Anyone using organic facial products?


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These are the list of TNS products I'm currently using:

1. Daintree Foaming Cleanser
2. Daintree Toner
3. Daintree AHA Moisturizer
4. Tinted Moisturizer
5. Daintree Antioxidant Exfoliating Scrub
6. Daintree Earth Mineral Mask
7. Daintree Vanilla-Mandarin Body Butter
8. Mayaltha Better Eyes Serum
9. Mayaltha Better Bottom
10. Mayaltha Better Breast

Next I would like to their Hi-Shine products for hair and their antioxidant body scrub. I became a big fan of TNS now since I first bought their scrub,mask, tinted mositurizer and mayaltha b.breast.

At first I was sceptical with their better serum range. But when I used it for almost a month now, I can see a difference with my bottom and breasts..they became more firm. I didn't expect my breast to be bigger (that's what the SA claimed from other customers experience who came back to her and actually showed her breasts!) but I think it's good that we could give some 'treats' and attention to our other special part of our body.

As for the facial range,I've just used them for a month. Unlike other chemical/scientific based products, we can't really expect to get an instant result. When I ask the lady how long I can see the result,she said about a month. Yeah..I long huh...but the natural ingredients will actually react within itself acccording to our skin needs.

I will wait for another month to see what's the result. But so far my skin condition is getting better except for my acne which I occasionally get due to stress.


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i am a true nature love.. i use organic products both made at home and the one commercialized. i would recommend herbalife or aroma or even naturoma for u . the product are really satisfying and very reasonable. i also use beautica and aloe vera products


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Hi gals, if you have dry skin, can try the organic range of products from M/s Truly Nature.
It works very well. Furthermore a small bottle cleanser/ moisturiser/ exfoliant can last 4-6 months, proven. Price is very reasonable.


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i have very oily t-zone and sensitive to any moisturising cream based product - will cause breakout. but after i use my current product, my breakout is more controlled and i'm able to use some moisturising product. it is organic and alchohol free.

if you're interested, i don't mind to dig a bit out from mine to give you sample try. just PM me.


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For me, i only use BASQNYC Cucumber Tea really great because the product is made from natural ingredients and has no harsh chemicals...check the out on eyecreamreview webpage


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I am currently using organic bar soap and facial products from this Singapore website They carry products from France and UK and all certified organic.

Currently using Natur Aroma Lavender soap and Spiezia Facial Cleanser, Nourishing Moisturiser, Facial Toner.

Their representative said they will be launching a few more brands later this year. And I'm looking forward to it!


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I have used gardenofwisdom products for 3 years and still using them! They come up with new blended products pretty often and I find this is good as my skin will not get used to the same formulation over time. :)


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I've been doing a lot of web searches on how to create my own natural/organic skin care products (facial cleansers, etc.) All that I've come across include yogurt/milk and need to be stored in the fridge. Does anyone know of any websites or have their own recipes for creating these types of products that do not require this kind of storage? Thanks for any direction.


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Personally I'm looking to make a face cream, with no refridgeration needed, that will be super moisturizing but not give me a rash. Most of the commercial products give me a rash, on the face or elsewhere, but I do love the original oil of olay cream (in a short jar) with no sunscreen. I am looking to replace the oil of olay with something else thats non-toxic, and I'd love to hear any ideas anyone might have. I have tried using things like burt's bees "mama oil" or "baby oil" and while they work great on body parts, they irritate my face. I'm of German descent, with the rosy cheeks, and don't need the extra red (rash) on my cheeks. =)
Hi Chay2,

I have some aloe vera moisturising cream.. Gentle for sensitive.. I am using it. it is moisturising and dont leave oil trace... fantastic product. If u interested i can pass u some samples. Let me know through [email protected] =p


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I really love Avalon Organics Biotin-B hair conditioner!
The shampoo isnt my favorite but the conditioner is winderful! my hair feels great after I use it.
Desert Essence lip balms are great too


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I am using BOD organic eye serum and cleansing gel!! Yup doing great on my tired lines and fine lines and winkles. Just have a thought that instead of using normal chemical skincare, organic will be better for long term. I really love the cleansing gel bcuz i used to get itchy after using any cleanser expect this. haha