"Anyone ROM at Changi Seaview Chalet?"


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I m very new to all this planning and I m going to ROM at Changi Seaview Chalet.. Can anyone share your experience? Thanks.


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hi eilovesnor, i had my ROM celebration at Changi Seaview Chalet. The Chalet is 2 storey with two bed rooms. The Hall is big can hold quite alot of pple. The only problem is parking so your guest have park their car along the street or nearest car park is near the hawker centre. You may need someone to help you guide your guest to the chalet as most of my friends didn't know the places.


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Hi eilovesnor, i am very new to the planning as well. i did e-mailed the aloha personnel and check, they told me ROM solemnization is not allowed in the chalet. Any idea about this?



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Hi Ashley Yeo

I also book aloha and just realize they dont allow any wedding activities there.
How u settle?


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how much should the ang bao be for justice of peace? or what token/gift can i give him instead of ang bao?