Anyone share wedding and ourdoor photo??


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Hi tataneikr,

The link hv send, Pls check your mail..



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hello midas and ismywedding and other blissful gushing brides, pls share with me ur pics too tks! Can PM me... tks tks


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Hi midas,

can send me your pics too?
email: [email protected]

Hi all,

Has anyone tried Ostudio's Overseas shoot? Care to share and comment? There's this promotion to santorini, $3999. Me interested but am concern with their service. =)


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hi, i would like to share our wedding photos at

Karen: the swing at alexandra has been removed. Unless you want to DIY the 'seat' like what i did or you can try vising Hort Park at alexandra also. There's also a wooden swing there. You can visit my website to see how it looks...


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I'm new to the forum and I tk my msg dint go thru just now. If its repeated, pls pardon my IT-unsaviness. :p

I'm interested to do my PS at Zouk and would like to hear more from those who've done it there! I'm very worried of the effects cos of the dim lightings. Hear from all soon. Thanks!