Anyone? Solemnisation and Hi-Tea at Hotel


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Hi All

We have decided to hold our solemnisation, followed by a high-tea reception, at the hotel. Would like to hear of yours if you are doing something similar. How much does it cost and how is the program like. Really appreciate all your valuable comments


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had mine at Goodwood Park Hotel, in the Garden Terrace (marquee). It cast me $28 +++ a head ( I think) because I did not take the wedding package - I just booked an ordinary high-tea package.

I booked the place from 10am - 2pm, but was done be 1pm.

My programme was hubby picked me up at my place in the am (ard 7:45 I think), then we left to take some pictures, and went to the hotel at abt 10am, freshend up an everything. Ceremony took place at 10:30am. After the ceremony (very short, abt 15 mins), I went to change, and then had tea ceremony with both families there, and then the buffet started! (actually, it started while I was changing. I asked the hotel to get the food ready by 11am). While I was having tea ceremony with one family, the other ate, and vice versa. By 12+, everything was done.

Hope this helps


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thank you lisa, goodwood faxing me details. can i post my qn here if i want to ask you more? are you the one on vividshots website? but there are so many lisas around.


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Yes, you can your questions if you need to, and I will try to ans them promptly, and yes, i'm the one in vividshots' site. They take good picture, don't they?


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Oh yes, Lisa. But you do look very pretty! Trust you had a great wedding. This is my first time hearing of Vividshots. Do you know how much they charge for actual day photography?
Are you back from your honeymoon already?


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dun say like that mah. Now I shy.

I knew of vividshot through this forum, and I was (and still am) very happy with Monica and Elson. I can't remember exactly how much Monica charged me (sorry, but I cannot remember things like that) Why don't you ask Monica? (MONICA! got potential customer here!!!!! heehee)

I did enjoy my wedding day very much - the details I was stressing over did not matter in the end! :p

And yes, I am back from my honeymoon already. I went to Tasmania shortly after the wedding last December. You should try to go there too. Very beautiful. But not in June -- too cold.

How are your preps coming along?
What did Goodwood quote you?

Keep us updated, yah?


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Hi Lisa

You mentioned that you had a marquee erected at Goodwood. Does that mean it is in the outdoor? So no air con right? Is it quite hot? My hubby cannot take heat very well.

And sorry to be asking you all these questions. I haven't receive the quote from Goodwood and my hubby is not in town now, so I am quite lost. And thank you so much for your sharing!

I think I will decide to go to Allure. Did you get your gown from there?

Happy Marriage to you


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the marquee is already there - a permanent feature. and it is air-conditioned. it is just opposite their coffeehouse, beside the ballroom. Next time you are in town, why don't you just drop in?

You can get some idea of what it looks like if you look at my photos on Monica's website - the last page.

Hope this helps.

I got my gowns from Bridal Veil.


Hi, I'll be having mine in a hotel suite as it's going to be a small event with about 15 pple only.

We're more or less decided on the Theme Suite in Oriental. It's extremely huge and it's now having an offer at 469+++ for a night.

We're going to have a champagne fountain, a customised wedding cake and some finger food. Oriental is getting me the quotation.


Hi Lisa,

Heard that your solemnisation is done at Goodwood many ppl did you invite? I am interested in holding my solemnisation and hi-tea there too but I have only 20 guests. Please advise whether this is possible.

Thnx, CL


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Hi All,

Anyone knows what other hotel provide solemnisation packages? I am looking at around 30-40 pax, preferably with private area for buffet hi-tea.



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Those interested might wana check out Ritz Carlton's Solemnisation Packages. Think it's 60+++ for minimum of 50pax.

juz me

Hi CL, how is yr sourcing on goodwood??? I am interested as well. In fact, had called them up and rec the high tea menu. But alot of details is ambiguous. Need to talk to them again.

Let me know if u had contacted them so tat we can share some info....

Juz me.


What other places of solemnization is interesting? Any extra charges for this kind of arrangement? And how about the JP?


I had mine at Hotel Grand Plaza Parkroyal.. is $26nett per pax..the food is good...alot of frens can't get enough of it...


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Hi el,

So you got a function room for your solemnization, with the food setup in the room as well? Do you need to pay extra for the room decor (like seat covers, flowers etc)



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does swissotel provide solemnisation package? care to enlighten me?
and what are included in the Ritz Carlton's Solemnisation Packages?

jo lim

A few suggestions:
1. sentosa various locations (adjourn to a beach pub for drinks in the evening?)
2. Grand copthorne waterfront (paradiso room built for this in mind) plus a outdoor terrace facing the river for a small ceremony
3. Botanical Gardens
4. Mt Faber- Altivo?
5. M hotel (budget)
6. If you have $$, Raffles hotel outdoors, have you seen the lawn? 8))))


Hi lisa,

from what i understand goodwood park only has one permanent marquee outdoor beside the there another one whereby it's air-con?


Just a small pc of info, I just found out recently that Chinese Garden's pavilions and pagodas etc are available for solemnisation and even wedding banquets.

Anyway, I am thinking of having my registration there cos rental of place rather reasonable though no air-con.


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Hi there

Any idea how are the charges like @ ROM,if i were to have my soleminzation cermony,conduted outside, on my wedding dinner itself?
How shld I tell the ROM on my idea and who will be the 1 conducting the ceremony?

Will my wedding packages includes the banquet packages as well? Do I need to fork out extra bucks for this ?

Feel free 2 drop me an email @ [email protected], for personal advices and feedback . Tks a million !!! :p

my melody

Hi All,

After reading Lisa's post, I was very excited and called up Goodwood Park.

However, the lady told me for Hi-Tea pkg, its at $48+++ per person. And the marquee is NOT air conditioned. sad! And thought what a good deal I will be getting.

P/s. For anyone who are still interested, minimum is 50 persons.


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hi lisa
im also searching for a place soleminzation cum dinner.
any suggestion? i needs some info.
pax ard 20++, hope for a small private gathering


ger11 : you may wish to consider amara singapore? i had my outdoor solemnisation at their poolside venue, followed by dinner at their grand ballroom.


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Can you tell me more about the Amara. Your experience and their charges?? Thanks. I understand the hotel was recently renovated.??


ls : overall, we are happy with their service. yup, the hotel was renovated, i think 2 years ago? mine was a sat wedding held last year - so, you can't base on what i paid for my banquet to budget for yours. anyway, when is your wedding and budget range? i can share with you how much i paid, if you are keen.


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Hi Amy

My ROM is on Oct 05. we would like to have our ROM solemnization poolside at amara hotel. i got their quotation already, seems quite good. but not sure whether the food and service, etc good anot? can u advice?


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Im having mine at Conrad. There's a special soleminization area by the poolside (indoor, aircon) with full views of the pool. Its abit pricey, but the ambience is really good.


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Do u hav any idea whether I can hold my solemnization at d poolside garden n hav hi-tea at their function rm??? My FH tinks it's too warm to eat outside when we went to take a look at their premises yesterday.


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anyone care to share their outdoor ROM with me? my choices are changi V hotel and GWP.. What are their charges for ROM packages like? wondering if we can order in our personal catering instead of using their catering service that is $40+++ per head. It's a bit ex...



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i held my ROM at furama riverfront hotel,the package is $999 for 30 persons.
u can look for my coordinator,jasmine.
she's a nice and friendly lady


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Hi All.

Just shared my views at e other thread..

My comments for Amara Hotel:-

Amara has got 3 types of package for ROM (30pax at outdoor poolside), either lunch buffet, high tea & dinner buffet ($1199+++, $999+++ & $1499+++). Lunch buffet has gt 2 menus to choose from. Looks reasonable but has yet to try so cant say if its definitely gd.

The package will cover outdoor solemnisation at the sheltered pavilion, theatre seatings a distance away fr pavilion & round table seatings at e sheltered area for buffet. Oh yes and simple floral deco, PA system and microphone & a nite stay at e Tropical 6 room (on e same level as poolside)..

If realli rain, u k opt to take their function rm at additional charge. If not think e next alternative is to continue e outdoor plan at e solemnisation but guests will stand along e indoor buffet area to view..afterwhich proceed for lunch at sheltered area..

Think u need to c for urself to visualise.. but i went twice & before 2pm, definitely no sun at all & pretty windy.. (,")


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HI All,

Yup, for those interested in Amara package, everything is exactly same like what May had share.

I am ROMing on 1st Oct (2 weeks countdown!!) at Amara too.
I took the high tea buffet at 999+++ for 30 pax. But i am estimating ard 40 for total guests. Additional guests are charged at 35+++ each.
I am using their poolside for the solemmisation ceremony and buffet to be eaten indoors. cause worried that the weather may be very hot.

WIll update the service and food comments after my ROM.

For those interested on more info, can PM me.


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Hi, does anyone has experience of solemnisation at The Lawn of Raffles Hotel? I am thinking of booking my ROM with them. The place is just so irresistable. Thanks.


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hi May,

no,i didnt top up anything.
the deco is supposed to be in the package.
the outdoor pavilion will be decorated. for the function room, they only put centre flowerpiece.
i selected red gerberras for my flowers.
the other option was roses.

i will be uploading the photos soon. so can keep a lookout! ;)

overall, the ambience, place, food was ok. service was so-so.


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Linda & anyone who can share the photos of Amara ROM...
I want to see some photos so I know which areas I should not miss out on my ROM...