using boobpop which is helped to my bust firm up and it helped me keep my breasts while the rest of me lost weight. Great Product.
  12. Meiyun_hebi

    Meiyun_hebi Member

    Where to purchase?
  13. jojo23

    jojo23 New Member

    I heard that eating a lot of soja based food can help you get bigger boobs ...
  14. JuzDream

    JuzDream Member

    Try papaya milkshake. My cup size increased from D to E after drinking 3 times a week for 3 mths
  15. Luisa Chang

    Luisa Chang New Member

    Well i am using boobpop tool for make my breast bigger and I notice a big change in my breast it appears to be fuller and it's only my 1st week using. I love this product ladies this is a must buy I gain about a inch or so from that product my husband was the 1st one to notice.
  16. skiss

    skiss New Member

    Drink papaya milk. My friend jumped from a to c..
  17. florallure

    florallure New Member

    Papaya milk might be good but does it goes to the waist as well? Anyway, IMO the size of our breasts is akin to our height, once we are well over puberty, it is almost impossible to change. Of course I have heard of increase in size after giving birth and then there's implant. I am a C and yet I am not exactly satisfied with my size as well because women can never be totally satisfied with themselves. That's where all the gimmicks and advertising comes into play. If you have money to spare, you can go for a shot at enhancing treatments, though I don't think results are lasting because if everyone can 'see results after 1 treatment', who else would want to sign a long term package? For budget wise can try diy massaging as its free and you can pamper your girls. But I would advise against consuming any random or dubious product.
  18. Grace8

    Grace8 New Member

    Have you tried Neubodi bra? My friends introduced the brand to me, they are definitely selling based on functionality than designs. The consultants are actually teach you how to push all the fatty tissues to the right position. If you're used to wearing conventional bras, Neubodi is uncomfortable at first but its fine after a while.
  19. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

  20. _babybreath_

    _babybreath_ Member

    i think massages and also exercises work. After doing those chest exercise, the muscles behind will be more firm and prominent, then the boobs also more prominent, but wont be hard hard kind. HAHA.
  21. Pinkdiamond

    Pinkdiamond New Member

    I had lost a cup size after losing some weight. Quite upset with the 'downgrading'.... i need my boobs back :(. I am thinking if i can get help other then taking supplements. Massage or cream are fine. Any suggestion?
  22. Sueho

    Sueho Member

    Same for me.... I'm trying out massaging & trying to do more chest exercises :)
  23. Pinkdiamond

    Pinkdiamond New Member

    Chest exercise helps more on the chest muscles. I am currently on it. What about treatments? Does it help?
  24. dollielovely

    dollielovely Member

    Papaya milkshake.
  25. Perlin88

    Perlin88 Member

    Can pm me the details?
  26. Pinkdiamond

    Pinkdiamond New Member

    Where did u go for the massage?
  27. JuzDream

    JuzDream Member

    It worked on me hahaha. It increased my cup size even after reaching adulthood
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  28. sassynsweet

    sassynsweet New Member

    if all the nature enhancement fails, can try breast enlargement in singapore.
    make sure do only with the best cosmetic surgery. haha.

    anyway nowadays i think also trending smaller breasts. nicer and more compact for the tastes of the younger generation, right?
  29. MTV GAL

    MTV GAL Member

    Hi ladies, no matter which method u choose please do not go to Tokyo Bust Express!! They will make you signed up ridiculous amount of packages and if you signed up for the first time, your next visit is another different package and is almost never ending and they don't give up easily !! Why would I know because I'm a victim 5 years ago and didn't go for 3 years. Decided to drop by but they used the same tactics, sweet talk to you first , understand you better then is selling time!! And if u said no they will keep asking you why and if the first sales person failed the next sales consultant will come in and talk to you.

    Please be firmed and say NO to them. They will Sales talk to you non-stop till u can't take it and reduce the price from $12k per session they charged me to $6888 to $2888 but of course I'm not that naive anymore to sign !! Imagine how desperate they are for sales that the original prince was reduced to the discounted price difference can be!!

    Best of all you can google it for their review not from the bloggers as they are sponsored.

    Please be alert and don't fall for it!!

    Just a sharing post.
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  30. HuiWen86

    HuiWen86 New Member

    I also want to know how...Mine is B cup.

    I wear size 34A or 34B from La Senza.
  31. PennyKee

    PennyKee New Member

    there's actually a lot of products to help in increasing bust size without undergoing breast augmentation. However, those products cannot 100% guarantee there is no side effect. The best way to increase bust size is to put on weight and then slim down in a healthy diet to maintain the size. Besides, you can go gym. By focusing on building up muscles on your breast, will cause visually increase in breast size.
  32. wan333

    wan333 New Member


    I am currently wearing a slimming product for than 2 month... Hip definitely smaller... But surprisingly, my breast boost and not shaggy. .. That is a compliment as. I actually didnt really require on my breast area. Ping me for more information, I am glad to share.
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  33. blahblahveggies

    blahblahveggies New Member

    Soy drinks and papaya milk will help but can try together with professional bust enhancement?
    My friend went to J- Studios for the bust treatment a few months back before her wedding and can see significant results haha
  34. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    Seems like many way to enlarge the breast.
  35. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    Actually i saw got many bust product in the market but im no dare to try...
  36. maddyTSY

    maddyTSY Member

    Hi! Pm please
  37. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    How is the result?
  38. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    What kind of breast massage? What is the step of massage?
  39. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    How much is it?
  40. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    does this working?
  41. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    any recommended bust cream and ampoules?
  42. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    where can i buy?
  43. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    May i know how much is the bust treatment?
  44. maddyTSY

    maddyTSY Member

    Will like to know too!!
  45. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    Is this safe?
  46. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    How much is this?
  47. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    how is the result?
  48. NatalieChew

    NatalieChew Member

    how long can see the result?

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