Anyone Tried Fancl Supplements


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Just wondering anyone tried Fancl Supplements? Thought of trying Coenzyme Q10, HTC Collagen, White Advance or Bright Age EX but wish to gather more info from you.

Is it effective? Care to share? Thx


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Peony, thanks for starting this thread, I'm trying to find out more information on Fancl Supplements too! My eyes are gonna be glued on your thread!


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Hi noxy,

Too bad, no one comments at this moment.

i have tried a few of them

the HTC collagen i m allergic to it.. i w have red eyes after taking it.. so i tried to take for Two days & same thing occur..
i tried the whitening one (white advance).. tat is good .. have to consistantly take it for months..

But i feel that tense up is the best.. faster results.. more glowy skin

also the
oh ya i also take the fruit tablets & the vege one .. hee. cos i lazy to take fresh veg & fruits every day lor.. esp the veg tablets, they help u to move ur bowels every day heee


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Hey I was thinking of taking the fancl tense up too but fren recommended super collagen. I tried and it really improved my skin. It's more economical also coz I just need to take a small cup (25 ml) every night before I sleep. Even my colleagues n frens were commenting on my glowing skin. results show within 2 weeks...


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wow! so tempted to try the tense up n white advance. :p

Serene: Meaning you 'divide' a bottle into 2days?

The Fancl gal recommended me to take Tense Up (more intensive) for at least a mth and switch to HTC Collagen for maintance. So wish to gather more info from you gals out thr.


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The super collagen I am taking is a big bottle. Not like tense up a small bottle. U just drink 25 ml in the morning and 25 ml be4 u sleep. I did that for 2 weeks n I am seeing results on my skin. Then I reduce to 25 ml at night before I sleep daily. So a big bottle can last u about a month initially, then should last longer for the 2nd bottle. got the url:
u can check it out. I personally think that in terms of $$, the super collagen is more worth it than fancl


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you can also try to drink tense up every 2-3 days to save... i think its good to drink daily in the beginning to see the effect..usu can see in 10days time... but later on, can drink less frequently to just maintain... n not so exp...


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Isnt tense up for weight loss?

Oh and how much is the HTC collagen and the tense up and the white advance? DOes is whiten complexion too? Thanks


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Tense Up
1box = 10 bottles @ $70.
3boxes = $200

HTC Collagen = 30days supply @$39.50

White Advance = 30days supply @$45.50


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i tried the fancyl drink that helps to lose weihgt one... it is so sour that i had gastric . especially because you have to take it in the morning. its really bad... at least for my case


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Hi dreamzz,

Are you referring to Perfect slim drink EX? So did you manage to slim down or give up 1/2 way since you cant tolerate acidity?


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I have tried both Fancl Tense Up and Meiji Collagen powder for a mth and personally prefer Fancl.
I feel so refresh in the morning, complexion is smoother (including arms), glowing skin. i think will stick to Fancl tho abit exp but i got lobang.


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dear minibeanie, does taking fancl tense up make u put on weight? This is my main concern as i am trying to lose weight and at the same time increase the collagen and elastin in my body systems. What are yu currently taking? Would u mind sharing your advise with me? Thanks amillion. My email:[email protected]


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Hi Yvonne,

I din notice any increase in weight. Tense Up contains CoQ10 (powerful antioxidant), anti-aging benefit n suppose to aid in slimming purpose .

Currently Im trying the Fancl Collagen powder (new pdt) just like MCP, individually pack (3g) collagen powder that can be mixed in cold or hot drinks, soup, yoghurt etc, last for 30days. Seems not bad contain the same HTC collagen 2600mg as Tense Up and cheaper as well. My coll are trying as well.


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I am tempted to try the Fancl products after reading this thread. Is there any side effects?

I have gastric problem. Is it ok for me to take the products?


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Hi Serena,

Its citrus taste and acceptable for me. Maybe you should consult the Fancl advisor before deciding to try or not.


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I take Biorela Collagen drink and Dunaliellia Soft capsules for beautiful skin and all the vitamins on alternate night as that's the time the body can absorb all the nutrients when you are asleep. Also take Chlostanin C to purify my blood.


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minibeanie, not too sure if you are still on this forum. I just succumbed. I just bought 3 boxes of Tense Up over the weekend.

Just took my first bottle yesterday.

Hope it works!


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Hello Serene,

My ex-colleague introduced me a rose drink for my acne problem. later on i learnt the properties of rose is to promote our body natuaral ability for collagen's growth. rose also has anti-aging properties cos has high anti-oxidants. moreover it has very high vitamin C, imagine it's 50 times more than lemon..

so if you afraid if your gastric allegy to certain acid, taking rose wouldn't be a problem as it's not acidic.

my acne problem healed after 4 months. surprised to find more radiant skin too.. hee hee.


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Hi All,

I'm on white advance. It does works.

Hi Mavis, can let me know more abt this rose drink? what brand is it?


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Hi, I was thinking of trying the fancl collagen. I heard that collagen is for anti-aging. I am only in my early 20s, it is too early to start? Is there any side-effects from taking them, or will my skin worsen if I stop taking after sometime? Please advise. Thanks! =)


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Hi all,

i've 6 boxes of Fancl Tenseup EX drink for sale as i'm currently pregnant and wont be able to take it now.

Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

Bought each box at $61.70 in SG, letting go at $55 per box.


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yes i tried it,it's no good for me,i see no results after 3 boxes,and 2 bags of white advance pills,no reaction,tense up is good though...


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Hi, I have the following Fancl supplements for sale:
- Deluxe Tense Up Drink (1 box), can be sold individually per bottle, but if you buy the 1 box, I will give 1 free bottle of Deluxe Tense Up Drink. Date of expiry: 23 Mar 2009

- Calorie Cut Supplement Sachet(1 box), date of expiry: 22 May 2009. Item not sold in Fancl counters in Singapore currently.

- Fat Burner HCA Supplement Sachet(1 box), date of expiry: 14 May 2009. Item not sold in Fancl counters in Singapore currently.

- Hyaluro Premium Supplement Sachet (1 box), date of expiry: Apr 2010. Item not sold in Fancl counters in Singapore currently.

- HTC Collagen supplements (2 bags), date of expiry: May 2009

- Astaxanthin supplements (1 bag), date of expiry: May 2010. Item not sold in Fancl counters in Singapore currently.

- Vitamin B Complex supplements (1 bag), date of expiry: May 2009

I bought too many of these items on impulse buys overseas recently, and want to sell them. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested.


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Hi, am selling the Tense Up drink for $5.60 per bottle (fancl singapore sells it for $7 per bottle).

If you buy 10 bottles, I give u one for free. So you get 11 bottles for $56.00. Will meet up at Yishun, Yio Chu Kang, AMK, Orchard, Somerset, Dhoby Ghuat MRT station.


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anybody taking calorie limits pills and alpha slim pills? can anyone advise on the following:
1). how long before meal to take CL pills
2). how long after meal to take AS pills
to maximise the results? thank you.


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Hi all, i tried the White Advance pills for about 10days and i can see myself fairer.... but unfortunatly i went to the sun for sports and i still get dark even by eating it. To see better result prevent the sun too. =)


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I was wondering if you noticed a huge difference after drinking Q10? I have been trying it for a couple of days now but I don't even see any results. I even have difficulty in breathing after drinking it (for around an hour). I was wondering if you experienced the same problems.

Im planning to switch to collagen as some of my friends are raving about it. Did you see any results from that as well?

Can't wait to hear from your reply. Cheers.


wonder anyone still pop in here?
anyway i am interested to try the fancl tense up drink..after realise how important collagen is frm my beauty consultant.
any lobang frm anyone/anywhere?
pm me


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Hi all, I tried Coenzyme Q10 and Collagen supplements b4. Not of Fancl but other brands. I started with Collagen powder from Meiji (cos its cheaper :p). I took it since late last yr. At the beginning seems like there was some improvement in my complexion but after that like no effect. A few months later, I took this colostrum pdt from NZ. It suppose to build up ur immune system but it seems to help in detox as well. I also see improvement in my complexion.

Generally in term of complexion wise, it seems to maintain for both pdts but my health appears to improve with the colostrum so I made the decision to just continue with my colostrum powder (cost and benefit analysis. :p)

Recently I started to take Coenzyme Q10 pills from New Image (same brand as my colostrum). Cos I'm into Q10 masks so Im rather excited to realise that I can take the Q10 pills too. wooohoo. On the effect wise, I dun seem to see any clear indication. But I know it supposes to help in anti-aging. So I took it in faith that it will slow down the aging process. I guess my faith is based on the positive review of the colostrum I am taking and its from the same co in NZ (I have faith in NZ and Australia as well as Japan on such pdts).

Oh ya.. just to share.. i also started taking this Kale Juice Powder.. I know Fancl also has this but mine is another Japanese brand... Enseki.. recommended by a fren.. seem like a drink with lot of nutrients :p

Any one can share any info on the above?


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Hi Aiai,
this is Tenseup HTC Collagen drinks. The HTC collagen comes in 3 forms,
1). 6 tablets/day
2). drink powder
3). bottled drinks
in increasing $$ order.

Btw, anyone interested in getting Fancl products, please let me know. I will be going Japan soon.

Interested, please email me at [email protected] or visit, arigato.


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Hi Podders,

I will be going Japan & Hong Kong in July 2010 and will be bringing in Fancl to sell to podders (who have placed their orders).

Anyone interested?

Other brands that I am bringing in are:

1. DHC
2. Fancl
3. Shu Uemura
4. Juju (Highly raved for its Hyaluronic Acid 100% Essence in Japan & Taiwan Beauty Show 女人我最大)
5. Hada Labo (Raved for its Hydration series of products in Japan & Taiwan Beauty Show 女人我最大)
6. Kose
7. Laneige
8. Chacott Finishing Powder (Popular among Japan women due to its fine powder particles)
9. Palgantong Loose Powder
10. C.C.N.Y (USA Product)
11. My Beauty Diary Masks (我的美丽日记)
12. RMK

I will take in orders till 10th July 2010.

All products will be handpicked, purchased and air-flown to Singapore by me exclusively. Hence, a handling fee will be charged for the purchases (Final price will definitely be cheaper than SG price).

Meet-ups for item collection will commence from 27th July 2010. Meet-up locations are subject to convenience.

For enquiries, please email me at [email protected]