Anyone know of a good place to rebond hair


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same here man! i hate supercuts its the worst salon that me and my HTB have even been too.
I simply said i wanted a trim only, but the supercut lady at parkway parade trim half of my hair away!!!! It was super short!! I was so freaking upset and i look f*cking auntie with that funny hair so i had to wear hats and caps :~~~~~~~~~~~

My boyfren sitting beside me who have natural curly hair just wanted a normal haircut but this auntie straighten his hair for him!!!! He was pretty upset cos his mandarin was lousy and couldnt understand the auntie he tot it was some special treatment or what since its our first visit!
We were both so disgusted and we swore not to visit supercuts anymore!!


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I have done 3 times rebonding so far (I did it once a year), 2 times do it in Jean Yip, 1 time in a salon in Arcade (recommended by colleague). I can only say I like the effect from Jean Yip salon, because it is really very naturally and it really LAST, despite me having this habit of tying hair and tucking my hair at my ears haaa. And I don't need to buy special rebonding shampoo to maintain it
I just did my last rebonding at Jean Yip, cost me $170 (with free haircut). I also bought the hair spa cream ($15) to do hair treatment myself at home, to keep my hair shiny and healthy. Hopefully it will improve the condition of the hair in the long run.
Me a long term supporter of Jean Yip for the last 8 years .

There are a few salons in Raffles Place that do rebonding+haircut+"treatment" at $100. One of the salon is call Hair Inn (at Change Alley 2nd floor). But I am not sure how good because I did not try it myself.


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Does anyone here know a place that is willing to do fringe rebonding only? Or half head rebonding? I rebonded my hair not too long ago (few months), but my fringe is started to curl again.
The rest of my hair is still straight though, just the roots. Do most rebonding places offer just roots?


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try century salon in yishun ring road, blk 239.. they do offer partial rebond! NOT expensive and not too bad services!