Anyone tried City Plaza's Arnold Fried Chicken???

I personally felt that it is better than the KF* we always eat ....



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I used to go there with friends. The food is not bad.
Have to be prepared to wait for awhile... well, worth the wait.


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very nice!
pasir ris town park's outlet is express wan. so no set meal & everything. but taste still as tasty as city plaza's.
i just went ytd!
very nice&must try!


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Hougang Green has one too...

U can call up to order, den juz go over to pick up n go, very convenient... Best thing is reach home stil piping hot!

Really yummy! I love their cheese sauce, fantastic!


over price la, better than KFC but ladies, try Chicken Up ok its way beyond description, google the location for Chicken Up.
I thought Arnolds chicken used to be better... it has shrunk over the years and not as tasty as before..

Well, Popeyes chicken seems to be a better choice now. There's also the Bonchon chicken in Ion. Korean style I think but delicious...