Anyone knows LV & Gucci is cheaper in France or Italy?


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correct me if i am wrong.

think LV is cheaper in Paris and Gucci cheaper in Italy.

also think there is admin charges so the final VAT rebate will not be the full 12% and 20%.


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Hi i had just returned from paris. Yes, definitely LV is cheaper in PARIS!
Happy shopping!

and agnes b too


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agnes b i abt 30% cheaper than in SIN. But depending on designs. I bought a bag at only SIN130 but it costs SIN295 here. But agnes b tote bags are only abt 30% cheaper in paris as compared to here.
hope it helps.
happy shopping!


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Do you have to queue to buy LV bags in Paris? Will there be great variety of bags available, or those popular designs will be out of stock easily? How much cheaper to buy LV bag in Paris when compared to Singapore?

How much cheaper to buy in Paris as compared to Italy?

Did you claim VAT in cash or credit card?


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Hi babygtat,

it depends on what time you go. I would suggest going to the main boutique which is in champs elyees early morning just when the stores open.
Service will be better and not so crowded.

It is cheaper by 200 to 300 dlrs compared to singapore. Better to buy in France than italy.


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LV is cheaper in France
Gucci Prada etc is the same price in Europe

VAT Cash refund will be 10.8%
CCard refund will be 12% but will take about 2 months to process


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I am going to Italy and Switzerland,I can do the vat refund from Switz, i only need to get the italian customs to verify my claims when I leave Italy?


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Hi all,

I will be going to Paris in Apr 09.

Are the price of all LV stores in Paris the same? Which boutique has more selection?

Is it true that one can only buy up to 2 bags of each design?


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hihis..i just came back from Italy..and bought LV.. although VAT is 20%, LV and most merchants only give back 12% of VAT. I was told the remaining 8% goes to these merchants or VAT refund company (Global refund) as a service fee. the regulated % to pass back to us is something between 11 - 16%


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Hi ladies,
Gucci is cheaper in Italy by quite a lot... according to my tour guide the italian girls aren't too hot about Gucci so there's no demand there hence the lower pricing... LV on the other hand does not really differ much... If I remember correctly it's almost the same in Italy as in France... but general rule of thumb is they tend to be cheaper in their home country


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LV is the same, be it in France or Italy but if you made a purchase of up to $8000 Euro, the VAT refund will be more in Italy. Service in Paris is better than most part of Italy.


LV price in paris is slightly cheaper than italy and VAT rebate is 12% same as italy. Gucci price is same in europe.

They will give u 12% tax refund, but when u go out from the airport, the tax refund counter will charge some admin fee from you. You can choose cash or cc rebate, as long as u let them do the documents for u, they will charge u. You also can post the tax refund doc by yourself, then you will get the full 12% rebate, but u must do it before you get on your plane.

I bought a pair of birken stock and I got back 4 euro tax refund, the tax refund counter told me to post the doc myself as if they do the doc for me, they will charge me 3 euro and end up i will only get back 1 euro. lol..

And remember if u buying things in Switzerland such as watch and if u are taking a train which cross border to another country, pray hard for the custom officer come on the train and u can pass your tax refund doc to the officer, if not u will get back nothing from the tax refund. Coz swiss is not considered a EU country unless you buy things there and get out from swiss airport. Their tax rebate is 7% if im not wrong.


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Can someone help me in regards to the tax rebate?

My sil will be goin switzerland next mth and intend to ask her get a LV bag for me in paris. She will be flying in and departing from switzerland. How should she go abt it to get the tax refund? Isit jus fill up some forms at switzerland airport? Does she need to get anything form fm the boutique? Wat r the documents that the tax refund counter an swiss need?


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Paris is cheaper but if you don't have the time or could not find the specific style you're looking for in Paris, Italy especially Milan could be a good option to visit