Anyone have good carpenter to recommend - price cheap n realiable

<font size="+2"><font color="0000ff"><center>Im looking for cheap, reliable n price reasonable wood carpenter to do built in cabinet. Anyone had renovated the house recently? Carpenter in Singapore are very expensive. Fast and neat wood carpenter. Nowadays the cabinets/wardrobes/bookshelf bought outside are not lasting and similar to ikea/BATA for short term usage only. Anyone engage carpenter to do built-in tall bookshelf/cabinet/woodshelve prefer broad and wide</center></font></font>


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Hi my brother is a carpenter and he did the kitchen cabinet and bedroom wardrobe for my current house and im going to use him for my new house too. Pm for his contact if keen


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Hi do your have any intro for a cheap carpenter to modify existing furniture? i have a built-in desk and a sliding cabinet to modify in my room for wedding as i am still waiting for flat and it will not be ready for my wedding.

Any contacts pls send to my email at [email protected]



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hey want to ask, when cheap, is how much? good quality too? really possible mah. i so curious!

thinking of make-over for my fiance's room.

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hi anyone here do cabinet?

I have a contractor which is providing very good service and good quality of work... he was very professional... work within the time frame that i provided to him...