Anyone knows of good wallpaper shop in singapore?


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Hi there,

Me and my husband have bought two rolls of wall paper (106cm x 15m each) from The Montella, but now we have changed our mind, so we are letting it go at a discounted price ($750 for two rolls-price inclusive of installation with 3 years warranty).

All details are KIV, so you can go to their shop and choose, please let me know if you are keen. Thanks.

You can contact me at [email protected]


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Can anyone advise me if the house I bought actually has wallpaper that turned slightly yellow due to any years of using, can I just repaint over it or do I have to peel it off and repaint? Also, anyone has tips on maintaining wall paper? Thanks.


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Hi Cher,
In the end, my uncle (who does some renovation works before) came up and told me those are just dirty marks. We clean it with some diluted 303 (or whatever they call it) then wipe with clean cloth. The wall paper looks almost new now.


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Hi guys! you can try purchasing from We are a Singapore-based company that sells a lot of Korean and Italian wallpaper. For Korean wallpaper (15.6x1.06m) the price is only $189/roll. If you buy more than $250 there is 5% discount. >$500 10% discount and >$1000 15% discount. We also sell decorative and LED lighting. Do take a look and check out our wallpaper. Installation is done by an outside contractor and the installation fee ranges from 80-110/roll depending on the number of rolls you installed

Here are some pictures of the house that we did

SAM_0629 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

SAM_0621 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

IMG_20140520_221630 by asy_moshi_moshi, on Flickr

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Got my wallpaper from at $150 per roll & installation at $80 each for 3 rolls.
They have lots of catalogue to choose from & installation is very fast. 3 installers came & took just 2 hours to finish everything. Call 6270 5922 if keen. IMG_20140825_232007.jpg