Anyone know experience make up artist? budget a bit tight


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Hi nicole, congratzzz! Ur actual day is same as my best friend!! If not i can recommend her MUA for u....


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Hi Joline, i booked Candy Tiong for my AD on 9 Feb 13. She was my best friend's MUA during her wedding and I like her makeup! Is she your mua too?


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hi everyone. i used Xara Lee for my AD makeup. I had 2 weddings - one in KL one in Singapore. Xara Lee was the better makeup artist of the 2. She is a professional makeup artist that does magazine photoshoots and is able to hide your flaws without the need to tell you (don't you just hate it when they say "your right eye bigger than your left eye leh! I will TRY and balance it out but <u>no promises</u>"). She also know how to shade you to make your face look slimmer, nose look sharper, etc.

I picked her because she only does makeup, and she will bring along a colleague to do hair. This means 2 people will be working on you at one go (i.e. faster to finish). Her charges are also reasonable (i found her charges to be cheaper than other makeup artists I asked) and no extra cost for an extra person to do hair.

She has got a facebook page and a website. You can do a search for them. You can find her contact number from there

Disclaimer: I am not xara lee, nor is she paying me to advertise for her


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hi joline, im not sure whether her rates are normal... if comparing with some other MUA that quoted me i think her rates are still reasonable - not cheap but not expensive either.
judging from her skill and the products she used when i see her at my friend's wedding i guess she's worth the price tag

however im still considering for her to do my 2nd march-in makeover... is it usual for BTB have 2nd march-in makeover? or not necessary to spend additional $$?


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thanks girls for all the recommendation! i'm looking through forums for reasonably priced MUA too.. or good freelance MUAs. Have a tight budget so am open to freelancers.

If you all have any, do let me know.. thanks!

[email protected]


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Hi everyone,

I am also looking for reasoable make up artist (looking for make up + hair style for morning only for my church wedding), but after asking around, the rates are between $350 - $400+.

I wonder if there is any make up artist who charge in the range of $250 - $350?

If you have recommendation, you can email me at [email protected].

Btw, anyone uses Stella Leung before?



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Hi everyone,

WhiteDay Studio focus on delivering natural turn-out and making sure that you look the best on your special day.

Our artist Serene just returned from Korea and her schedules are still available for bookings.

WhiteDay will specially customized packages to suit every individual's events.

Please contact us at 91800899.

Thank you.


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Hi April,

The makeup artist is for your actual day or ROM day?? And do u have any budget in mind?

You can email me at [email protected] or call me at 96217278 to know more about what you really looking for coz i knew some make up artist and i will try help you to find for you