Anyone knows Foo Chow (FuZhou) traditional wedding customs ?


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hi karen,
heee... foo chow hubby.. then u will get to eat ang chao and all tat, provided ur mil noes hw to cook tat lar.. keke

hi gemini,
so u noe ani foochow traditions? hmm seems like sitiawan has mani foochows hor.. which part of msia is sitiawan at huh?


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Hi I am wondering about Foo Qing traditions. My dad is Foo Qing and Mom is Say Yup ?

Both are minority...


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Hi everyone,

My hubby and myself r both foo chow. Glad to find this thread and got some idea of what r the things we need to get. If not we r actually totally lost..


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hi, my hubby is fu chow and i'm a cantonese.
we follow the tradition from both sides during our wedding.


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i am hockchew too.. i married in 2005.. my hubby is cantonese.. what my mother requested for is a pair of long feng zhou.. dragon and phoneix bangles which she said is a custom of hockchew..


Hey! So many Foochow brides here! I'm a Hockchia marrying a Hokkien, but because both sides are very non-traditional, we didn't follow the tradition. Anyway, my dad was from Sitiawan, Perak. Anyone from there?


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wow, glad to know so many hock chew here!! My mum know how to make the red wine, very super nice!! hee.. Maybe next time we should have a gather for Hock Chew in singapore to exchange knowledge of Hock Chew!!


Sunflower: me too! I did want to learn but my dad also can't remember how to speak already... My mum is Teochew, but she also learnt how to make the red wine chicken... yumm... Alamak now I got craving liao


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So happy to see another Hockchia bride. Me too...
But duno what's the customs like. My dad can't rememeber anymore...

Any help? =)


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Hi All

I wonder if this thread is still alive. I'm interested in Hockchew food, as my hubby is a pure Hockchew, but my MIL can't really cook. I'm a Hokkien myself.

I've learned how to make hong zhao chicken, yen soup, and nian gao (savoury version). Anyone has recipes for other authentic Hockchew food to share with me? Any idea where in Singapore can I get the ingredients to make the red yeast wine?

My email: [email protected]

Anyone of you joined the Clan Association? We're thinking of joining, but not sure how many young couples join that nowadays.


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Hi Hazel,

I am also a HockChew..

There is a HockChew Association at Jln Besar Stadium that side...

Think it is Tyrwhitt Rd if I am not wrong...


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Hi.. Anyone know how to join Fuqing Association? (so called Hockchia)I am sure not many young people join this kind of clan association. I am purely interested to keep this tradition or minority dialect going on.


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Pretty babes,

Just saw this thread.
Am Hockchew married Cantonese too.
Happy to see so many Hockchews' here
Me too cant speak the language *pout*
Hopefully won't die down.
Too bad only my passed away grandfather can speak.


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stargazzing, i am opp from you. i am cantonese bride. MY HTB also cant speak Hock Chew. I find it a pity. His parents told him to master both english and mandarin is good enough.


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hiya, just bumped into this post and noticed a lot of hock chews around... anyone has any gd advise for SG hock chew bride to MY hock chew groom.

Thanks :>


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Hello, i find this thread very interesting as I am also marrying a man from Fuzhou.

I am English (and so is my family) but have taught myself mandarin and some shanghai dialect. We both communicate to each other in mandarin/English, but his native language is Fuzhou Dialect.
he always speaks to his family in the language and I find it fascinating but I can't seem to find a way to learn it.

Unfortunately it is a dying language and there is nothing very helpful I can find on the internet to learn it. If anyone could send me some phrases in Fuzhounese I would very much appreciate it

But I am also very interested in Foochow wedding traditions. Obviously I know nothing about Chinese weddings especially Foochow, what are the traditions for a (Foochow) Chinese wedding?


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hihi...just saw all these msg...really surprise to "see" so many foochow pple here..
me also a foochow.. my both parents are foochow...
am really keen to know wat are the guo da li stuff which we will need to ask from the groom side?


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Would like to ask - for normal household income (meaning not rich family) how much dowry does FooChow parents ask for the boy side to give the girl side ?