Anyone tried printing photos taken from digital camera during dinner?

Discussion in 'Wedding Photography And Videography' started by lazybride, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. lazybride

    lazybride New Member

    Anyone can share their experience w me where you print out fotos taken with a digital camera during dinner and then gave these fotos to your guests before they say "bye bye". Or anyone knows any company doing this service? Thanks

  2. dinohee

    dinohee New Member

    the whole set up i know cost abt $300 to $400, and with studio lights and a backdrop, so after 1st march in, the photographer will print, and give to guest. per print also cost abt 50 cts to $2.50, depends on companys.
  3. stephen_loh

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    I do provide such services, you can email me with the details and print volume that you require.

  4. kitty23

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  5. vocare

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    its good to have, especially if you have relatives from oversea.
  6. mercury

    mercury New Member

    Chris Ling is doing it. all wireless. and broadcast it to the main screen
  7. kchinghong

    kchinghong New Member

    i'm interested in such service too. Can anyone provide me with a quotation for such service?
  8. dizonne

    dizonne New Member

    hi christine,
    u can try contacting tis company called acpixels. One of my frends engaged them for her ROM recently...their email is
  9. uniquecolours

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  10. rebeana

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  11. candycandy001

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    Buy the canon machine at $200+ and 4R photo paper at $34-37 (100pcs)? But you need a helper doing it la.
  12. bibao

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    Nice thread

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