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I have 2 larger dogs but I wanta papillon so we can have something a little more small around the house what shoukd I do during the day when I am at work. I have a fenced in back yard and a doggie door which my other dogs use to. If you know any good papillon breeders could you send me information about the pups and the breeder


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I have a 4 yr tri-color female papillon! She is the absolute sweetest dog ever, most pappys take to the owners and seriously never want to leave their laps, they get attached to their people very quickly and want to be with them always! They DO NOT house train well in my experience, Isabella my pappy is 4 and still not completely broke , she is getting a little better, but it has been 4 yrs! I would say they are not the smartest dogs either, but they make up for it in their love for their family. A lot of pappys have a nervous tendancy and need a calmer enviroment, some may not though. Most of the time the way a pappy is gonna be depends on the individual pappy! I love my baby girl and wouldn't trade her for anything, not even a house trained pappy, lol!