Anyone tried cosmetics "bella pierre"?? $$$


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I don't know anything about Bella Pierre MM, but I do like Everyday Minerals. It's alot cheaper.
You could always try free samples of EM to see if you even like MM because it's alot different than regualr foundation. At least this way you wouldn't waste $50 to find out that you don't like MM. Just a thought. Sorry I can't be more help to you.


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I have been using Bella Pierre makeup for a year now, and I absolutely love it. I have been looking for a place to buy it online, and I saw that you suggested I went and checked it out, and I have been buying from there ever since. Tell your friend that she is doing a great job, and my friends and I really appreciate the quick shipping for such a low price ($5.00 on most of my orders).

They also sent me a free sample of their Seaora Mineral hand cream, and it works so well. My hands have never felt so good. I ended up buying the Seaora hand cream and the Seaora body butter from her. Best products ever!


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i am using bella pierre makeup too! just finished using the primer. used to buy fr a cart shop at raffles city but it's no longer there. noamie - do you know where else i can get it it sg? Email: [email protected].


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Bella Pierre Have got a new distributor and trust me the make up is very good. I have make artist whom are actually using their range. I can invite you for their tea parties.